So finally

I FINALLY figured out how to reset my WordPress account and blog. 


Because I’m tired of being unprofessional in my writing.

-Also because I read a motivational book, and for the next month I’ll be motivated and then be lazy again.-

Anyways, I started this blog last year, with a group of really ginchey girls, which most of my viewers are probably really good friends with them. Anyways, for several reasons that make me jealous (i.e one of them is and incredible singer, and the other is a kick-butt writer), they left the blog.

That was originally Princess Deo. You know.

It was latin, for Princessess under God.

However it’s now just one girl, so it’s no longer plural, and I’m to lazy too Google the change in the title, so I’m switching over to the dorkier name: HaziWords.

However, the name is fairly true, because everything I say and write is hazy, and confusing. 

Now I know I’ve said I’ve restarted this blog before, (like twice), but this time, I did the smart thing and am figuring out how to change ALL of it. Site domain and all.

Anyways, without further ado, I present you with…

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