Character Challenge 

Greetings Folks, HaziWords here, bringing you today’s forecast:

Hazi, with a chance of confusion. 

—Wow, that intro was way more cheesy than I expected.

Someone revoke my YouTube privaleges!—

   I love to write. It’s my life. It’s pretty much the only way I will ever be able to visit any cool places (no, not even Google Maps fullfills my dreams). I, however, am pretty good at hitting those character blocks.

Character blocks?

Yep, a more severe version of writers block.

It’s when you legitimately have NO idea how to write this character and their dialouge. Everything you write is weak or cheesy, or just downright stereotypical.

How I fix this?

Spend a whole day being this character. 

Dorky, yes, but it’s interesting to see how normal,average, every day people might react to this character.

Seriously, if your stuck, give it a shock. It’s a bit like cosplay.

For example, I was struggling to write a girl who was extremely nieve, and literally almost never got angry, and was optimistic about EVERYTHING. Mainly because she lived in a controlled environment where she was being trained to be an assasian, and had no clue how the normal world worked. (Yeah, I know, weird, but it’s part of this series I write to help me relax).

So anyways, I was completely stuck.

Her English had no slang, or contractions or swear words (I don’t swear, but I couldnt even say my interpretations for swear words that day).

Well, okay, so I had to be mindful of my speech.

And the way I dressed.

My character had worn pants and boots her whole life, so imagine her happiness when she discover their was more to the fashion world than a combat outfite.

I had to wear a really girly-outfite the whole day. Skirt, fancy ballet-esc shoes, the works.

Next I had to use nailpolish, and not peel it off my nails  (surprisingly, they use nailpolish for looks, not for something to entertain yourself with).

I had to obey my parents, and act polite and carry conversations.

I’m not saying Im a crazy rebelious teen, but I am saying I need work in that area. And while according to several people, I’m the only polite teenaged girl in the South, I struggle in conversing in long conversations.

But alas, with work and determination, I became my character.

And surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Even though I had to wear pink, and a skirt. *SHUTTERS*

So basically, my challenge for you, if your a writer, is to become your character for a day (without any changes that freaks your parents out).

You might find it helpful.

And, it helps you do more than Google things for information. *Blushes Furiously*.

Peace and Tacos!


2 thoughts on “Character Challenge 

  1. Um this sounds like a GREAT writing exercise ! I have to admit, I used to struggle with this (oh sigh…back in the days when I had time to write, what lovely days those were). If you look on DeviantArt, there’s a really great character sheet that is basically like an interrogation of your character from pet-names to secret fears and it’s GREAT at getting in your character’s head and having everything you need to know about them easily accessible x


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