Book Shots: More painful than bullets

Buenos Dias, Tardas, or Noches, peeps. It’s HaziWords here, bringing you today’s forecast, which is Confusion, with scattered chances of Book Reviews, as the day continues on.

—–Haha, by now I’m just doing that intro to embaress myself, purposely.———

    Our bookshot pans in on the ever famous (in my personal eyes), Katie Parker Productions. Written by Jenny B. Jones, this book is aimed more toward teenagers who love crazy grandmothers that drink super charged cola, orphans, King James Bibles, food, and the occasional girly reference in between.

And I should mention the dog that’s my own personal favorite character.

And that I LOVE the book.

So if you want problems with it….

Shoo fly don’t bother me, shoo fly, don’t bother me…

 Alright; here’s the sypnosis:

    Katie Parker, a sixteen year old girl, is totally down for a new life.

Wipe away the estranged father, and the prison-loving mother, and start new.

Only she’d like to do it without her brand new foster parents-James and Mill Scott, who just so happen to work at a community church.

So she originally plans to find a way to have them send her right back to the linolium floors of Sunny Havens Home for Girls.

Of course, however, God has other plans, and it seems she might be settling down in the town…

Even thought she’s now a Chihuahua (don’t even go there).

Katie Parker goes through the ups-and-downs of living with the Scott family, and finding out, where exactly she belongs.

    And the best part about the book?

Besides the hilarious sarcasm, the true-to-life remarks, the annoying and awesome grandmother I kinda-want (rather than my matchmaking ones), the super-smart friend, and tissues (another topic we won’t address), is the DOG.



And probably the fact it’s a Christian Story that involves sarcasm, pools, and stalking.

Who I suggest it for:

Teenage/Pre-Teen girls (12 and up, due to certain topics) looking for a clean read, that involve’s adventure, mystery, and laughs all around.

I also advise the book for boys, if you can get past the two girl references.

And don’t just take my word for it.

Take my twelve when he read it now thirteen year old brothers suggestion.

My brother quotes movies, not books.

And he likes the mystery/sci-fi books, so the meer fact we made several references, back and forth without ceasing, is amazing.

But really, Jenny B. Jones book shold take around 5 hours or so to read (depending your pace, how many times you have to re-read a part, and such), and should be read when your feeling down, depressed, or just down out right excillirated for no real reason.

My rating for this book:

12 out of 10 stars.
       Peace and Brownies,


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