Hopes for fifteen

When I’m writing this- I am fifteen. And see, the thing is, I’m not excited about all the birthday stuff.

I’m excired to see what I can do to make it different.

Every year for me has some sort of jinx set on it(i.e. two fays after my thirteenth birthday , I set the laundry machine on fire, months after that, the toaster oven…I think you get the idea. When I turned fourteen I went on a -at-the-doctors spree, where I went from getting some slightly very painful cystic acne treated one moment-to agreeing to take some medicine that is tracked via government, doctor, and parents).

And I’m not saying this year will be any better.

So far I’m having a World War II going on emotionally and physically in my body, my everything from my elbowes down is inflamed to the point it hurts to hold my hand and write this-and I have a kina cold.

Anyways, enough of my griping.

Let’s get down to business.

1. I’m in the final draft of the story I’m to publish-so let’s face it, it’s a dream to have it sent into some publishers so I can remember what it feels like to be picked last by all my friends.

2. My cystic acne is gone.

I’d be happy with the scars-even. Why? Because scars would look way cooler in a cold shoulder shirt, rather than have mountains on your skin.

3.I get ahead in school. 

A girls gotta dream-and let’s face it, I’m kinda sick and tired of hearing about all my over achieving friends-but being an underachiever, myself.

4. Keep up with this blog.

5. Continue scouting out colleges.

A one-up I have on my over-brilliant friends; I’m not afraid to discuss future plans…even though I’m still, really, really, young. According to all the adults who get mad when I try to converse with them, watch PG13 movies (ah, being stuck in the confusing middle of strict Christian, and my parents).


Loose weight.

I’m not some that tugs at her size eight waist band and says “I need to loose weight”.

I legitametly, need to loose weight (because like Lilly Singh said- out of context-“You need to be in shape to keep up with your hustle.”And that, my friend, is something I cannot do…yet!).

7. I remember my personality

When I started this blog, my initial intentions was to spill my problems. I realize now, that in order to do that-I’d have to hurt the people who hurt me-and caused me to loose myself. I’m not that type of person.

So badically-to some up a top goal-I created this girl that wasn’t me-and now I have to remember what it was like to always be cheerful, laugh, and no longer be angry (all the time).

——-WOW. This got deep. I’m not sure if it’s joint pain, the fact it’s twelve, and I’m usually in bed by ten, or my joint pain, is causing me to become a flippin’ serious weirdo. I’m soooo going to regret this in the…when I wake up.——–

8. Write a story that I makes me proud. That’s not a children’s story that my mother explains like it’s written by Doctor Seus. I mean, I’m proud of my work-it’s my first finish piece, and it’s at least two thousand words. But…I’m not sure that when I decided to be writer- I didn’t mean children’s books.

And I’ve already planned out a commical skit-series, and another children’s story…UGHHH. SUGAR COOKIE WRITING CONTESTS FOR MAKING ME BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

9. Figure out how to use makeup.

So I can keep up a conversation with my best friend-and not spend thirty minutes alone, poking my eyeball with an eyeliner pen.

10. Get my ears pierced.

Maybe I’ll be able to talk my parents into an ear cuff piercing.


Don’t worry, that’s a “wait until I’m eighteen” list thing.

But really, get normal peircings.

11. By more Sims 4 expansion(etc.) packs.

Because I’m selfish and obbessed.

12. Start learning about thing the Japanese language, culture, etc.

Not just because of manga and anime, and it’s the latest fad.

But because I family from there, and I want to go.

13. Start volunteering again.

Without people that make me want to put my head through a wall. I genuinely enjoy it, when I don’t have the civil war going on in front of me.

14. Work on my knowledge of my favorite theories:


Time Travel (I mean, really, it became really cool when I studied Einsteins theory).

King Arthur.

15. This’ll all blow over, trust me.

But, it’s a nice thought, and I will try.

   Thanks for reading! Here’s a cute dog that will make you smile (unless your a fan of Google+, then just forget about it). 
When you get home and can dive inot bed..

But someone’s talking.

         Brownies and Strawberries,


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