Book Shots; More painful than Bullets (2)

HOWDY FRIENDS, Hazi Words here, bringing you your daily forecast of Hazi…with a chance of Book Reviews.

—–First off, let me be clear, I did not, for any reason read what this book was about. I picked it up on my way to check out at the library, for some unknown reason, honestly.——-

     Today’s book shot pans in on Sarah Dessen’s book, Once and For All, written for young adults  (So what exactly classifies a young adult? A teenager? A kinda-adultish but not really person? Do we even know if it has an exact meaning? Is it a term no one knows where it came from, where it will go, or whether or not it knows Cotton Eyed Joe?) who love weddings, DOGS, boys that remind them of their brother (never sitting still, always fiddiling with the car instruments, i.e, seat belts, radio WINDOWS), food trucks, and-POOLS AGAIN? WHAT IS IT WITH BOOKS AND PEOPLE FALLING IN POOLS? (Though, it’s probably less dangerous than falling in a pit of lava, which I have done several times to my story characters). 

Honestly, I kinda liked this book-minus the fact the main character BARELY SMILED. I mean, come on, can someone write a teenaged book, where the main characer is a girl, and she’s always trying to be positive, despite a really cruddy past? And if their is one, direct me too it. Please?

Anyways, sypnosis time:

    For a wedding planners daughter, Louna Barrett sure has been through alot. From a wayward father, to finding weird things left at weddings, to have a strange past about her boyfriend, she sure seems quiet the scared person. 

Freshly out of High School, working with a freshly hired idiot, Ambrose Little, she makes a bet with him. She can play the field, and he can stay at one place. Of course, mix that in with some painful memories of her past, and a dog, and you have a recipe for…confusion.

  So who is this book suggested for?

People who love romance, one super awesome wedding-planning duo, a little mischievousness on one totally loveable guy, and a dog.

I mean, you know, this is probably my worst post, as I’m about ready to zonk out, due to the not-really-sleep over the past few days. 

But seriously, what do I give this book for a rating? 3 out of 5 stars. While the book was thoroughly entertaining, the dialogue was weak in spots, and while there is some strong language (a warning), it was very enjoyable. My personal favorite is actually, William, rather than the dog. 

Apples and Oranges,


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