Writing block and how to turn it into a cylinder


—-Okay, just a quick note, things in my life are going chaotic….in the opposite direction of my friends;like, they’re all going to graduate soon, or you know,have jobs. And I’m just trying to make it through MATH, so I hope yall understand if I back off of writing this blog for a little, and try and catch up on the things that matter in life…


  So almost every single writer hits a writers block, where no matter how hard you press the pen to the paper, or fingers to the keys, NOTHING will come out.

It happens too me.

But anyways, without FURTHER ADO, I GIVE YOU:



1. Music.

Yep, another writing post, another music post. But really, not just any music, but music that legitimately tells a story. An example would be Matthew Wests “Moved by Mercy”, which is a hard hitter because someone I love very dearly went through this, and I found it was similar to some of my own characters. Here’s some lyrics from the song:

“She said I keep having the same dream close my eyes and I’m chasing a younger me, try to wrap my arms around her, shield her from the hell that found her, but I’m always just a little to late, see the tears falling down her face. How come no one protected, the little girl this world rejected?” 

And then it floods into this part:

And she cries in the middle of the night ‘Take me far away now, from this broken place now, somewhere they can’t hurt me, I want to be moved by mercy.'”

Emotionally, this song hits hard, like the other song (which I’ll only add a small part of), Eighth of November, by Big and Rich, goes like this:

“Said goodbye to his mama, as he left South Dakota, to fight for the red, white, and blue. He was nineteen and green, with a new mm 16, just do in what he had to do.”

I love this song, because it hits very hard on an emotional level (it’s about the Vietnam War, and gets pretty intense, through the song). 

And last but not least Super Chicks, We Live.

“Theirs a cross by the side of the road, where a mother lost a son, how could she know, that the moment he left would be the last, what she’d trade for just a little more time”

“Theirs a man who waits for the test, to see if the cancer has spread yet, now he asks, why did I, wait to live, when it was time to die?”

But it’s these songs that encourage me too keep writing.
2. Birth and Death.

So over the past year, I’ve seen alot of animals die-and did alot of crying. It’s been hard, and something I’ll never forget. It also reminded me of how short life is-and how every story, life, in this world is important.

And, of course, birth. I spent alot of time working in the Church Nurserey, and while my awkward, and annoyance around thwe hasn’t changed, what has, is the acknowledgedment that they’re going to grow up and have these great stories. And it’s all so diverse. Like, this curly red head kid could grow up to be just as stinkin’ adorable, and he overcomes his shyness, in order to become a speaker. Or these sets of twins will stop walking away from me, and maybe they’ll become very successful…business people (honestly, they confuse me- not because theyre identical, but because they hate it when I leave, but hate it when I come).

But really, it’s kinda cool too see, and while I’m not saying you should go have a family member die, I am saying you should consider how every  life is a great story just waiting to be told-pretty inspirational.

3. Radios

Yes, I’m saying turn on that radio, and listen to the news. Why the radio? Force yourself to picture what the drama going on is-with your own imagination.

4. Dancing

I legitimately have no clue why, but personally, even though I can’t dance, when I do, I feel like all streasonable blocking my mind from writing dissapears.

5. Journaling. 

Not just junk journaling, or pinning pictures (even though that’s way ginchey), but all out pouring your heart and soul on paper. And stay aware of the emotions you feel while writing. As hard as it may be, whatever might be stopping you from writing, hurt, or anger, or just flat out stumpedness, channel that into your characters, and into your journal.

6.  Just flat out write-and find a way to block yourself from backspacing. It’s okay if your writings cheesy-nothings perfect, and now is not the time too edit it. Now is the time to use your boredom and confusion to write.

7. Don’t push yourself. While I’ve suggested all these, one thing to remember, is too never push yourself. (Unless it’s a school paper. And then, well, treat yourself to something while you write it, and a big something after.) If you push yourself, you’ll become bored very easily, and come to hate writing-and then the writing world would be nothing withoutUT you spice of life too the writing world.
     Wontons and General T’so,


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