Hey everybody, HaziWords here, bringing you your daily forecast of hazi, with a scattered chance of anguish throughout the day.

——I swear the anguish is for me, I would never wish it on someone else…well…I mean…a certain video game creator, who’s bad ending SCARRED ME FOR LIFE.———

So my mother, Monday afternoon, texts me that she has a possible job interview coming up. She calls them back, Tuesday rolls around, and they HAVE A WHOLE INTERVIEW SET UP WITHIN A WEEK. See, it’s not so bad except.


So don’t you know that we played speed racer trying to get packed.


Just kidding. We leave tonight or tomorrow, and I still haven’t packed. Actually, before we picked up the rental, my suitcase looked like this:

So anyways, that’s why I haven’t been posting or anything like that, lately. Everything’s been chaos and so is this post. I better get rolling. Anyways, sorry every thing is going against my plans! 

Strawberries and Cheescake, 


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