Hey guys, HaziWords here bringing you your daily forecast of Hazi…with a chance of WORDS.

   So I know I haven’t posted lately, but we ended up in a whole different state, in one week, and then the rest has been crazy. Anyways, it might be a while before I go back to my old posting, since we might be MOVING in a week, on the sudden. So anyways, I’ll explain the situation after things have settled down, but I’ll be working on a Zoo post, since we visitem to the Detroit Zoo on Monday.

I hope ya’ll will have a ginchtastic day, 



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A teenager who intends to take over the world, and not miss a single moment, Hazi is the type of person who leaves you genuinely confused. Hazi intends to take over the Entertainment Industry, and isn't a fan of third person, but she finds it amusing as she procrastinates laundry, and other chores. She hopes to reach people with her writing, and be the light that they need on a dark day.

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