Guten Tag, friends! It is I, HaziWords, bringing you your daily forecast of Hazi…with a chance of me possibly getting rid of this overly-cheesy introduction.
—-And I’m getting distracted much too easily, again. Joy, right?——
So October, when you hear it, nine times out of ten, you think about Halloween, right?
For my family, it’s kinda weird to celebrate it, because it’s originally a Celtic Holiday used to ward off Evil Spirits-rather than celebrate them.
So really, it’s one of those weirdly morphed traditions, like saying bless you. (We say it because it’s polite, right? Back when it originated, it was said because they feared that when you sneezed, your soul left your body, so by saying bless you, it would stay in your body. New insult: Don’t like someone? When they sneeze inform them that you don’t really care to say bless you because you don’t really care about their sole. Makes you sound like a jerk, and will probably result in a slap from your mother).
Anyways, we don’t celebrate Halloween…like most people. We stay in our pajamas, buy grossly-large amounts of junk food and spend the whole day watching movies like Haunted Mansion, Twitches, Halloween Town, Scooby-Doo, and Hotel Translvania. Either way, it’s pure bliss, my brother and I only had to deal with kids taking our candy once or twice when we were younger-and it was certain we would get GOOD candy.
It’s every writers favorite…and loathed holiday…
NaNo Wrimo. Yes. The National Novel Writing Month.
*Screams Errupt in Back ground.* *People cower under weird objects like lampshades and chairs*.
Honestly, I’ve never participated in one.
Your suppose to write a novel in a month-write?
I’m gonna be honest, I can write a story in a month.
Fifteen essays in a week (I was behind in school)?
A five thousand word short story in two weeks?
Absolutely! It’s sloppy as can be, but totally!
Anyways, I decided I would do it this month-and I would attempt to write a novel…
and another really stupid script/story that I like to write on my free time.
I’m not sure how I feel about this.
Anyone have any advice on this whole deal?
Do you participate? Do you enjoy it? What motivates you, and inspires you the whole month?
Let me know in the comments down below!
Cheese and Potatoes,

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