I failed NaNo Rimo. I couldn’t help it. I got bored with what I was writing. I failed. I’m a failure.

I did however manage to write about three thousand words in the span of three hours whilst balancing that and my school.

But I failed.

And it’s December.

So you know what that means.

*Sticks Reindeer antlers on my head* Christmas posts!


Except I’m not a Christmas expert.

However, let’s just start of with the next post being a run down on the different presents for my friends…because really I suck at Christmas posts, and probably the only other Christmas Post will be about a Holiday-themed story.

And then theirs a formal dance I get to attend.



So, have a ginchy December, and get ready for some awesome holiday celebrations, whatever you may celebrate.

      Pizza and Sugar Cookies,


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