Merry Giftmas!

Hey there, YĆ«jin, it tis I, the ginchtabulous HaziWords…bringing you your daily forecast of…


Thats right, today I share with you gifts of every variety, for all my epic friends…

I mean the ones I see, not the ones online. That’s hard to give anything to the ones online except a virtual card or sometin’ like that. (As you can tell, I’m not tec savvy. That’s my mom’s and brothers job (seriously, some guy was getting into our computer system, and my mom outsmarted this guy. And my brother just knows how to find cheats and get around family security locks on his phone). Anyways, the point is, I have some gifts for you, that you might like, and find affordable (or not) gifts or ideas…for peoples…

Okay, so number one, we have this incredible loop scarf….which was originally 8 dollars (Big Lots), but we got it discounted and paid…five…I think… scarves are great gifts, because I gave my friend a fuzzy one for her birthday, and everyone thought it was cool (well, they thought it was cool, not hypervenilation like I was doing when she got the part of a book series I hadn’t read yet).

Alright, now here’s this awesome blanket scarf (Big Lots), which we paid eight dollars for (was originally 10). Oh, and bonus picture of my brother modeling it.

Okay, now we have this really pretty 3-D puzzle I got at Barnes and Noble for 3 dollar’s (discounted from twelve).

And this notebook.

All notebooks work really.

You can’t have too many notebooks.

Except me…

My mom won’t buy me anymore until I finish using the fifty-some odd I already have.

Dang it.

It has PARIS. On it. Paris. I dream of Paris. Standing at the bottom of the Eifle tower (not actually going on the Eifle Tower because I’m terrified of heights), pulling some sort of Audry Heptburn move….ah…so nice…

Anyways, we got this for like, 2 dollars, because Kmarts was closing. I’m not sure the original price, but it’s cute.

FUZZY SOCKS. WHO THE SUGAR COOKIES DOESN’T WANT FUZZY SOCKS? They also have bonus padding so you won’t slip and die running down the hall way…or at least give you a concussion when you bang your head on a bookshelf….

We got these bad boys for 5 dollars, from Big Lots, and might I say, they are going to make some mighty fine gifts for Christmas.

Now for a less direct gift, here’s one for all your favorite Harry Potter Fans out there…this bow set which I also got marked down to a dollar, from Barnes and Noble. And I also don’t know the original price of tbis

That’s all I have for ya’ll today…or right now…whenever I post next. I hope ya’ll have an epic day, and make sure to stay warm (and ginchy)

Hot Chocolate, and Marsala Mash (don’t ask),


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