21 Facts about me

So recently I hit 20 followers-which seems small, but for me, this is a HUGE accomplishment. I decided that’d I’d do twenty-one (because I now have 21 followers- 79 until my goal-and it’s not even the new year) facts at me, mainly because I’m feeling narcissist, and want to talk about myself. *Adjusts invisible collar on blazer*.

I give you Twenty-One Facts about Hazi.

1. I’m Okinawan-American. My dad was born in Okinawa, but left when he was a little over a year.

2. I’m a Non-Denominational Christian- I believe that you can go to Heaven only by surrending your life to God. 

3. I have a college level reading/writing (other than my grammar) ability.

4. My first memory was a year and a half, holding my little brother.

5. I have a few stray silver hairs, even though I’m fifteen. We figure it’s inherited and my anemia.

6. I register as 98% percent introvert, despite the fact most people think I’m akin extrovert.

7. My favorite album is by NF, Mansion.

8. I have one younger sibling, who’s often mistaken as my twin, or older brother.

9. I LOVE old cars.

10. I was a Cheerleader in Kindergarten

11. I was in a commercial.

12. I’m double jointed.

13. I’m home schooled because of my advancement in Language, but I’m in middle school math.

14. I’ve managed to stay up for 24 straight hours.

15. I’ve visited two different states, Michigan and Georgia.

16. I’m 5’5/5’6 

17. I have been to four vintage balls.

18. I always have to be doing multiple things, or else I will get distracted.

19. The longest story I have written (before my computer lost it half way), was fifty-thousand words. As of current I have one that is twenty-seven thousand words.

20. I’m Irish, Scottish, Japanese, Chinese, Okinawan, Native-American, Dutch, German, Italian, English, and possibly Greek (those are the ones we know of).

21. The only contest I one was a writing contest, where I placed second place with my brother.

  So that’s 21 facts about Hazi for you. I actually ran out of ideas. I shouldn’t write when I’m so tired.

  Happy New Year!

    Sugar cookies and Mac ‘N Cheese,


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