Why I spend so much time on Youtube

Hey lovelies, HaziWords here bringing you Haziness, with a chance of Youtubers.

Now I’m not going to say all of my favorite Youtubers are completely kid-friendly, Christian Youtubers, but ones inspirational, and one was having me in tears in the Pych-I mean Pediatrics (a little joke on how strange I am right there) ward last year.

Anyways, ten Youtubers I’m loving.

1. iiSuperWomanii

That is her user name-right? Well anyways, Lily Singh is awesome, and very comical, but more importantly, she’s inspirational.

So really, check out her book as well, How to be a Bawse.

I’m not a big fan of the whole motivational book/video thing, but hers are pretty awesome.

2.Liza Koshy

What can I say? I really like Pizza- I mean Liza.

Her beauty hacks have helped emmensly, and her recipes are awesome!

3. Lianna Grace.

Funny, relatble, clean for all ages, need I say more?

4. Aphmau

I’m sorry, but where is Minecraft Diaries?

5. The Sims Gallery

Love Sims games?

Love room tours/house tours?

Watch the Sims 4 versions she creats-seriously ginchy.

6. Safiya Nygaard

Beauty, Style tips, test videos of beauty and style stuff-totally ginchy.

7. ThePinkDiamondDiva

My Minecraft life:Jink for life.

8. Jbunzie/Behind the Bunkie

50s clothing, incredible cosplay/makeup videos, what more could a girl ask for?

9. Kiannaluvsyou44

I’ve been watching this channel since it started.

From my favorite Sims 4 videos to hilarious gameplay, she’s pretty much my favorite Youtuber that I’ve had since before I had a teen slapped at the end of my numbers.


I hate excerise. But seriously, some of the excerise video’s are really fun and ginchy.

So that’s all I have for today! Are you a big fan of Youtube? If so, who are your favorites?

Have a ginchy day!


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A teenager who intends to take over the world, and not miss a single moment, Hazi is the type of person who leaves you genuinely confused. Hazi intends to take over the Entertainment Industry, and isn't a fan of third person, but she finds it amusing as she procrastinates laundry, and other chores. She hopes to reach people with her writing, and be the light that they need on a dark day.

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