Book Shots: This is where it ends: Resolution book 1/100

Book Shots: This is where it ends Book 1/100 book Resolution
Hey Guys! Haziwords here, bringing you your dailys forecast of Haziness, with chance of Books.
—I honestly think I’m going to need therapy after reading this book.——-
So I’ve completed book one of my resolution (almost done with the second one, I need to read eight-ish books a month for the next twelve months), and I’d have to say…
It was interesting.
Written by Mariele Nijkamp, this is where it ends in an emotional, riveting book that spirals through for different povs of the victims of a school shooting. Each one with different view points, each some how connected to the shooter, and each other.
It killed me.
I legitamately could not sleep until five the following morning when I first started reading it.
The book was unique, following in the view point of Autumn, Sylv, Tomas, and Claire, all seniors at Oppurtunity High. Honestly, I can’t give a major sypnosis on this, because I feel as though the whole view point of the story focused more around the Characters past, rather than the actual shooter/ event going on. I admit the book used strong discriptions, and the characters were well-developed, and I commend the author of taking such a trying task of writing about such a controversial topic. However, I felt like the story, as mentioned before, focused more on the character’s past, rather than the goings on. I also was pretty much sobbing at the loss of my favorite character, who was one of the point of views. The book was slow in points, and really honesty started climatically, so it was anti climatic all the way through (not exactly how I enjoy things, honestly).
So really, for the first book for me to finish for the first of the year, I wasn’t exactly impressed. Maybe it was because I struggled with the loss of a book character (though what was I expecting, butterflys to fall from the school ceiling?), or just how tense it seemed throughout the book. I’m positive it was just because this wasn’t exactly my type of book, considering the dialoug wasn’t impressive.
Suggested for: Those of you who like to dine with murderers, who strive for emotional writing, rather than dialoug, and physical mixed in, and who really want to grasp the goings-on in these sorts of situations.
Age group: 13+ For swearing, controversial topics, mature themes (way beyond drinking), and the fact a GOOD CHARACTER died.
How could you do this too me?
They were my favorite!
I’ll have an acceptance meal with a side of fries.
Rating: 3/5-I’m serious, the description was killer, the Character Development was strong, and kuds to the writer for catching the emotion of things. However, as stated, a little to ‘in the past’ for my taste, the death of a character, and the use of my least favorite f word (a common word where I occasionally volunteer at, so understand my disdain people), and the fact the author is a dream crusher of another character.
So that’s all I have for you today, be on the look out for eight more book shots this month-and many more to come. Have you read this book? If so, what are your thoughts? What books do you suggest I read this year? What books are you reading?
Stay Ginchy!

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