Worth the Cross

Hey guys, today I found a poem I wrote last year when I was going through I really hard time. I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything on the TruelyHaziWords part of my blog, but here it is. (Like I said, I’m not poet, but I figured it’d be interesting to have on this blog.

Let me know what you think.



I have an unexplainable bout of confusion my life.
The thoughts that grip and tear at me.
The hurt that roars through me, fighting to be released.
The tears of pain and agony, the cries for my soul that’s undoubtedly lost.
I wonder, will I ever be worth the price paid at the cross?
The stories tell of the people who found, their way back around, all safe and sound, to God.
They plague me, antagonize me, reminding me of my attempts to make it, but slipping in the end.
I cannot find my way-lost in this confusing array, of emotions filled with anger, tears, and joy.
Unhappiness dissolves in my life, is there something more, or am I trying to cause strife?
Have I missed something through the years?
Did I forget why God sent me here?
Is the price He paid really worth,
the mistakes I make on this shaking earth?
The ground on which I stand, is most certainly   sinking sand.
Am I really worth the cost,
that Christ paid at the cross?

Stay Ginchy!



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