My Biggest Fears

I can think of multiple things that terrify me.
One of them, is losing my family.
In Walmart.
While my phone is dead, and I have a bunch of grouchy Walmart employees stalking me because they think I’m a shoplifter.
*Frantically speed-walks through store, searching for mom who is actually the Hyper-Speed Flash*
Anyway, this post, well, it’s about things that scare me. More than losing my family in Walmart.
More than public speaking.
More than being around certain people who think I need to flirt to get a guy to ask me to dance at the local-vocals Homeschool dance.
1. Open-Ended stories.
Authors have no idea what this is like. You see, if you leave it open-ended, than that leaves your other-slightly-jerky-fans the ability to write fan fiction that ruins the story entirely, and leaves me crying under my covers, cursing every single FanFic writer, other than myself.
2. Bridges.
I kid you not, I have a fear of going under, and going on bridges. It’s like the worst thing possible for me. It’s close to my fear of heights.
3. Heights
Hey Number 2, remember my remark about heights? This is one of the biggest fears. See, it’s not so much that I’m scared of heights-I’m scared of being up high in man-made contraptions. Want me to stand out on a rock and look down at a bunch of trees when we go hiking? Hex Yeah! Want me to be on the 22nd story of a building? Hex No! I can barely move my legs, they feel like led, and I keep getting terrible flash-backs to some Night Terrors I had when I was younger (apparently my constant bad dreams when I was little was refered to as night terrors).
4. Swimming/Floating
I can’t swim or float, yet. Mainly because ever since I was little, I’ve hated floating. I can never move fast enough to see what’s behind or on the other side of me. It’s like the desperate desire to be aware of my surroundings. I think it comes from having two boy cousins, a brother, and my dad and uncle who liked to rough-house and sneak up.
And surprise attack Nerf Wars. Have you ever been hit in the back of the leg with a Nerf Sword? For plastic and foam, it resembles banging your leg into the corner of a table.
*Reminicases back to good-ole-scary-days when my brother recieved Nerf Swords as Christmas Presents*
So really, I’ve never been scared of swimming. Only not being able to be completely aware of my surroundings.
5. Trust
Let’s get deep. I’ve had some extended family, and friend issues that kind messed this up. I used to be the type of girl who talked to much about life. Now I don’t talk enough. However, I’m working on it, and my parents, and God, are helping me work through it as well, so I think it’s one fear that will eventually be non-exsistant. At least, for the most part.
6. Romance
I have a fear of romance. Not my romance-just romance. It creeps me out, like, I enjoy it in a “little kid and an electrical outlit” way. I think it scares me, because my friends are really getting into it, and I just gave up playing Barbie two years ago. I still have a doll collection. I still watch Veggie Tales when I can find it. (I mean, how could anyone not like the Pirates that don’t do anything? It’s a classic! And heaven knows I need a refresher course in the “Where is my Hair Brush?” song).
7. Losing my pets.
I’m very emotional. Two Guinea Pigs of mine passed away last year, and it almost killed me. It’s something I’m terrified of now.
8. Losing my Family/Family leaving me
I’m attatched to my family. I think I would be a zombie if something happened to us. I had nightmares when I was younger about it.
9. Slow Songs.
I kid you not, City on it’s Knees by Toby Mac, and certain songs that have this weird slow-beat to it, or sound terrify me. I usually had nightmares when it played.
10. Denying God.
That’s my biggest fear of them all. That I deny God’s exsistance. Simple, and to the point. I can’t live in a lonely abyss like I did. It’s how I imagine hell-living my life with no Hope, and without God.
Anyways, after a few serious fears, and a few really weird fears, (Slow songs, Romance, Bridges, the list couldn’t get stranger), that’s all this post has for you today. Make sure you tune in next time to hear Hazi say…
“Oh where are my keeeeysss?”
Stay Ginchy!

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A teenager who intends to take over the world, and not miss a single moment, Hazi is the type of person who leaves you genuinely confused. Hazi intends to take over the Entertainment Industry, and isn't a fan of third person, but she finds it amusing as she procrastinates laundry, and other chores. She hopes to reach people with her writing, and be the light that they need on a dark day.

7 thoughts on “My Biggest Fears

    1. That’s awesome! And totally respectable! I think everyone has a fear akin to that, so we often end up not doing things and regretting it…which become a problem for me, because then I’m torn between not trying something, and trying something and failing it. Thanks for sharing your biggest fear! 😄


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