Book Shots: Everything, Everything

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. I genuinely read something that was romantic that didn’t have another storyline or purpose to it.
That’s right folks, I read a romantic story.
The book I read, Everything, Everything.
Everything, Everything, is a book written by Nicola Yoon, following the story of eighteen-year-old Madeline Whittier, who has a rare desiease, Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disorder, other wise known as SCID. Her life has pretty much been black and white, with only the story that books hold painting a world that she’s never been able to experience…at least until she meets Olly. You’re boy-next-door, who really, doesn’t fall under any specific category (one thousand points to the author for making him unique), except one very painful one:
An Abusive Father.
This being said, Olly works hard to get to know Madeline, the girl who has spent her entire life looking out the window in a world she dreams of being in. Eventually, contact forms from more than just internet chatting, or the whole sign-to-window deal. Eventually, Madeline is experience contact to more than just a few select-people. Eventually, Madeline is willing to risk it all for love. Eventually, Madeline is a seeing the world outside of the colorful books, and maybe, just maybe, learning that lessons are more than just happy stories.
Okay, this book was pretty good. It wasn’t one I chose, but one a librarian suggested (thank you so much!). I admit, it’s not exactly a book I’ll read repeatedly, but it’s not exactly a book that had me vomiting over a toilet, as stated before, quiet the contrary. The personality was brilliant, as I’ve tried to write a character with no outside world experience, and let me tell you it’s hard. I loved how the character tried hard to remember the importance of family (even though she slipped up), even when in love.
My favorite character would have to be Carla, because she was a nurse of a different color. Commical, and understanding, she knew just what to do to help the story along.
Rating: Three out of Five stars, due to swearing, and a minor amount of…welllll…stuff that you would not want to see with your family. That being said, the characters and the world painted was brilliant, and completely reviting.
Age Group: I’m going to go with a 15 and up rating, specifically due to the adult references, and swearing.
Suggested For: Those of you looking for a romance book, a reminder that we’re pretty darn lucky if we can breath this air, and that life is important. This book is also suggested for those of you looking for a book with a bizzar-o twist at the end (it was so sudden, and shocking, you know, signs of something awesome), or just a comfort read.
Have you ever read Everything, Everything? If you have, what are you’re thoughts on such a book, and who would you suggested it to? Do you have any book suggestions, because I’m always looking forward to them.
—–Also, sorry if my posts are delayed, belated or choppy. I have tutoring sessions now to help me prep for SATS, I’m volunteering on weekends at my mom’s work, and I’m trying to boost up my schoolwork. That being said, I’m also going to try and launch a new blog that covers games, lifestyles, and personal thoughts, so stay tuned for that!——
Stay Ginchy,

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