50 Follower Special-Best Sibling Friends

Okay, so I was a little late on this post, my apologies, but in my defense I’ve had a busy weekend of being sick, and having anxiety attacks about practice tests (I have test and travel anxiety, I get sick to my stomach, my sleep becomes shortend, my attention span is always shifting, and I struggle to breath the night before. Yeah, it’s weird, but I’ve never been confident in my schoolwork, and I have a fear of leaving my family for more than a day), and volunteering.
Also, thinking up a special fifty-followers post. Now, I could do fifty facts about me, or I could do a blogging party (but I don’t know how those work).
Or, I could introduce you to a post of a whole different color.
When your Sibling is your best friend.
Now this is written from experience, and I make no promises that it isn’t biased. In fact, it’s completely biased.
So anyways, here’s a look into being close with your sibling.
So the first problem, is that we have to live up to our expectations as a sibling, espicially when your sibling/best friend is in a relationship. So this means that you have to give advice, find out information about your siblings crush, but also inform your sibling that they’re too dorky to have a relationship. Don’t forget to remind them to name their first child after you, and that you’re totally going to spoil your nieces and nephews to death, mainly so you can send them home to drive your sibling nuts. Also, don’t forget the curteosy threat to your siblings crush, that if they break your siblings heart emotionally, you’re going to break their’s…physically. (We have sibling codes here, it’s important stuff).
*Spots brothers crush*
*Pokes brother, pulls him aside*
Hey, dude, look, she’s here.”
What am I suppose to do? Do I look okay? Do I need to stay back? Should I talk to her? What do I do?”
*Thinks for a moment*
*Adjustes brothers collar of shirt*
*Fixes his mop hair*
“So I found out that she’s a little shy and to herself. I think maybe you should talk to all of them, her, her friends, her siblings, the annoying kid that keeps trying to get you into trouble. That way, you aren’t singling her out and making her uncomfortable, but don’t forget to make special effort with eye contact, and smile genuinely. Also don’t forget that you suck as a person, and when you two get really close, and consider dating, and her father tells you your not good enough-you need to go out there and better yourself, because he’s right. You suck. But give me a minute, I have…” *Cracks knuckles, adjusts top hat, adjusts shoulder Guinea* “To take care of some business.”
Complaining about family problems works in some ways, and really messes you over in others. You complain to your bestfriend. Mainly about family problems. Things get a little weird when your trying to complain about your sibling to your best friend, who’s actually your sibling…
“OH MY GOSH! My brother is being so annoying!”
*Brother looks up from book*
*Stares at me*
“Are you trying to make a point or start a fight?”
*Adjusts steam punk goggles nervously*
*Considers moms warning about loosing laptop if another fight breaks out*
*Considers what funeral will look like*
*Considers lack of meeting favorite authors*
*Considers trying to explain situation*
You’re really trying to peeve me off, aren’t you?!”
Sharing things are…annoying…and common?
How do I explain this? When we were the same size, we used to wear eachothers unisex t-shirts. Then we got older, and he got much larger, and mom banned us from going out in public in plain tshirts, and so, we moved onto the next best thing.
I wear his long-sleeved over sized shirts because guys clothes is totally better than girls.
Also, we share video game accounts so we don’t have to spend fourty dollars each for a game we could just share. It works out well. He’s my brother, so he’s going to take my stuff and give it back. Whether it works…
This is the biggest bonus to being a sibling-best-friend. Honesty is there.
There is no beating around the bush. As a friend, I know that girls find him attracctive. As his sister, I think he could use more work in his appearance to really look good.
And same here.
And it’s not ust in appearances. It’s our reactions, and our emotions. How we handle situations, and let’s face it, with honesty like this, we’re both going to sink at the same time, so you know, underground party at my Titanic.
No body believes your one or the other. For whatever reason, when we hang out, we look like a either brother and sister (which works well for me, when creepy guys try to approach me, and than my body-gaurd looking brother comes up, glares at the guy, and then initiates a conversation with me), or we look like friends. Which is confusing, because we have the same eye color, and hair-color genre (my hair is lighter brown and more red, while his is darker and more brown/black), so we should look like siblings, but according to some, we aren’t siblings.
People think we don’t have a social life. Because our best friend is our sibling, we don’t have a social life. We have friends, but the difference is, we’ve always been close, and we’ve remained consistant, while our friends have come and gone.
Can you imagine the newspapers and comments if we got thrown in jail “Siblings push dead moose out airplane, hit tree thats hundreds years old-serving 3 years” (I’m sorry, I feel like if we did do something illegal and got in trouble, it would be for something ludacrious).
So that’s what it’s like to be close with your sibling. We’re weird. We have a theme song, and a secret handshake. Do you have any siblings? If so, are you close? And again, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FIFTY FOLLOWERS!
*Internal Squeling*.
Stay Ginchy,

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