Things I do when I’m upset

Hey guys, sorry my postings have been shotty, it’s been such a weird few weeks, I’m either sick, studying, or trying to recuperate from volunteering, being sick, and studying. Anyway, recently I had a bit of an upset (nothing major, just a bit of a hit-hard review on a story, they were totally nice, but you know, the whole putting myself into writing part makes it hurt a bit more), and I realised that I have weird mechanisms to co-op with my problems. I mean, I know my mom’s response is cleaning, and my brothers is mowing the lawn or bike riding, but for me, I have a tendency to let myself simmer, and keep my problems to myself.

I mean, I though.

Until I realised I have cooping mechanisms.

(And that friends, is how you pull out of a writing funk-you come up with better ideas).

So I give you, how I handle things when I’m upset.

1. I take showers.

Now, I like showers, but I’m not into the showering twice a day, but when I’m upset, I take a shower, get out, and want to take a shower again despite the fact that is a waste of water and I have a two weird fears;one of water, and one of falling through the bathtub.

(Never tell a six year old that someone fell through a bathtub at the hotel, it emotionally scars them).

2. I organize…not properly, really it’s just removing things from shelves and replacing them. I also hang up clothes, I don’t know what’s with this family and cleaning when they’re mad, but let me tell you, when it’s a bad week and everyone’s cranky, we have one very clean house.

3. I use it as an excuse binge eat and watch TV.

I use this to justify something that I already do to much of when I’m fine.

4. I rage trash, get rid of and throw away things.

No, this doesn’t count as cleaning. I deleted a story once when I was really angry.

I really could use those 30,000 words I deleted.

I’ve also gotten ride of good clothes just because I feel terrible.

*Stares at Goodwill pile*

*Considers pulling out clothes.*

*Thinks about all the hard work I put into it.*

*Lays back and continues procrastinating*.

5. I lose it. I have a temper, and while the last time I lost it was four months ago, when I’m really mad, I just loose it, and let’s just say that I know what to say to make someone hurt.

6. I rage write.

I’ve killed off multiple charcters.

It’s a good thing I have no social desires or, like to be around people when I’m upset.

7. I listen to music and Journal.

This is what’s kept me from losing it-when I’m upset, I Journal, and they can be long entries, up to ten pages.

8. I cry.

Mainly I do this while I’m doing all of these. I cry easily.

“Hazi, those shoes don’t look too great…”

*Breaks out in tears*

“Well okay then.”

9. I hold my Guinea Pig. It’s theraputic, until he tries to eat your tears…and then it’s just terrifying.

10. I talk to God.

I’d call his prayer, but it’s more of a full-on-rant-sob-story, and even though I do all of these things, it’s the only thing that helps me. I don’t do well talking to others about my problems, but I need to talk, and this is what I need.

So what do you do when you’re upset? Anybody else rage cleaners? Its so weird because I’m a slob, but when I’m mad/sad/anxious I’m a maid. You have never seen a more organized bookshelf.

Okay, so maybe books are the only thing I organize, but whatever.

Thanks for reading, and I’m so sorry for being such a lazy bum for posting, I promise I’ll try harder. Thanks for staying loyal!

Stay Ginchy,


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