Mama’s Day Special

I failed ya’ll. I am so sorry. My laptop lost all my hard work for a Gift-Guide, and that blew my Mama’s day palooza out of the water.

That being said, it didn’t blow my plans for today, out of the water, because I may be scatterbrained, by I flippin’ LOVE holidays sorrounding other people. Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Birthdays, Valetines day, Siblings Day, you name it, I’m broke from it.

That being said, I love my mother, she’s been an inspiration to me since I was a little girl, and deals with all’s my quarks and problems, smiling, and telling me their no problems at all.


Dude, if I screw up, my mom’s gonna tell me.

Even if I act like I hate it, I enjoy it, because that means our relationship hasn’t been affected.

My mom and I have been best friends since before I could say “Sghetti”.

So here’s a Twenty Question Q and A, with one of the people who I would do anything for.

1. What’s your Favorite Decade?

Mom: The decade that Steampunk became a thing.

Dad (Because he’s very into chiming in): The 80’s

Mom: No, now. When Steampunk came around.

Me: Steampunk came in around the eighties (turns out they actually came in around 60’s/70’s, the Wikipedia page updated).

Dad: No it didn’t

Mom’s dog that actually has the ability to agree with people: Yes

2. What’s your favorite fashion trend?

Mom: I like to take fashion and it’s trends, and create my own outfite/style

Side Note: My mom always manages to be ahead of style, because some of her fashion favorites are making their way in.

3. What’s your Favorite Book?

My favorite book…The Bible, because I can go to it for peace and comfort. It’s also the only book I’ve read in 10-15 years.

(This isn’t a lie, my mom doesn’t have alot of time in her day, she’s always working, running errands, crotcheting blankets, cleaning, she doesn’t really like to just sit down and read).

4. What’s your Dream Car?

Mom: One that has all the gadgets working in it, fits my family, sporty, spacious, and comfy. I want it to drive fast, and have a Peppi Start up.

Side Note: Gadgets means Air Conditioners, and really my mom has gotten into Wranglers lately. Also, Peppi is the name of our Grand Cherokee (90’s), who has a V8 start up.

Question Five:What’s your Dream Vacation?

Mom: Hmm, you know, my favorite vacation is if we got to go to Ireland, Mackinac Island, or to Alaska, to see the Northern Lights.

6. What’s your Favorite Memory?

Mom: Meeting your father, that was an interesting time in my life.

7. What’s your favorite flower?

Mom:My favorite is….

*Pauses to Google for name*

Bleeding Hearts or-

*Insert another pause where my dad was showing her some semi-concerning flowers and their names*

Dancing Girls.

8. What’s your favorite food.

(First part in Sarcasm)

Mom:I’m torn, stress, pressure…I don’t know…Chocolate, Chocolate is the best.

9. Whats your Favorite Band?

Dad(With confidence): Abba

Mom:No, I like too many bands in a variety, I can’t choose.


Mom: Not true, I don’t remember their songs very well.

Dad: Abba

Mom: I actually liked The Beach Boys, I have a CD

10. What’s your least favorite food?

Mom: Rice, Cucumbers and I don’t like Melons of any kind.

Side Note: She forgets that she actually was cool with Korean Melons that we tried on vacation in Michigan a few years ago.

11.Who’s your favorite Biblical Character?

Mom: Oh we know that one- Ruth because she showed Hessed Love, like God shows us.

Side Note: My mom LOVES Ruth, especially after she did a Bible Study.

12. What’s your favorite hobby?

Mom: Crotcheting, and watching BBC/Acorn Productions

13. Who would you like to meet?

Mom: God

14. What’s some writing advice you would give?

Mom: Write from your heart, Pray before you write, and study what your going to write.

15. What are your physical/Emotional Struggles?

Mom: Physically, my bones, the aches in with handling heat and sun; emotionally, trying to show God’s love.

16. What a generalized advice you would give someone?

Mom: Always look toward God when things are bad, don’t just try to handle them on your own.

17. What’s your favorite Bible Verse?

Mom: Proverbs 31

18. What’s your favorite qoute?

Mom: I don’t really have one.

19. If you were to go back to college, what would you study?

Mom: I would be torn between Sociology, and Computer Science.

Side Note: My mom knows more about getting rid of viruses, and fixing programs than the Computer Techs did, and the only training she had was back when Computers were starting out.

20. Now mom, this one, I thought it was perfect, brilliant, and you know, we all know the answer (said teasingly), but Who’s your Favorite Child?

Mom: I don’t have one, I love you both equally.

And that’s my interview with one of the most incredible women in the world. I say one of, because we all want to claim that we have the best mom, but reality is, any mom/mom-figure who has a happy child, and is close with their child, is one of the most incredible women.

I then asked my dad and brother their favorite quality of mom’s, here was their responses.

Dad(Because he gets uncomfortable when being sentimentle, it took some work): Her Tender Heartedness

Brother:(Also Took some digging, but that’s just because he kept getting distracted) Her fairness

And I know what your thinking, Hazi, what’s your favorite quality of my mom.

Me: Her godliness. My mom has always inspired me to write, lean on God, and figure things out. My mom raised me to build myself up, and let no one take me down. She taught me that I need God to get through, and that God is always their, even when I’m scared that he’s not. My mom taught me how to be independent (something that is actually frowned upon in our community), and that I was only to be in a relationship when I felt or knew that it was right (Not gonna lie, my recent decisions to leave the town we’re in, and build a career similar to my mom’s work, as well as wait for a relationship until I’m emotionally stable, has gotten me some backlash).

My mother reminds me constantly that God is all I need, and that I am strong.

She reminds me that I have come so far from the little girl that was bullied in school. She reminds me daily that judgement is wrong, and that our job is to love, not to judge.

Mom, if or when you read this, your training me to be just like you, Strong, Independent, Reliable, Opptimistic, and godly. You are incredible. You were there for me when I hit the bottom of the pit, and you helped me out of the grave I was digging for myself.

You are super women, and Mom, you are a Proverbs 31 women, because the biggest thing about that lady?

Her love and passion to help others, and serve God.

I love you, mom.

So what’s your favorite memories with your mom? Since I’m posting this so late, how’d you spend your mother’s day? What’s your favorite quality of your mom? Have you ever tried to interview your mom.

Happy Mother’s day to all the strong women out there, getting up everyday, and showing their kids how to slay there problems. Ya’ll are the hero’s the media misses.

Stay Ginchy!


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