Character Reveal

Guys, brace yourself for a character that is almost too much to handle.

Age: 15 3/4(These numbers matter, okay, they matter a lot).


Yes, guys, the ginchtastic character is me!!

So basically I’m hoping to do more beauty-skin care related posts (a lifestyle part of this blog, if you will), and since I’m doing that, I thought I’d a face reveal…type of thing.

Anyway, the reason why I want to do skincare stuff, is because you see a lot of posts about acne, however, I have severe cystic acne, and while yes I don’t look terrible in this picture (blessing to Bare Minerals and beautiful lighting), it can be pretty severe, so I thought I’d do a section of this blog dedicated to that. I’ll be doing reviews, and hopefully, if you struggle with severe acne or anything along those lines, we can take the journey together, of feeling more confident and comfortable in our own skin.


It’s a short post this time around, but most definitely keep an eye out for blog updates and changes (themes, etc. (.

Stay Ginchy!


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