My Skin Care Journey

Guys, I’m writing this in a keyboard connected to my phone-HOW GINCHY IS THAT?!

Right, ignoring my grammatical error up there (when writing, try to avoid capitlization and an exclamation point in the same sentence).

That being said, let’s take a moment to rear ourselves back on track, and talk about skin care.

More specifically, your’s truely’s skin care journey. (Insert Photo Shoot A Day After Post Was Made)

Really my problems came when I was around ten, and I started to notice that I was developing large “acne” (cysts) on my shoulders. I didn’t think to much of it, because at ten, my top worries was whether or not we were able to play on the Xbox, Reading, and a mass toy story game (from Barbies to Hot Wheels, my brother I’s game had it all). Unfortunately, they soon after acne followed, which we initially marked off as puberty acne. The cysts on my back and shoulder had become pretty noticable at this point, and the acne on my face was horrible. At this point my parents had decided that I had definetely inherited cystic acne, and upon bringing it up with my doctor, she then agreed to prescribe some medication (I don’t remember the names), which worked for all of two weeks, before, like most hacks and products, stopped working, and the acne came back.

After a while I got frustrated, and quiet using the medication.

My mom and I then tried a lovely, lengthy series of life hacks, which either didn’t make since (or work), or did make since, but only worked for two weeks.

When I was thirteen, we discovered Burts Bees acne solution, which worked much longer than others.

I didn’t realize though, that throughout time my face and shoulders had become accustom to pain, or was incredibly sensitive.

I made this discovery when I went on a Women’s Conference retreat and used the shower at the hotel, that was one of those “jet stream” shower heads.

Holy Hex did that hurt.

It was between that, and going to the hotels hot tub, and wearing an over-sized t-shirt, that I realized I had a MAJOR problem.

I relayed my concerns to my mom, and she agreed that it was definitely time to visit a dermatologist (the main reason we never visited one in the first place is that, where we live finding a decent doctor-let alone dermatologist was a pain in the rear). We explained our concerns with my doctor, who prescribes medication to hold me over until I saw another dermatologist-who was…interesting to say the least.

My first appointment with her was all of fifteen minutes long, including an overview of my shoulders (she didn’t even bother to look at the severe ones on my back), a nice (not), fancy termed way of popping one of them. (That itself bled for half the day, which wasn’t fun, and made a very interesting sleep because it hurt more than the doctor said). She prescribed a medication (Doxycycline), told us that there wouldn’t be any major scaring, and sent us on our way.

First of all, the medication made me sick, whether I ate or not, and was really a pain in the butt because it would make me sick, but I couldn’t sleep off nausea for at least an hour (I had to sit up for an hour).

The second thing was, I dropped the medication half-way through taking it and ended up SO disappointed (I mean, the tears though, really, I flooded the house). After waiting a month, I had it refilled again, and forced myself to deal with it, which, lasted for two weeks, because I ended up in the hospital, and they claimed that I had an allergic reaction to the medication (I took it for a month before that, went off of it, then went on for two weeks and suddenly I’m having an allergic reaction, uh-huh, okay. I’m not a doctor, but when I have an allergic reaction to medicine, I break out in a rash, not break out in swollen joints, a rash, elevated heartbeat, and struggle in heat).

With that, I went off the medicine, and my mom and I decided to find a new dermatologist (I was still recovering from the allergic reaction a whole month after, interestingly). That appointment was more successful than any others because there we learned that the rash resembled an Arthritis rash (them) and that my acne would scar. We also learned that at the stage I was at with the acne, that maybe, Huston, we have a problem, because there was only a few medications to help, one of which was a government monitored drug (It was known to cause depression, and though the doctors reassured that was a rare occurrence, I was already struggling with a “momentary depression/anxiety problem” at the moment, due to the reactions, and lack of outdoor activity. This, and the chemicals made my mom nervous).

Before we could start the treatment, my mom had some business opportunities, which resulted in a temporary (two and a half week move), before we returned home.

With the return, mom and I decided that maybe it was time to try something else: Makeup.

More specifically, Bare Minerals, mainly because I had been borrowing some of hers, and if anything, the relief it had on my skin was a nice change.

And that is where the next few blog posts pick up.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this blog post (I’m really into cap locks now, can you tell?). What’s your biggest skincare struggle? Do you have any products that I might try for my face? Sound off in the comments, and make sure you stay tuned for the next trilogy series of my current makeup products that I’m crazy about.

Remember, live your life like the ginchy story it is, and don’t be afraid to add a little flair (I said flair, not drama, this isn’t reality tv).

Stay Ginchy!


2 thoughts on “My Skin Care Journey

  1. GIRL GO BACK TO YOUR GP AND REQUEST LYMCECYLINE!!!! I was on doxyclycline for years and had pretty much the exact same experience, it made me massively nauseaus for hours after taking it and gave me migraines. Changed GP, my doctor was like “oh doxyclycline is a low-level, way less effective antibiotic – lymecycline is way better” I tried lymecycline for literally 3 months and it completely cleared my skin up for 8 months (it started getting bad again earlier this year but way better than it used to be and is actually manageable via skincare whereas before it was completely uncontrollable acne). Roaccutane is what I’m assuming the medication that causes depression is? I want to try it, but you need to go to monthly blood tests (to monitor liver function and check you aren’t pregnant) before you’re given your monthly dose of medication over here and my local hospitals have awful reviews in terms of being available for appointments, so loads have people have been prescribed it but not actually able to get it 😦 Good luck with your acne, it’s a total pain in the freaking ass but trust me – as you get older, you learn to look past it 🙂


    1. I’ll have to look into that!! Yeah, that was the stuff. I had to go in and do a few types of tests, fill out questionnaires, and I could not miss a single day (which is, you know, expected, but I am occasionally forgetful, and if I were to have missed a day, I would have to restart the process). That’s really interesting, they never told me that about the doxycycline! I was wondering! And thank you! Good luck to you as well! 😄


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