Character Files:Emma Christine

I told ya’ll I’d be making this post, but now the question is, are you ready?

****HALP I’ve screwed up my sleep schedule. I’m so tired but interestingly enough, super energized.****

Okay, so the first person I interviewed was Emma Christine, a young teenage author on Wattpad, who writes inspirational Christian Books, whether it be teen fiction or inspiring devotionals.

So because I’m running low on battery charge, and I’ve run out of adjectives (boy my grammar expertise are shining through here), let’s jump into the interview.

Me: The first question is, when did you start writing?

Emma: Well, I first started writing when I was around six, then I started full-on writing when I was twelve.

Me: Ah, wow, that’s so cool! I didn’t really get into writing until I was twelve. Anyway, next question, what’s the first story you wrote?

Emma: My first story I wrote was “I promise I Won’t Fall”-which I think has about 800 reads-was about this girl who meets a boy, falls in love gets married, yadda yadda yadda, she also meets her long-lost cousin. It’s a quiet cringy, and I don’t know how people enjoyed that book.

Me: So is there a quote/verse/song that inspires you?

Emma: Everything you ever wanted is a step outside your comfort zone.

Me: That’s a nice one! When do you write (morning/night/afternoon)?

Emma: All the time, I don’t really have a set time.😄

Me: Same! Do you use writing prompts?

Emma: Not really, I just kinda use other books for inspiration.

Me: I’m with you on that one! So what’s the hardest part of writing?

Emma: When you don’t know what to write about! I have super bad writer’s block, and I have 0 inspiration, but it gets better!

Me: Writers Block is the worst! So what’s the easiest part of writing?

Emma: You get to express yourself, and others, through characters, and make up worlds; it’s really fun.

Me: Two more questions! What’s the writing piece your most proud of, and what’s your favorite genre to write?

Emma: I don’t really have a piece I’m most proud of, and I love to write teen fic!

And that wraps up my interview with Emma Christine! And if you couldn’t tell already, she’s an incredible person!

Make sure if you’re on Wattpad to follow her @ emalynnxoxo.

And if not, check out her stories anyway!

Thank you so much, Emma, for doing this interview, and stay tuned next week for my next interview!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is (but don’t turn it into a soap opera, because eating soap and singing is a terrible life choice).


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