16 things to do for 24 Months

Guess who’s finally sixteen?

Honestly, I was expecting something bizaarly magical to happen, and really the only thing I realized is that I need at least 2,000 dollars for a car.

On the plus side, I’ve been thinking about all the the things I’ve been through growing up, and it’s alot. Not to say I’m a wise sage, but I’ve been through some crap, and I still am.

I also look back at the past sixteen years (as far back to when I was a weird five year old), and realize that, yeah, if I could, I would change something’s, but I can’t, so I’m going to learn from them, and this led me to my special blog post I have:

Sixteen things to do over the next sixteen years.

And then I decided that that was ambitious, and let’s make it my next milestone:

24 Months from now (two years), here’s what I plan to have achieved/accomplished by then.

1. HaziWords becomes life changing.

Not just for myself, but those who read it. When people read HaziWords, I want them to smile, I want them to read something that effects their life for the greater good.

2. Have published/started publishing 2-3 books.

I say two to three because Friday of this coming week marks the day I send out what I hope to be the first book I publish, and I officially begin another book. I’ve heard it’s long, so I figure two books, two years, let’s see what we can do.

3. Start up my Youtube Channel

Don’t do that-the groaning, don’t do that. I have plans-big ones. My brother and I are working on a skit channel (it’s legit really cool), and I want to become established enough that I can turn my writing into shows/movies. I want to use the platforms that I have available to become a story teller, and control where my writing goes, and how it changes the world.

4. Make Money off of HaziWords

I genuinely want to be able to draw in some money from HaziWords, mainly so I can continue to make posts-but give them better quality. This blog is my apology, and even though money isn’t my passion, building a name for this is, and every Business person says the same thing :When you do things, don’t do it for the money, do it for the experience.

5. Develope a more healthy lifestyle.

And by this, I mean physically, because where I volunteer is really, really, a cess pool of stress (And I LOVE it).

I want to become a more healthy eater, lose weight/develope muscle.

I’m pretty sure I can do it, if chocolate doesn’t win me over.

6. Reach five hundred followers on this blog.

Too much? Or is it?

7. Become more Confident Around People.

Remember that volunteer job? I love it. I work with people who are trying to fix their life, and honestly, I can remember something they told me two months back. I can tell you what there kid’s allergic too, their preferred shampoo, when they have a doctor’s appt., I can carry a thirty minute conversation, and it’s no big deal.

Once outside of there, my mind blanks on socialization. I know that it can’t hold me back, so over the next two years, I’m working to overcome that.

8. Stop fretting.

You know regrets and regerts and guilt?

It’s something I really struggle with, and before anybody says that I’m too young, than your wrong.

I have had one too many Pudding Cups back in my day.

9. Write a moving story for Wattpad.

I want a story that moves people, that changes lives, because that’s what I’m about. Why wait for the world to move so I can change it, when I can move the world and change it?

10. Develope a stronger relationship with God.
Honestly, this will always be on my lists.

I’d like to say I’m close with God, and that I’m an ideal Christian, but I am far from it.

11. Overcome my fear of heights.

I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but I’m determined. Maybe I’ll go on a ferris wheel or something. All I know is you know you have a problem when you can’t stand near the railing at a mall.

12. Dye my hair.

Now I know this will happen EXACTLY two years from now, on my birthday, with my dad. It’s gonna be great, we’re both going to go and dye our hair.

13. Better my drawing.

I’ve been saying this for a while, but I really need to perfect my drawing and coding abilities. I want to be able to animate things for my stories, and being able to do that would be great help.

14. Crotchet a Wash Rag

I can actually crotchet, I just get distracted so easily, it might be a problem, but I’m going to work on it.

15. Sew a Skirt

I really, really, want to try sewing/designing my own outfites. I’ve only had one sewing class, but it’s really something I want to work on.

16. Find myself

Between sixth grade and eighth grade, I picked up a “chip on your shoulder” attitude, a type of attitude that was very angry, arrogant, sarcastic (and even though it might now seem like it, in a very hurtful savage way-go ahead, cringe, I said I was savage), and in general, the “tough chic” situation.

When I was fourteen I tried hard to become a very cheerful, care free me.

But it didn’t last long, and I guess what I’m trying to say is, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been impersonating characters in books and movies, because I loved there stories. I don’t think I have ever taken the time to develope myself.

Or maybe these characters I try to play are all apart of me.

Let’s find out.

16. Learn how to link things on this blog.

Like websites. I really am frustratingly clueless on.

And that wraps it up! Thank’s for reading, and make sure you check out Sunday’s Interview!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


4 thoughts on “16 things to do for 24 Months

  1. Happy belated birthday! I love your list and I can relate to many of them (heights, I am the same at the mall, goodness) I think itโ€™s neat that you want to start a YouTube channel for that reason. Do you take any theater classes?
    I enjoy your sense of humor and use of words, by the way! Oh, and check out this video to see how to add links to your blog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYmdZiIPtak To view the classic dashboard on WordPress that heโ€™s using in the video, you just add /wp-admin to your siteโ€™s address while youโ€™re logged in. So, mine looks like http://wifeatlantalife.com/wp-admin The โ€œnewโ€ dashboard is different and quite limited so I always use the old one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thank you! I don’t actually take theatre classes, it wasn’t until recently that acting became something I was interested in, not to mention, the last play that I was in, I truly struggled with properly using my voice (I’m not a loud speaker). I’m glad. Yeah you enjoyed the post, and I will definitely check out the video, it looks very helpful!
      You seem to have tried to link me to your admin, but seriously, thank you for the tips.๐Ÿ˜„ I hope you have a great week as well!!๐Ÿ˜Š


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