An Overview

Of the upcoming month(s).

Help me.

I am an over-eager child.

Do I regret anything?


So let’s break down the general ideas of my plans for the next two months, so you aren’t totally confused at why I’ve been AWOL.

SATS…. So recently I got in contact with one of my ideal colleges, and found out how I could apply as a homeschooler.

This lead me to the discovery that if I applied before a certain date, I could have a shot at a scholarship.

So I planned the SATs from a month between then and now.

I have to learn in-depth algebra in 34 days.

I know I can do it, but it’s matter of a few other things…

A Job….

So then I saw the job I had been wondering about go up, and I decided to apply.

Here’s hoping that I get it. Round two of the interview comes up in a few days.

My Blog Uploads….

From my general math, if I want post twice a week, I should probably have around 10 posts. That being said, I’m hoping I have fifteen for a bit more of an extended break. I can’t make any promises, though.

Writing Updates…

And all of this is happening before NanoRimo, the month where I repeatedly fail at writing. Unfortunately, on Wattpad several of my stories are suffering because I’ve neglected them some, so I need to try and pull 4 updates per story (five stories), so 25 chapters that I have to write.

Book Publishing…

And of course, editing a smol book (so it shouldn’t take me long- but because I’m a procrastinator, it will).

Scholastic Writing Competition…

I have all of November to focus on this, but I want to try entering this contest, and seeing how far my writing can take me.

I am really stinkin’ busy.

Even though when I write it in this format, it doesn’t look like it.

But either way, now you know my plans-so WRITING BLOG POSTS COMMENCE! (Stay tuned for more blog posts).

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


4 thoughts on “An Overview

    1. Thank you, and same to you! Haha, yeah, I have never nailed Novel writing๐Ÿ˜…, but here I go, trying again. I swear I must have ADD when writing because I can never focus on writing.๐Ÿ˜Š


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