My Traveling Dreams

Right, so I’ve tried a few posts, and really, I’m struggling. Lifestyle is such a weird thing for me. It’s usually written by people who make sure they have a life style.

And unfortunately for yours truly, she’s been missing the memo,but you know what she’s not missing-traveling desires!

So here’s my current end of 2018 Travel Bucket List-Part Numero Uno

1. Cambodia


From 1967-1975, Cambodia suffered from an extreme civil war, seriously affecting many area, even to this day, due to the landmines placed. I want to help in anyway possible, and even meet some of the workers of the organizations helping to clean up the landmines.

2. Okinawa

I really want to visit where a large portion of my ancestry stems from. Being that I grew up learning about the foods and lifestyle of Okinawa, wondering what it would be like to visit one day, to see where part of my roots stemmed.

3. Ireland

Ever since I was little girl, my mother has been obsessed with Ireland, everything from the mud to the castles, my mom loved the culture and the atmosphere that she knew about from her research. I wish to full fill her dreams, by one day taking her to visit her dream place, and honestly, seeing it myself.

4. Scottland

Fast Fact: Allegedly, on my mom’s side, I’m distantly related to Mary Queen of Scott’s, basically because of some drama that went down between the Ladies Maids and you know, the peeps who chilled there.

Not only that, but Scottish is in our blood as well, through some weird mangling on my dad’s side. Whether or not it’s true, I really just want to visit, considering Scotland was the original home to some of our greatest scientists.

5. Japan

Much similar to why I want to visit Okinawa, Japan is a part of mt heritage I find interesting. Not to mention, I have watched quiet a few travel vlogs over there (I’m so totally qualified), that I know that I want to eat alot.

And that concludes part one! This part would be longer, however, I’m very tired, and my original post didn’t go to plan. That being said, I love the idea of travel, and really, the main thing for all these places is seeing how big of a difference I can make.

Why do you want to travel?

Where do you want to travel?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


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