Accepting Writers Block


I failed miserably on my schedule last week.

I am SO sorry. That being said, the Writing Emotions series will be returning, however it takes a bit longer then most posts, because I want to make it look nice, you know, make some super ginchy templates, ect.

That being said, I decided today would be a perfect day to talk about the Writers Block I’ve been struggling with recently, and really how Writers Block works for me.

Usually I don’t have such long winded versions of writer’s block, but usually they happen to me when I hit a point in my life where I shut down. As in, I develope incredibly self deprecating feelings, and the biggest cut off to my creative area in my life being when I go through a point in my life where I get hurt, bad.

Unfortunately, that all rolled at me at once, alot of hurt and betrayle, and as I mentioned before, I shut down.

With that in mind, I usually try to find ways to become motivated, “start up” again, if you will. This time, the process was a bit…longer. Even when jamming out to my new playlist (David Crowder released his newest album-I know a Ghost, and My dudes, let me tell you this album is BOMB),I couldn’t get into writing, and this was just really frustrating, so I tried to force through it.

You know, follow some people tips.


I don’t…know what happened, but my stories got…worst? I wasn’t me, and my characters suffered a great deal.

So in all terms, pushing through writer’s block didn’t work.

I didn’t even want to play the Sims (where I get my inspiration for crazy drama-induced stories, and get inspired to write, by creating my characters and building their houses).

So for a very long time, I tried multiple tactics, and this past week, I had to settle on one undeniable thing:

I was not ready to write.

So, despite the inner turmoil, I didn’t write, I didn’t do much at all.

And now that I’m back, and I finally got a full night’s sleep last night, I’m finally better, and my head’s a bit more clear.

So the conclusion for this little story/paragraph?

If you’re not ready to write: Don’t.

You won’t die (even though it kinda felt like I was).

And that concludes this week’s Writer Square! I promise next week will be so much better! Thank ya’ll so much for reading, and remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


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