Accepting Writers Block


I failed miserably on my schedule last week.

I am SO sorry. That being said, the Writing Emotions series will be returning, however it takes a bit longer then most posts, because I want to make it look nice, you know, make some super ginchy templates, ect.

That being said, I decided today would be a perfect day to talk about the Writers Block I’ve been struggling with recently, and really how Writers Block works for me.

Usually I don’t have such long winded versions of writer’s block, but usually they happen to me when I hit a point in my life where I shut down. As in, I develope incredibly self deprecating feelings, and the biggest cut off to my creative area in my life being when I go through a point in my life where I get hurt, bad.

Unfortunately, that all rolled at me at once, alot of hurt and betrayle, and as I mentioned before, I shut down.

With that in mind, I usually try to find ways to become motivated, “start up” again, if you will. This time, the process was a bit…longer. Even when jamming out to my new playlist (David Crowder released his newest album-I know a Ghost, and My dudes, let me tell you this album is BOMB),I couldn’t get into writing, and this was just really frustrating, so I tried to force through it.

You know, follow some people tips.


I don’t…know what happened, but my stories got…worst? I wasn’t me, and my characters suffered a great deal.

So in all terms, pushing through writer’s block didn’t work.

I didn’t even want to play the Sims (where I get my inspiration for crazy drama-induced stories, and get inspired to write, by creating my characters and building their houses).

So for a very long time, I tried multiple tactics, and this past week, I had to settle on one undeniable thing:

I was not ready to write.

So, despite the inner turmoil, I didn’t write, I didn’t do much at all.

And now that I’m back, and I finally got a full night’s sleep last night, I’m finally better, and my head’s a bit more clear.

So the conclusion for this little story/paragraph?

If you’re not ready to write: Don’t.

You won’t die (even though it kinda felt like I was).

And that concludes this week’s Writer Square! I promise next week will be so much better! Thank ya’ll so much for reading, and remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


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A teenager who intends to take over the world, and not miss a single moment, Hazi is the type of person who leaves you genuinely confused. Hazi intends to take over the Entertainment Industry, and isn't a fan of third person, but she finds it amusing as she procrastinates laundry, and other chores. She hopes to reach people with her writing, and be the light that they need on a dark day.

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