2019 Writing Resolutions

HAPPY OFFICIAL FIRST WEEK OF NEW YEARS, FOLK! (Because the new year started on Tuesday, so…) Let’s talk about some writing goals, shall we?

1. 48 Hour Book Challenge

In which Hazi tries to make up for not completing Nano Wrimo for five years, she has decided to write a book in 48 hours. Is it possible, can I do it? Maybe? We’ll see.

2. Complete New Book

So…I’ve been thinkan’…and writing…

Baby we got some stories to tell!

And let me just say, my inner super-hero love is coming through.

3. Write 300,000 words this year

Total, skits, stories, the works, we’re going all out (excluding blog posts). This is going to be quiet a year.

4. Send to books to Agents/Publishers

I am going to become an official author-I’m deterimed to, folks!

5. Complete the Pilot/First five episodes for a MineCraft Roleplay series for YouTube.

Now this seems kind of silly, however, I am not an animator (I have no artistic capabilities outside of being a pain, really), but my brother is into coding/editing computer skills, so this works out well, I can reach a fairly wide platform, whilst honing my writing capabilities.

6. Work on my grammar.

Something I’m not very good at is grammar, which is amusing because when other people have imperfect grammar, I go nuts-I’m just that person.

7. Work on consistency

In my years of writing, consistency had never been a strong point, I can carve out a story, however, it is very distracted in my writing (like real life). This is definitely a skill I want to working on developing.

8. Romance…scenes…

Right…so…I have a confession…

I’m a hopeless romantic.

I have been for years.

Korean Rom-Com’s are fond memories of mine, my mom watched a decent amount when I was little, as well as Pride and Predjudice, and other classics.

Because of these, I love a good sweet romance.

And dramatic ones.

Jane Eyra really gets me giddy, even with it’s dark aura and the weird parts. (Maybe that’s why I’m giddy).

And time to time, I have a tendency to…want a Hallmark relationship, or…a K-Drama relationship.

(However, then I remember that I really enjoy food, and sleeping, and am terrified of people in real life, so my socialization skills are limited to awkwardly apologizing and saying thank you too much).

Anywhozzles, the point is that I love a good romance. I love a good fan drawing of my favorite characters finally together. I hate it when they can’t be together. However, if you want me to write a romance, I become a five year old.

“Are they a couple?”

(I get excited at this).

“Yeah! How’d you know?”

“They’d be so cute together!”

Time to write a kiss scene….

“Silence lingered between them, and before they knew it, they had kissed”.

No fireworks. No magic, no sparkles or symbolic things, they kiss, and then they usually hate each other.

Not to mention I just am a very awkward romance writer.

But awkward NO MORE.

From here-forth Hazi loves to write romance.

And continues to by herself chocolate.


So what are your writing goals this year? Are you excited to start the new year? I would LOVE to hear!

Remember to live your life like the Ginchy story that it is, and don’t feel down, tomorrow’s a new chapter, and climaxes are wild thing!


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