I’m desperately tired-Week One Overview

Honey I’m hommeeeeeee….

It’s been one hex of a week, and while it’s occured to me I should start taking pictures to help document my week, all I can offer are dog pictures (we stan a dog king), and a picture of the drink machine at work (I am usually given the end of the week drink fridge check-in, and have to make it look like we have an unlimited line of drinks).

That being said, my lack of posts have been due to a very busy Hazi, mainly college oriented. I finished my assessments, enrolled in classes, bought books, and most of all, am currently building up to an anxiety attack. (Constant exhaustion, mood swings, stressful situations-sounds like a break down to me).

Monday-Finished my Assessment tests, enrolled in college courses.

Tuesday- Volunteered at Mom’s work.

Wednesday-Payed for classes, went to dinner, slept.

Thursday- Got groceries, slept

Friday-Went to work with mom (volunteered)


Today-Watched TV, fixed dinner, annoyed my family.

This week was actually very long, and in retrospect, I’m actually concerned about how exhausted I’ve been. Right now I have a head ache. Hopefully I’ll follow post routine this week, but as for right now, this Hazi is signing off with a week grading of C-.

(Based off of productivity).

How was your week, I’d love to hear!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


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