Writing Processes

I’ve had an unhealthy dose of sugar and caffeine.
Among other un-shocking things though, today is Monday, which means another ginchtastic writers square.
Now usually, I want to give writing tips, only, it’s hard to give writings tips when you aren’t a very…what’s the word…reliable writer yourself?
That being said, I’ve recently become incredibly self aware (I’m a highly intellegent AI), that I have a writing habit.
So here’s the process of a natural Hazi in her unnatural habitat (anywhere except a dark, dark abyss of deep thoughts and melodramatization), doing her natural habits, of writing.
It’s also just occured to me that it’s actually Monday, and not Tuesday, which is why I started school today.
Let’s not acknowledge that I knew today was Monday, and therefore a Writers Day.
No wonder people were posting Monday motivations.
Right, my writing Process.
Step One: Idea Conception
Along with my late night decisions that I’ll get up early, and start a morning routine (I won’t), I also scheme up some pretty bomb writing ideas.
It’s like, in the middle of the night’s silence, in between my Guinea Pig trying to move his cage around, my baby heater having an identity crisis about whether or not it wants to be a heater or fan (the little heater that could), and the sounds of some person having a tire blow out RIGHT in front of our house (it’s like living in New York, minus all the benefits), a light appears, shining brightly, and I am bubbling with an idea. Usually it just starts with voices, and personalities, saying things, and I’m not crazy, but I usually “hear” the characters before I see them, because it takes me a bit, I give them temporary names and scenarios.
Step Two: Rising with a Clatter
I spend the entire morning (who am I kidding, it’s usually the afternoon), conceiving and conniving, and plotting, naming and scheming the characters. This is usually done until…
Step Three: The Drafting
Now I’m the type of writer that stays up late, usually to avoid bad dreams, and being stressed about small things that don’t matter (no amount of breathing in and out has helped with that), I stay up late and fill my minds with the story. Unfortunately, much like having a conversation with me, and this blog post, the story is ALL over the place, I’ve killed off three characters, brought them back, and then, it occurs to me that I was originally aiming to write a comedy, not an action film, which means I then have to go back, and re-write, however…
Step Four: The “Break”
I allegedly need a “break” from the story, and spend a good while breaking, and thinking about writing it, but never actually, you know, writing it.
Step Five: The Dream
And then I have a dream, that reminds me of this story…OH YES, this story that I had no idea why I left. At this point, I cut the entire original story plan, convince myself that this is a healthy writing habit, and re-write the ENTIRE thing, in one swoop.
Step Six: Editing
And that concludes a very Hazi-way of writing things. How do you write things? Do you have process, are you persistent with your writing? What style do you write the most?
Thanks for reading!
Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!

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