I can’t believe I missed Writers Square. I have missed every day EXCEPT that day. Hex, I didn’t even miss it, I JUST COMPLETELY FORGOT MY BLOG EXISTED YESTERDAY.

So to all you avid Writing Tip Readers, I bid you my deepest apologies, and promise that it will return this upcoming Monday. As for now?

Let’s get ready for some Life Style Shtuff.

So first of all, I want to make it clear, I’m not a lifestyle type of person. I have a life, but my style is something to be questioned. However, because I’m a good blogger, and I genuinely enjoy making quality content that nobody asked for, let’s do a review.

Recently (as in within the past six months), I ordered myself three face masks from Target, all pertaining to companies that work with people who struggle with acne. If you didn’t know this about me:

I struggle with Cystic Acne. It’s bad.

Not to mention, if I have to go anywhere, I wait until five minutes until we have to go, before I decide that “Hey, maybe I should get dressed instead of watching YouTube videos”.

Now, all this information aside, I decided that multiple people had suggested face masks for people who have acne, and you know what, let’s try these face masks out. However, following that, I ended up purchasing ANOTHER face mask, and about halfway writing this, I decided that let’s make this a chronicling journey, of finding face masks.

So let’s get started.

Burts Bees Detoxifying Charcoal Sheet Mask.

I took a blurry photo and didn’t realize until I threw out the package, so here’s a group photo of the first three I ordered.

First of all, I already had a strong disdain when I stupidly opened the mask on my bed, and had it spill on my blanket, however, the mask itself was just…disappointing.

Now, understand that this was my first face mask, and I freak if somebody TOUCHES my face, so you can imagine how freaked I got over something miniscule as a MASK touching my face. It was cold, and not very enjoyable.

All that aside, I tried hard to keep an open mind, however, I found it a bit complicated, considering you could clearly tell that the mask didn’t fit-which is weird because I have a sizable face, and it still had excess stuff. Was the mask tested on a pumpkin?

Anywhozzles, after I left my room following the ten minutes, and freaked my brother out, and joked about it with my mom, I headed to the bathroom to peel the thing off and wash my face.

Now, I realize now I forgot to take a before photo for these, but just picture my face with the optimum redness.

Beautiful, I was a work of art before the mask. (Also, please ignore the chapped lips three months ago version of me had forgotten that Chapstick existed for a reason).

Following the mask, I didn’t notice to much of a change, but I must say, my skin sometimes feels old and crusty even if I wash it, and I woke up the next morning feeling surprisingly refreshed, so total over view?

I think that the mask is a great concept, however it is very messy, and isn’t made to fit a face properly. Do I think it necessarily detoxifies? Maybe if I did it more then once, but considering I didn’t want to blow through my paycheck on face masks when they were having a Sims 4 sale, I decided I probably shouldn’t. Do I suggest this mask? Not really, if your cool with having gabs and ridges when you put the mask on, and excess, well…anything, is your jam, then this is the mask for you. Other then that, the only thing it did was make my skin feel more awake-but to be honest doing a better job at cleaning my face might just help with that (Before you say anything, I do clean my face, it’s just some days I’m very distracted, and tired, so I don’t). So total rating: Two out of Five Ginchies.

Burts Bess Hydrating Sheet Mask with clay sage

When I think about it, I think Burts Bees might actually just be using pumpkins for their face masks, or my face is just really, really small, because it did not work…


This mask was a little less refreshing, and more just annoying. It also smelled like the other mask-like soap.

Not to mention, looking back at these photos, I realize I had no idea what I was doing, and, to make things worst, I look a mess, and what the sugar cookies is with the lighting?!

Okay, rant aside I don’t have much to report about this one, because it didn’t fit, AT ALL, and was even more messy then the previous one. I know they’re suppose to be chillin’ in their own grease, but I mean, come on, when I put it on my face, I mean it’s for my face, not my pants. So for total rating: One out of Five Ginchies. I’m sorry, I love Burts Bees, and they make some bomb stuff, but I don’t think that face masks are cutting it.

Here’s to hoping that the upcoming face mask review (tune in next Tuesday), for some more face masks review (Neutrogena and Bath and Body Works).

Have you tried these face masks? What are your thoughts? Do you have any face masks you suggest I try? I’d love to hear!

Remember to live your life like the gincy story that it is!


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