The Quality Writing Content you all Wanted

Did you seriously think I forgot all about my schedule? Well think again, folks, because I am here today with a fascinating point on the book writing front.

I hate editing.

Absolutely loath it. I’m one edit and query away from trying to find an Agent and/or Publisher, and I am procrastinating the sugar cookies out of it.

HOWEVER, I have recently found that by recording another story on Instagram, and the how many words I’ve been writing, I’ve found myself more and more fascinated. In fact, I’m moving from my unhealthy life style of the Sims and have been writing an unhealthy amount of fan fiction for this particular story. So now we’ve got to get myself on track.

That being said, upon pulling the story up, the (Childrens/Short Story) caps out at about four thousand words. Now take into account I’m actually re-write editing this entire thing, and I don’t know if you’ve read my blog posts (like this one), but I get distracted.  So, I’ve decided, that I’m going to no longer say, and JUST DO. I’m going to write both a book and query letter to send out by the next time you read Writers Square.

How is my writing schedule going to work, you may ask?

Well, on an average day, I can write about two thousand words per hour. For a new story. Understanding that I have a goal of 300,000 words on my  Wattpad story, and I’m currently sitting at 10,000 words, I know that for this particular story, in order to finish it in the next three months, I’m going to have to write about 4,000 words per day. (Not including the ten thousand previously written). Also not including the blog posts that can range from a measly two hundred words, to a thousand word post.

So, from what I can figure about the story I hope to publish, I’m probably going to have to write about…500 hundred words every day on that story. Now like I said, this isn’t alot sounding, however, it I ALSO have College, and other odd-end stories I work on.

So let’s just say, that I have to write around… 5,000 words per day?

But listen, don’t just think I’m spitting out numbers trying to sound all technical as shtuff (I’m actually trying to hide the fact that I didn’t pre-write this post, and just as I was sitting down to do something thought out, A BUTT TON OF THINGS HAPPENED AT ONCE), and trying to force myself into something I don’t enjoy.

Because I do, and I have a goal.

If, it does go well, and I do get an Agent,



In case you didn’t know, Razer dropped the Quartz Edition recently, and while I am not a pink girl, this thing looks smooth as ALL GET OUT.  Not to mention, the keyboard angles up and has a wrist style pad, and let me just say,


So, in conclusion, I want a pink keyboard with a jacked-up price tage. Don’t judge me, okay? I didn’t even spend this much on my computer, but I REALLY want it.

So can I write a query letter and edit a story in one week with my attention span?

Only time and tacos will tell.

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


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