I am Not a Life-Stylist

Okay, it’s time to own up to the honest truth.

I am not a life style blogger (don’t think I won’t keep trying).

I’m a very strange blogger.

I’m the type of blogger that you actually have a hard time describing.

However, because I’m dedicated, I want to explain to both you and I, what I actually attend to accomplish being a lifestyle blogger.

1) Bringing awareness to the cystic acne community. You know, the community that just sits their awkwardly while their friends complain about that one zit problem. Because you get how they feel, but also…I’m just really sensitive, and sometimes, hearing them make remarks and complain about it makes me really, really self-conscious. However, this is also to address that a majority of the beauty-guru lifestylists have fairly decent skin, and there are people out there, who can’t relate. Who need better products that might help more. Which is why I’m here. To be a Guinea Pig for the masses! But also to spread positivity about this, and make it clear that it might suck, but it doesn’t make you any less ginchy looking.

2) To be completely real. Because I try my hardest too be in these posts. All to often I find myself trying to put on a persona for people-someone who’s in a very good place, and sometimes, I’m not. Sometimes things get a little bit harder then usual, and sometimes, it get’s a harder to see God’s plan for me. I want people to see that I’m a very strange, but completely honest and legit person.

3) To address the misfit-Christians. You know, those who have differing beliefs, especially in the lifestyle community-as in, I prefer to bring attention to dressing modest, but in a way that doesn’t just have to be “cutesy” or too “stuffy”. I want to create content that basis around the different areas of the Christian communities response to how you live your life.

4) To share a wellness journey. Two years ago (roughly), I made a post. About a horrible hospital experience, in which I never got completely better, and they never knew what was wrong with me entirely, either. Recently my mom was diagnosed with osteoathritis as well as being so much closer to an actual Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis. This was big, because now we know what might be wrong with us. (Which is a story for another time). Long story short, I know I have to begin a journey to a much healthier lifestyle, which is a lot harder then I’d like it too be.

5) To Record these things. Because in ten years now, I want to look back and see how far I’ve come, how well I’ve done. I want to make my mark on history, in so many ways, and I want to do it on every platform available to me.

That concludes todays posts, and now-I must go to bed! What are your thoughts on life style? Do you write life style posts? What are your goals? I’d love to hear!

Stay Ginchy!


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A teenager who intends to take over the world, and not miss a single moment, Hazi is the type of person who leaves you genuinely confused. Hazi intends to take over the Entertainment Industry, and isn't a fan of third person, but she finds it amusing as she procrastinates laundry, and other chores. She hopes to reach people with her writing, and be the light that they need on a dark day.

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