Hello, and Welcome

Well hello there,

You ginchy person, you.

(Can I trade mark ‘ginchy’, is that possible)?

I digress,

I know what you’re thinking (okay, to be fair, I really don’t)




I have a boring life. I eat, I do homework, I play video games and watch Youtube, and Harry Potter (this is a recent development).

However, it is something I want desperately to try, and I’ve also been slacking on this blog, so I’ve decided that the only way to motivate myself (And prepare for the next Story Starters Boot Camp, which is, delayed until tomorrow, as I’ve had quiet the week), is to reintroduce myself.

So hello, I’m Hazi.

You’re stereotypical un-average teenager who ends up in strange situations-but not strange enough to satisfy my need for drama, which is why, I do a ridiculous amount of writing, reading, and day-dreaming.

I’m currently a High School senior/part-time college student who also works at an equally unique place part time, and is slowly accumulating enough stories to write a book about it.

Speaking of writing books, I have a tendency to sit on several stories waiting to be published, while I procrastinate with what was previously mentioned (video games, YouTube, Harry Potter).

I’ve been working on strengthening my relationship with God, and learning how to curb a few things, like my temper, and the whole being-a-drama-queen-thing.

Alas, this blog is my journey, my life, my tips, and I bestow them all upon you.

Join my on one hex of a story.

As always, stay ginchy, live your life like the fantabulous story that it was made to be!


*Please note that over the course of the following weeks the site will be going under construction, so if you run across any problem technical difficulties, feel free to let me know!

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