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I was trying to think of a series of fun, creative blog posts, and while I do have *some* ideas, I also have a few blog posts that I want to add a little extra pizzaz to.

Just a run down on what to expect over the next few weeks:

Fabulous Fall Books

Five Fall Writing Prompts

How to Write Fan Fiction (*SARCASM*)

Honest Show Review

Thrift Store Haul

Room Tour/Reno

I styled Lula Roe for three days

How Disney Made a Mistake

Book Reviews

Fantastic Comfort Recipes

Cheapskate Eating; The OG diet (Not sponsored by Ramen or Rice)

FabFitFun Box Review

Morning Routine (But for Real This Time)

I Tried to Reset my Sleep Schedule

Honest Review; Youtuber Merch (My excuse to buy things I don’t need)

I tried following a writing routine

I ate Vegan for two weeks (and had to cut out/back on foods weeks prior)

Subscription Box Review (Cheaper)

I started my day of with shakes and smoothies for Two Weeks

I like Tea

How to Make a BOMB Sandwich

Chronicles of a Confused Kinda-High School Student

The “I try things that are far beyond my comfort zone, so basically everything” series


Now, if you read that, might I also direct you to an important date in my life:

October 14th

I’m starting my very own fancy-pants youtube channel.

I would also like to note, that when calculating how much I’d have to pull from my upcoming paycheck, I was not expecting to be hit with 30 dollars in sales tax-and in my defense, the most I’ve paid in tax is a little over ten dollars? Of course, I did unintentionally over-calculate just in case (I always try to pay over, I just get annoyed with taxes-important yes, am I happy, no). Rant being said, I’m not getting insurance on it, and I’m spending over 500 dollars on it, so… I better not go through another fire-setting phase (I don’t know if I actually mentioned this, but when I was thirteen I almost caught our house on fire, at least four times).

I digress, big things are coming, so stay on the lookout. Because I’m feeling inspired, a bonus post is going out this week (four total, basically including this mini-rant schedule), and because of my new Sponsor, I will be making three posts instead of two. So, see you tomorrow/today, where I talk about Fall Books.

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