Marvel May Have Made the Mistake?


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I’m scared–don’t come for me.

Listen, I’ve grown up with Marvel, and while I’m not a super-fan (I am, but I let my fictional world relate to reality a little too much, so I do have to limit my super-hero intake), I do enjoy Marvel enough to follow them, and keep up with the news.

The storyline is always phenomenal, the characters are on point-and well…the special effects do need a little help.

That being said, recently, Sony called and told Disney they wanted their character back-and honestly, I’m not mad?

Here’s the thing I’m a firm believer that Disney is good at somethings, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy-on point.


Not, really?

It’s nothing against the actor, Tom Holland, and the way the cast acted with each other was charming. Zendaya was great in it, I became a fan of her VIA this movie (I love a moody female character that’s brilliant at the same time).

For once, it was the writing?

I really feel like Disney tried a little too hard to reach the younger generation.

What’s more iconic then a fifteen-year-old superhero, that’s awkward, and has a hard time in school?

And I get it, but also, it wasn’t the Spider-Man I knew and enjoyed.

A key factor of Spider-Man is that he’s a cocky little dude, who honestly is lucky his mouth hasn’t gotten him shot yet. Ironically, arrogance ticks him off, and that creates a conflict of its own, and enough drama to make a movie. (Ie, most Spiderman movies are him not getting the girl, but kinda, because he’s just really bad at life decisions).

They also took away a key part of his story, that really played in character building; his Uncle.

In the comics, and in the movie, his uncle’s death is what makes him become a “legend/hero” (whatever your preferred term maybe).

In the latest movies, Spider-Man and Iron Man develope a father-son relationship, and that’s how he really delves into the MCU universe. Iron Man takes place of his uncle, and okay, cool. We’ve seen Iron Man (Tony Stark) over the movies develope as a person, he’s a little less arrogant-and that’s great.

But in retrospect, would they have really gotten along? I mean, really well. As in, I feel like there wasn’t enough. The disagreements could have been a bit more entertaining-a bit like Into the SpiderVerse, and how the different spiderman reacted? If you think about it, Spiderman becoming an Avenger almost seemed like they were trying to replicate Guardians of the Galaxy with the family feel-sure, it was there before, but Guardians of the Galaxy has Groot, so naturally, the Avengers needs their teenager. So, they give us “the kid”, or you know Peter Parker. Again, I get the idea, but ultimately, it feels like Spiderman was marketing, and a way for sales to sky-rocket, rather than some genuine thought-out writing.

All that aside, I’ll give Disney this; they wanted their chance to put a spin on a favorite and create a hero that the younger generations might feel like.

BUT, here’s when another opinion on Disney’s Spiderman comes in.

They shouldn’t have banked their entire series on a character they don’t own complete rights too.

I didn’t know that Disney didn’t own all of the characters-I was honestly flabberghasted (not quiet that shocked, but Disney is the entertainment industry in itself, so you know). However, when I learned this, I was confused.

Why would Disney, a HUGE franchise, base their entire Avengers series on one character-that they don’t own? They can’t continue a favorite character that brought them MILLIONS.  It seems risky, doesn’t it? Sort of similar to Hulk (though I’ll admit Sony’s version of Hulk just wasn’t…there…it wasn’t it), what happens now? What happens when Sony pulls that plug? Again, it all seems risky, and like a slight miscalculated mistake on Disney’s part. All of this, is just my opinion, though.

So, what are your thoughts on Sony pulling Spiderman? I’m genuinely curious! Sound off in the comments down below!


2 thoughts on “Marvel May Have Made the Mistake?

  1. I totally agree with you in this. I didn’t like this new spider man movie series. Like, I’ve grown up as a crazy spiderman fan, even as a kid. But when I watched homecoming, I felt a little bit disappointed. I loved Tom Holland but I felt like he was so overrated, no offense. I didn’t like how the story transformed and where it’s going.

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