Hey friends, I wanted to jump on and say, I’m going to be taking a week off, these past two weeks I’ve been slacking, and I know that’s never a good sign for me personally, so I’m taking the week off. Sorry for the inconvenience! I’m hoping to have a schedule and posts set up for November!


Well, (1)

So one night, I was feeling a spending spree surging through me, and after watching one of my favorite YouTubers (Alexandria Ryan), I decided, hey, what the hex, let’s give that bad boy a try.

So I did, and here’s…what came in the mail.

For starters; the bag. It was…nice? Where I work (a thrift store), we receive occasional Ipsy bags and they seem to have nice quality, but whether it be the sequence or the way her face was printed, it definitely felt like some dollar quality stuff?


Nomad Highlighter…

I mean, this stuffs nice, I still¬†have no idea what to do with Highlighter, it seemed, to be nice, online it runs for roughly 17 dollars, which is already more than what I paid for the bag. It was a lovely color, (Kiss of Sun in Balmoral Beach). It seemed to swatch pretty well, I did use it when getting ready…not properly-but then nothing’s going to look proper because I’m cheap and I REFUSE to buy a new bottle of foundation even if I am noticeably paler (I didn’t think that was possible, I thought I reached all levels of pale after being out of the sun for two years, but my skin decided otherwise-ANYWAYS).

Ipsy’s Betty Boop Eyeliner.


It makes a mess (not specifically this one, just all eyeliner), and I can’t get anything to go on my eyelid besides eyeshadow, but it seems cool so we’ll see.


This picture flipped itself, and I can’t fix it.


This “It Cosmetics CC+” was something I really liked? It mixed well enough with my skin, and honestly it smelled good? I’m used to make-up smelling, well, make-upy, but this stuff smelled like the quality fruity shampoo/hair product stuff they sell in stores. So, big win. I’d honestly use it as perfume.


I have a confession to make.

I may or may not have…lost some of this stuff after I opened the bag, and took the photos, so I didn’t get to try this particular product-HOWEVER, I was excited to have this, and a few Youtubers I watch did say this stuff was really nice.

And let’s be real, Winter and Fall is actual murder on my skin.

So anything to help this mess (Acne), is a win-win.

Except Burt’s Bees.

And Neutrogena.

Those quite working and now my face doesn’t know what to do.

On Animal Jams, I was a Panda, and then they got rid of my account after they got rid of Pandas, so now I’m not anything at all.

On Animal Jams, I mean.

But anyway, I’ve read reviews where they say this doesn’t fit an adults face, and this concerns me, because I am 90% certain that my head/face is slightly larger then most. That being said, I’m excited to try these with my mom (they sent two), because I’ve been looking for some fun face-masks for a good self-care day. And here they are, so it’s really a win-win.

Overall Thoughts:

The concepts cool. The customer service is GREAT, they’re really helpful and friendly (I was concerned about my order on something, and the response was fast and reassuring). The products, I’m not sure how they equal over 50+ dollars, though I’m still new to makeup, and I just googled the Murad and just realized where most of the money comes from, that aside (HOLY ACTUAL COW).

UPDATE: I’ve just googled the IT cream.



Because with money like that you could actually buy a movie ticket.

Maybe two.

I’m retracting what I said, I see where they calculate the money.

Anyway, the concept for Ipsy? Fun, it’s like a gift to yourself (unless you regift samples, in which case-same, so, a great gift for others), not to mention it’s a little exciting to receive packages, though I have been doing a lot more of that after I’ve developed a reclusive state in which I binge watch Youtubers and eat food that’s not OKAY.

The product quality is over-all pretty excellent, again, I…did personalize the bag so that I received eyeliners and highlights, but I’m not actually sure HOW to use them, no matter how many tutorials I watch.

The bag was a slight disappointment, it felt cheap, but then, I wouldn’t expect it to be like a money wallet.

Overall, it was exciting, and if you have a little extra money to spend, the surprise is definitely worth the twelve dollars.

So; final score:


I was raised to be a tough grader.

What do you want from me?

So have you tried Ipsy? What did you receive, and what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear!¬†20190413_235924_00008132386945157892677.png

I give you, a preview of yet another piece of work.

I’m a sick little child who’s going to bed in the next few hours, and it’s only 8:30.

But also, I’m a writer, and I do this thing where I like to give you guys a preview of a WIP

I’m working on, so I thought for today, that’s what I’d offer you.

This story is essentially a mystery, and while I’m working out all the quarks and oddities, it will be up on Wattpad and Inkitt in the next week or so.

But, before we get into this story, I wanted to say that todays post is sponsored by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning platform that gives you access to hundreds of classes for the low price of just 10 dollars a month. Sign up today to get your first two months, free!

{Excerpt/Prologue} in

“Oh Azania, excellent, it’s you.” Mother glanced up at me from her end of the table everybody in the room turning to me. “I’m glad you made time in your seemingly busy schedule to see me during a meeting.”

“Oh please, Gwendalon, it’s always a lovely surprise to see Azania.” Mr. Graid, one of her investors, moved his hand toward the small of my back.

“And it’s always a pleasure to see you Mr. Graid. How unfortunate of the age difference, and the fact I have a thing for men with more tact…and class…” I gave a tight smile, reaching back I grabbed his hand. “What was it you wanted?”

“Well dear if you must know at the most importuned time I’ve found you a job.” She drummed her fingers on her desk. “You know our bellboy that was working for the buffalo police department?”

“Considering I just finished an eleven-year war with the original one, no. I usually avoid them.” I dropped Mr. Graid’s hand, I dropped in a seat several away from him. “So what about the bell boy?”

“Well, he was a temporary replacement, we were helping him with some start-up business of sorts.” She reached for her pager, “He’s working today, I believe, so I think it’ll be a prime time to meet him, and talk about the positions available.”

“Mother I’m terrible with math-” I pointed my finger at Mr. Graids, who was smirking in my direction “Not that bad, but the point is, I don’t do start-ups. If I wanted a start-up, I’d go and follow my dream of opening a jazz club.”

“Well dear seeing as you have time to sit here and argue with me, rather than soliciting-”

“That’s not what I was going for and you know it.” I sighed “I’m not into being a-”

A knock sounded on the door interrupting my conversation.

“Ms. Sharper, did you wish to see the bell boy?” Mother’s secretary, Mars, asked, leaning against the door frame.

“Mother I am not into being a rich fund for some guy who doesn’t know how to put a little change-” I stopped as soon as the boy stepped in.

Well, if “boy” was the proper word. At six foot two, and dark messy hair, he certainly was a charmer-in an awkward sort of way.

I sat up some, uncrossing my arms. “I’ve changed my mind, it sounds like a lovely idea.”

“Yes, I thought as much.” Mother turned to him “Mr. Yedgerson, perhaps you should take this chance to pitch yourself to the board, and perhaps my daughter, though I can tell that she’s already won over.”

“I-I wasn’t prepared for this.” He stammered, rubbing his arms self-consciously.

“That’s what we all say when Azania shows up, she has a tendency to live in an impish dream that the world revolves around her, and her time.” Mother crossed her arms. “Go ahead, a good businessman should take any chance he gets to show himself.”

I rolled my eyes, grabbing a water bottle from the tray beside me. “I’ll be back.” Making my way through the crowd of board members, I grabbed Yedgersons arm, pulling him out the door, I shut it behind me. “What’s your name?”

“Ace Yedgerson; I’m sorry, I don’t think that I made myself clear to your mother-”

I nodded, brushing a few strands of hair out of his face, I jerked off the jacket.

“H-Hey-” He watched as I grabbed the jacket off my mother’s secretary. “I need a safety pin, Mars.” Mars nodded, handing me one as he pulled another jacket from his drawer, as well as a portable steamer.

“It’s a power move, and while yes, I did show up in the middle of a board meeting, she’s trying to make a point. What’s your company?” I handed him the jacket, undoing the safety pin, I fixed the jacket so that it hung in a more fitting way.

“It’s a Private Investigation organization.” He pulled a container of hand sanitizer out of his pocket, opening it as I opened another one of Mars’ drawers, pulling out hair gel. “Is your hair naturally unruly?”


“Not important how long have you been apart of the Police Department?”

“Four years.”

“How long exactly?” I pressured, grabbing the tie Mars had held out for me.

“Four years and nine months-”

“Good talk fast enough and we can get away with five years.”

“I’m not going to-”

“Why’d you leave?”

“The head detective-” He grimaced as I ran my fingers through his hair, working the hair gel in.

I turned to Mars, who handed me a container of breath mints. “Pull up information on Detective Cooper from Buffalo Police Department.”

Ace frowned “Why are you helping me with this?”

“Mars and I have spent what-almost 7 years pulling people out of situations that my mother has put them in?” I grabbed the phone from Mars, stepping away.

“It’s your one chance to make an impression if you clean up quick, let Zanie work her charm and roll with the punches, you’ll have several investors eating out of the palm of your hand.” Mars explained “Ms. Sharper views herself as a goddess, she likes to make you think that you should be so lucky as to be in your presence. The only thing she loves more then her hotel chains is Zanie, even if she does show it in a distant-”

“Mars not now!” I called, just as I dialed the number Mars had pulled up. “Detective Cooper, hello, it’s Zanie.”

“I’m sorry?” His voice sounded over the phone, sounding uncertain.

“Oh don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already.” I examined my nails. “I could hardly forget the false alligations you tried to make against me.”

“Ah, Azania Sharp.”

“Sweetheart, don’t think you’re lucky to breathe my first name, let alone use it in full.” I scoffed, putting my hand on my hip. “Listen, quick favor, give me information on Ace Yedgerson.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Good, right?” I pressed, not bothering to let him state too much.


“Excellent, from what I’ve heard, hard worker. Know’s what he’s doing.”

“He was actually on the case with your friend.”

“Oh was he? Funny how he’s no longer working there, did you get them to sack him too or was it because he was smart and walked away?”

“Miss Sharper, I don’t appreciate what you’re implying.” His voice lowered some, footsteps in the background.

“And I don’t appreciate you, at all, but alas I’m still having a phone conversation.” I started slowly back toward Mars and Ace. “So what-say? Excellent, hard worker, from you and everybody else?”

A heavy sigh came on the other end of the line. “Indeed, Ms. Sharper.”

“Good, talk soon, don’t falsely accuse anyone while you persist on being a shady pi-oh did that almost slide out?” I scoffed “Have a good day.”

Mars raised his eyebrows “Well?”

I nodded, sitting on the edge of his desk as I examined Ace. “Before I go in there, I want you to promise something to me.”

Ace gave me a curious look, adjusting the tie Mars had handed him. “What would that be?”

“You investigate something for me.”

He hesitated, before nodding.

“Good, let’s go push the newest Hercule Poirot.”

Five Fall Writing Prompts

WellIt’s officially Fall! I am so stinkin’ excited.Fall’s my time to shine, and I’m beyond excited to thrive.With that being said, Fall’s also when I feel most inspired to curl up and read so.*AHEM*Writing prompts, for my reader-writers.

  1. Coughee shop AU

So a good go-to is a coffee shop. Now, I could suggest a coffee mix up, I could suggest a run-in, OR, and hear me out (because I love Fall, but my sinuses, do not).An employee who works in the coffee shop comes into work with a cold, or sinuses. It’s not ideal, but they couldn’t (or didn’t want too) call out. So have your other fabulous MC come in. They go to get their drink and notice that the sick MC is, well, sick. And they’re genuinely concerned. Whether they know each other or not, that’s up to you. And what goes down from there? You tell me.2. Their Worst NightmareYour MC is binge-watching horror movies, and somehow, in one way or another, they found themselves in the horror movie they’re watching, but rather than being the good guy, they find themselves to be the horror part. How do they respond? How do they get out of this situation?3. The Perfect CostumeSo you MC has a problem, they…don’t have a Halloween costume-and they were just invited to go Trick or Treating, and listen, why or why not is up to you but the real problem is their costume. Right in the middle of the event, their costume tears; in the most awkward way possible. It’s up to the other MC/side character to find out how to solutionize this.4. Twelve Days of ThanksgivingThanksgiving is coming, and so is the drama. And even with the drama, what traditions does the MC keep-what do they create? What causes these?5. Black Friday ChaosYour MC works a job at a department store, during the chaos. Things are strange, and customers are loosing their ABSOLUTE minds. One, in particular, has lost their ever-loving sugar cookies on your MC, for no real reason. How are they getting out of this? How does it affect them?I wanted to jump in and say sorry for the delay, I’ve been all sorts of sick, so I’ve just been trying to rest. It feels good to get a post out, though, and this one is one of my favorites, as usual, because of the fact it’s more writing prompts. I’d love to hear if you use them and/or whether or not you like them.Thanks for reading!20190413_235924_00006191441673412637315.png

The Science Behind Self-Care

Over the past few years, self-care has been increasingly popular with the ever-growing acknowledgment of the mental health that plagues our society. Stress is our drug, it’s what keeps us going…right into an early grave. So naturally, we’ve decided that enough is enough, and we are just as important as what we’re fighting for. You can’t pour from an empty cup. But even with this common popularity, people still argue that they do care for themselves, and they can’t slow down too much. We can however agree that hygiene and taking care of your health is important and to that extent, I bring you to…The Science Behind Self Care.When It BeganAccording to ISF (International Self-Care Foundation), it was a movement that began during the 19th century and carried on into the 20th century. It was revolutionized as people began to accept the idea of the medical world. What It Is

“Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.”-Psych Central

Psych Central wrote an article summary on what Self-Care is-and isn’t. And in summary, it appears most everybody says the same thing-self care is taking care of those three aforementioned qualities.Why I’m Making a Whole Darn Series On ItI like to do research, and I like to make a point, but with facts, so here it is.What to Expect

  • Different Areas of Self-Care
  • Scientific Reasoning (A.K.A, Information pulled from studies/articles), on why you should focus on self-care.
  • Tips on how to manage self-care

I’m not a professional, by the way.I’m just a teenager who genuinely finds the reasoning behind these fascinating. I know last week I said I’d launch the series, but I wanted to provide an actual idea and cover what I mentioned above.That being said, I apologize for the delay, I got slammed with work, and then I’ve been procrastinating getting sick (it’s not worth explaining).Now, onto the sponsor.Today’s post is sponsored by FabFitFun. Fabfitfun is a seasonal subscription box that gives you a chance to experience quality products worth over 250 dollars combined, all for just $49.99. Fall’s box was a lot of fun, and I know they’re currently running a few a codes that gives you 50% off your purchase, so by clicking on the image bellow, and using for the code fall50, (for a limited time), you should be able to get 50% percent off this box, which will get you started down a path of, if nothing at the very least, some quality re-gifting. (Because if you’re cheap like myself and my mom, and some things make for great gifts for our friends).20190413_235924_00006191441673412637315.png

I’m doing Inktober

So, I do promise to post the Science behind Self-Care, but I’ve had a bit of a long day, SO, we’re switching it up a little, and I’m showing you a lovely compiling of my current drawings of Inktober


I intended for this picture to be more deep, but this is what I drew instead. I’m still new to drawing, and it had been my first time drawing in years, but I’m still pretty proud (the ring tattoos on her hands could mean anything-make up a story; I’d love to hear)!


I dont actually have this picture, so here’s a plug for my Instagram. (HaziWords)


So, for bait, if you think about it, for humans, it’s the bait throughout history, and throughout stories. From Adam and Eve, right down to Snow White. It’s even used in a joke.


I don’t know what to explain here, dogs make all of us Freeze.


So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I’m a lover of Steampunk. It’s the perfect reminder of all things innovative and creative.


Morning voices are husky, and er, I don’t…know…how to draw…humans or dogs so…


You’re book is judging you for being on your frail phone instead of reading it.


This one was bad. I don’t even want to talk about it.


Drawing this was therapeutic and so enjoyable. That’s all.

So, I do have to say I’m not ideal at drawing, but I have enjoyed Inktober, and I definitely will be using (get ready), Skillshare’s drawing classes to get a little bit more practice in.

Which, in case you didn’t know, today’s post is sponsored by Skillshare, an online learning platform that gives you access to thousands of classes, runs in a way that’s similar to Netflix. All for ten dollars. BUT, Skillshare is offering you, my lovely reader, two months for free (it’s going to be getting me through Inktober. Just click the image down below to get started!

All things said I want to know-are you participating in Inktober? What are your thoughts on it? I’d love to know!