Wattpad Read Suggestions Part One

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Listen, it’s no surprise that Wattpad is built on stories that are train wrecks, and even has some phenomenal cringe-worthy stories, but even with that, you can’t deny the fact that it is two things;



And listen, I’m a reading cheapskate, so I don’t know what you expect from me, other then, I may have found some real gems on Wattpad, and I’m here to direct you to them.

1. The CEO & the Christian Girl

BY: Nicole Lam/ ntlpurpolia

Don’t read the title and freak out, because, yes, this story follows some of the more common story tropes, but I’ve got to say, this book is INCREDIBLE. No, it’s not one of those stories where the MC suddenly is like “Welp, let me just toss my religion out the window for a guy”. In the story, you read strong character development that makes sense, and overall, there’s just something about it that makes it a real page-turner.

2. Porcelain Skin

BY: K.D Neal/ kario12

I would highly suggest this book if you’re looking for a romance that plays on the COMPLETELY different side of the “nice girl” and is actually the complete opposite. Of course, this particular character writes from her side, of regret for mistakes, and whatnot, but I would STRONGLY suggest this read for a comfortable chic-flic that’s a fun little clean read, as well.

I would also like to note, that if you’ve got like, four dollars to spare, she’s got her book on Kindle, and if you like the story, definitely support her work there!

3. The Technologist

BY: TSHEPISO/ The_Big_Big_k

My dude writes a fine novel. I loved the different points of view, one where it’s more of a mature point of view, and in a character’s that’s the type you don’t mess with. There is some swearing, but it doesn’t take away from the storyline, which is a Sci-Fi novel that seems to flow exactly how I’d imagine the script of a really great movie.

4. Secrets, Lies, & Deadly Ties

BY: Tawni Suchy/Faith_in_Ink

Another ginchtastic story. I found this author at the beginning of my Wattpad years, and only enjoyed her writing as it went on. This is her current work, and it’s a rather enjoyable mystery/romance, that’s clean at the same time. I would DEFINITELY suggest it.

5. Sweet as a Strawberry

BY: im_fluent_in_sarcasm

This story is so stinking’ cute and binge-worthy. I definitely would suggest it! It’s another one of those chick-flicks (can you tell where I go if I’m trying to get a romance fix), that just…

And that concludes today’s suggestions. I wanted to break it up, because, well, I have a room to clean and procrasti-writing to do. That being said, if you’ve read these stories before, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Again, it’s on Wattpad, and it’s free, so who are we to complain, right?


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