My Life Promise

Starting off Blogmas, I thought I’d do something a bit different.

A life promise, if you will.

Because sure, I can write that I’m a Christian, claim my beliefs, but being such a broad claim. The word, the title is just thrown around, and molded to what someone wants it to be, and I believe that I myself am guilty of this.

So here’s my life promise.

As a Christian; as a daughter, a sister, a genuinely-confused life-long student.

Here’s my promise as a person.

They don’t give you instructions on how to do life, you have to wing it, learn from your mistakes, use your gut and pray for the best.

I can promise you that I will never be perfect, or make mistakes. I can promise you I won’t follow all of my promises.

But I promise to try.

I promise to never cause someone the same pain that I experienced.

I promise to find solutions to problems the way God would want.

I promise to never tear someone down the way I did when I was younger.

I promise to expect the unexpected.

I promise to be honest.

I promise to be bold, to never stand in the background.

I promise to never be the victim again.

I promise to never be the villain in someone’s story, in such a way that I can’t fix my mistakes.

I promise to watch what I say.

I promise to hold my temper.

I promise to remain humble.

I promise to uphold God’s creation and words.

I promise to keep God first.

I promise to take responsibility for my problems and my mistakes.

I promise to never pass another opportunity to save a life; to make a change.

I promise to never let another opportunity for change to slip through my hands.

I promise to give life 120% and whatever’s left in me.

I promise to serve God, and what things get hard, I promise to trust in Him.

I promise to never deny my love for God, no matter the circumstance.

I promise to never be ashamed of my relationship to God, or what I do to serve Him.

I promise to remember that even though there’s pain now, in the long run, it will all be worth it.

Above all, I promise these to God, my family, those I meet, and those that I never meet.


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