How to Step Outside the Christmas Box

Ah, Christmas.

As somebody in Retail, I hate it. I strongly dislike all the customers being rude, and so help me, I really dislike the fact that I’m trying to lose weight and I can’t seem to say no to a delicious chocolate brownie.

Or three and then dessert.

But we’re going to avoid that conversation, and move onto something I think is a bit more important-how to get involved in your community, and helping other people out this Holiday season.
1. Purchase gifts that have proceeds that go to important organizations/and or round up this season.

Amazon already offers 0.5% of your purchase to a Charity of you’re choosing when you make a purchase-and during the Holiday season when you’re trying to get everything, it really adds up. I would definitely suggest adding that to help.

Other companies/organization run businesses that have a certain percentage that goes into helping people are also the following:

Amazima Industries-Currently they are running a 30% off sale on any ten regular priced items, and free domestic shipping on orders over $75.

Hand in Hand– Currently, they are running a series of deals, and as of 12/11, they are offering 15% percent off your purchase, and free shipping on purchases of $55 or more.

Bombas– Their current holiday deal is 20% percent off your first order.

STATE– If you order by the 12/13, you should be able to receive any purchases by 12/23. And if by signing up with Messanger, you can save 10%.
2. Donate to Local Charities

Often times this is something you’ll see frequently this time a year, but definitely consider donating; local charities are often overlooked. I would highly encourage looking around, or doing a little research on the local charities in your area, and finding out how you can help.
3. Volunteer on Christmas/ Leading Up To

Retirement Communities-This is usually good for people of most ages; depending on maturity levels. Often times volunteer jobs will have you spending time/interacting with the guests. There might be special tasks with the holidays, so *always* (and I can’t-and won’t-stress this enough) call ahead and *ask* how you can help (don’t just call and demand).

Local Homeless Shelters- Again, call ahead, there are most likely several areas that you can help/volunteer in, it’s just understanding your own limits-but not putting so many down that they don’t have much to work with.

Hospitals- Now, I know the rules tend to change where I live one Hospital allows it, the other is a no-go, but oftentimes finding a way to go about volunteering at the Hospital, specifically around the Holiday Season, can be very helpful.




Jail/Prisons- I’m just going to start this one off by saying, find an established group or somebody who has done it before and bring them with you. Who goes in/how you do it and what you do are things I can’t tell you for certain. Just make sure you know what you’re doing and as always.


4. Find out Items that Local Charities Need This Time of Year

You know the donation thing earlier? I was talking about money. I can give you a list of things they can almost always use (knowing from personal experience what some of the most common products they run out of are), but just call and make sure they can really take the donation-and to find out ultimately what they need. While it is nice to give pretty things this time of year as gifts, don’t forget the importance of toiletries.

1. Razers (I don’t know about all places, double-check before you donate, there might be a rule against them)

2. Shampoo/Conditioner (Travel Size)

3. Baby Wipes
5. Smaller Random Habits to Pick Up…

The Random List

  1. Every ten dollars you spend on a gift, you donate ten cents…or a dollar…or TEN DOLLARS. Or something along those lines.
  2. Purchase things on sale, and then donate the remainder of the money you would have originally spent.
  3. Buying in bulk to save? Donate the items you don’t need.
  4. Schedule family time, but set it up so that you’re volunteering in the process.

I hope you found this list helpful and will go through the holiday season with a cheerful spirit!

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