Movies To Look Forward To (2020)

Is twenty-twenty the year of the movies?

Well it appears to be for me, starting right at February.

Now I don’t know about you, but the movie selection last year was terrible.

It looks like this year though, we’re already getting some life-long wishes being fullfilled.

But let’s do this in order-Movies to look forward to in 2020.

1. Dolittle

While this is a film I won’t be seeing in theatres (or at least, don’t plan on it), I am excited to see it when it comes out on DVD. Growing up on the original, I was pretty interested to see how this one turns out. My mom was a little concerned at the outcome at first, but when she saw the goofy parts in it, I think it got her a little more interested in the movie. So again, one I’m excited to see this year, and hopefully, maybe do a review on it.

2. Bad Boys for Life

Okay, it’s rated R, and technically I won’t go see this in theatres, but I will probably watch it with my dad, seeing as I saw the first ones last year, and they were definitely amusing to watch. I just really love a good action-comedy movie. (Probably not going to do a review on this movie).

3. Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears

Coming out in February, this movie is one I’m stoked for. What better way to celebrate the new decade of the roaring twenties-to take a trip back to the original roaring twenties? Based off the TV Series, Miss Fisher’s Mysteries is about a flouncy 1920’s female detective (and flapper).

And I am so looking forward to seeing this movie-hopefully in theatres. (I will most likely review this movie).

4. Black Widow

To be honest, who hasn’t been waiting for this movie. I’m personally a little upset that this one didn’t come before Captain Marvel. However, I am glad we’re getting it, I’ve always loved her character and even fantasized about one day being her. There is, however, a good chance I won’t see this movie in theatres, just because of the month (May) it is and everything going on. I will, however, being doing a review after I see the movie.

5. Wonder Woman 1984

My brother and I saw the first movie with my grandmother when it first came out, and we absolutely loved it. The entire movie was quite a bit of fun, and it’s been on the top of my favorite movie list sense. My brother and I agreed to go see this one when it comes out in June (It’s going to be a busy month), just to honor the fact we saw the first one in theatres as well. I will definitely be reviewing this movie.

6. Mulan






But seriously, I’m pretty excited. Mulan was a really cool character for me, it wasn’t so much a romance for me, as much as it was a girl making a sacrifice for her family, and considering I’ve always been a family type of girl, yes, please. Will I be seeing this in the theatre? Probably a good chance that I won’t, but I will be doing a review on it because I am curious how they’re going to take it, and despite my excitement, I’m also concerned because of what I’ve been hearing on the production side of things.

7. Emma

Okay, listen, I love Emma. I’m scared to see it, because it’s been remade so many times, and you can’t change a classic, but the way some remakes go…well…we’ll see. But seriously, her cupid-match making, and then falling in love; it’s the greatest love story ever. Emma’s also the first Jane Austin book that I was really into and fangirled about months after to reading it. I’d like to go and see this in theatres, maybe with my mom, but we’ll see how it goes. (Movie will be reviewed).

8. The Secret Garden

Again, childhood novel, and movie. I loved the movie, and the book was definitely something I enjoyed, and I’m very excited to see the remake there’s not much I can say it on right now, I know I won’t see it in theatres, because as cute as the movie is I know that I’ll probably get distracted halfway through, and that’s never good when you’re in a public place.

Currently, that’s what I’m going to have to wrap this up on, the movie list got a little dim, though I do know there are more that I’d like to see-I’m curious, though? Are there any movies that you’re into; that you’re looking forward to in 2020? Let me know!

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