November Ipsy-UHM WHAT

So last week I darted for the mailbox, triumphant to have received what I was waiting for so long (after I took like, two naps because this fall has kicked up allergies I forgot I had and I think I’ve died a little as the months go on); my Ipsy bag. So I admit, I do like this, I receive some pretty neat things in this bag-and even added a three dollar add on to this bag. That being said, I was a little hesitant about this month’s bag, and is it sad to say I both love and hate it all the same? Like, I hate animal print, and somehow I like the bag more than one of the products I received?

But, before we get to complete thoughts, let’s go over this month’s bag.

This months theme was “Wild”, and the bag itself was actually something I don’t loathe like I said, I really do dislike animal print-probably because a majority of the things I received as a kid was zebra print, and even then I didn’t like the fact it made feel like a snooty-boujie person (nothing against animal print, but it’s not my personal style). The quality of the bag is what I expected last month’s bag to feel like, which is basically-decent quality. The zipper had a tastle which was a cute touch. Overall, the bag was okay-not something to be stoaked about, but I did like it, and it provided a good travel bag for a weekend trip I took.

Sorry for the poor camera quality-but anyway, here’s the list of items I received in the bag. Take a guess at the product that I ended up hating.

MAC CLEANSE OFF OIL – I did add on this cleanser, which was smaller then I expected,  (I probably should have read more about it before adding it on), but it gave me an idea of the product, and I found it to work really well, so I will most likely be buying the full product, when I get little extra money, because even a little bit goes a long way, and I go through make-up wipes like nobodies business. I would suggest this-just don’t purchase the sample, it’s not worth the price. (I paid 3 dollars, in case anyone was wondering, the tube’s good for maybe three uses).

Gigi Gorgeous Less is More (Ipsy Exclusive)- Right, this is definitely a product I’ll use. The tube was actually a decent size, which I can appreciate, and it was a nice color. Um… don’t close your mouth after you put it on though, I kept having to wipe it off my teeth, and I’m not sure that’s practical. Also, Less is More isn’t just a name it’s a warning-don’t put a ton on your lips, a little goes a long way. (My bad). All that aside, like I said, it’s a nice color, it has a luxurious feel, and I will be using it.

Color Club Nail Polish– I actually was so STOKED to receive this product. I’ve been into doing my nails-even if I do it poorly, but it gives me something that I enjoy doing.

Can I just say, WHO KNEW how tragic this nail polish was?

So, first off, the polish has a pleasant smell for Nail polish, and the color was okay, when I saw the list of things I was receiving, and then I opened the package, and then I put the polish on, and then I took a picture, I came up with several different colors. I thought it was going to be a rasberry color -it’s not-, and then when I grabbed a picture of it looks like…that, and then I put it on and it was red? Anyway, the point is, that was already like a…eh. So I go through and the next day I’m getting ready for church, have a little extra time, let’s try some nail polish.



It was very liquidy-feeling, it kinda spilled everywhere, and to get anything off my fingers so I could go to church with remotely normal-looking nails (because the polish didn’t work with me), I went through four cotton balls and so much nail polish remover that my cuticles flipped out and started to appear in a tyrant, and I was left with red around my fingernails that basically STAINED my nails, no matter how much soap and water I used. To give you an idea, I didn’t get a picture of my nails the days following, but up until yesterday, I looked like I had taken up gutting animals in my past time. And the photos I have for today, which is approximately five days later, this stuff is still stuck on my hands, and I might have to cut my pinky nail, just to get the nail polish out from underneath it (I have NO idea how it got there). And I would like to say “Oh it’s my fault I don’t know how to use it”, and I am clumsy, but nail polish should never make this much of a mess, or look bad. Thank God I didn’t have anywhere important to be, or else that would have been pretty embarrassing (I’m not embarrassed by chipped polish, in my head it shows just how busy I can be. However, the color did look like blood, and rimmed my fingers nails, and had embedded into the skin surrounding my fingers so…).  So no, I don’t personally suggest the polish. It was quite a problem, I’ll still link it, in case you do like it, because for all I know, I could have had a fluke or something. I don’t know. All I know, is that I have a full-sized product of polish I can’t use until I cosplay or Halloween.

Murad Essential C Moisture Broad Spectrum– Can I just say, how much I like Murad products? I could never afford a full price product, this one itself is like, 65 dollars, but the products really are quality, and they do feel nice. TIt went on smoothly, and came in enough time, because my skin has been painfully dry (I’ve been layering on the acne products), and it was nice to have something counteract it. If I had one complaint it would be how small the product is. I don’t expect anything big, but I don’t want a doll-sized tube.

La Chlrosi Face Mask– As I write this, I’m wearing the mask/ giving it a try. I really wish they had sealed it better, because as soon as I punctured it, the seal ended up in the mask, which was frustrating, but anyway. I like a good mask, it’s kind of one of those fancy things that makes me feel extra. I like this one, it has a nice(ish texture). I will say it has a gritty feeling, which is strange because there are some parts that are incredibly smooth feeling. The mask also has a perfume smell, like a nice scented laundry detergent (I still stand by my previous claims of being a whole NOOB to make-up and all). It does have a make-up undertoned smell which, I think is inevitable, but definitely a bit strange to get that sort of smell while you smelling a rosey-laundry smell. In regards to how it feels-it definitely has a stiff feeling. I didn’t coat my entire face (I probably should have). Anyway, update in another fifteen minutes.

Update (literally a minute later)- On the website, it’s classified as a Mud Mask. EXCUSE ME. I never would have guessed. I suppose I should have as it’s clay, but that’s beside the point. I WISH dirt smelled this good.

Update- Fifteen Minutes in; I’ve just knocked some of the mask into my eye (accidentally, clearly), and it’s very powdery. I’m going to take this off now.

Final Thoughts- My skin just looks more red and agitated than usual. I’m not sure that was a good idea. And usually, my skin feels better, but right now it feels…tacky? It’s weird. Will I use it again? Yes. If somebody brought it for me, I’d use it, but if I passed it in the story, I wouldn’t give it a second thought, or spend my own money on it.

Pixi By Petra (Eyeshadow)– EXCUSE ME.

WHO GAVE THIS EYESHADOW PERMISSION TO BE SO PIGMENTED? This eyeshadow, this stuff down below.

I never knew how much I needed to get some quality make-up. The thing is, it’s actually fairly cheap for something that nice. I’ve been experimenting with the eyeshadow, trying out darker-eye shadow looks. I just…it’s gorgeous man. I do suggest it, and I had swatches,but the pictures were bad, and the eye shadow pallet is somewhere in this room (I know I keep mentioning the trip and being cryptic-it’s not that cryptic, it was outside, and I did a whole lot more then usual-including panicking about being on a trip-long story. The point is in my tizzy before I left, I’ve forgotten where I put it). That being said, if you need some nice eyeshadow with a pretty shine, I would suggest this, I’m actually a big fan.

Final Thoughts-

I’m honestly disappointed with this bag. Nothing was as exciting as I’d liked it to have been. I’m just…yes there were some good parts (the eyeshadow), and Murad, and then two products that I don’t care about, and the one I loathe. I don’t know, I give this one 5 out of 10 ginchies. I feel like they missed the mark with these products, at least for me. But I want to know, what are your thoughts on this month’s Ipsy bag? Are you subscribed to Ipsy? What were your favorite parts of the bag? I’d love to know!

Let me know down below!

Stay Ginchy,



Delay In Posts

My bad, I’m a bit delayed this week. I am working on a larger-sized blogging project (it has me looking up some things and linking things), SO, I’m posting tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. Sorry about that!

Last Minute Samaritans Purse Gifts

So, the National Collection Day for Samaritans Purse, Shoe Boxes, is in 5 days, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s too late to jump on board.

I know from experience, as well, that sometimes people pack some questionable things…(I work at a thrift store and people choose some strange things to send). Anyway, that’s why I want to suggest a few items for you to send that are both marginally affordable and/or very useful to send.

  1. Felt Toys/Books (Pictures)

Felt toys are not only something that would be tricky for a kid to swallow but also something that’s a bit more compact and easy to send. You can usually find toys like this at your local craft store or a place like Walmart. If you have Amazon prime, ordering it now (or very soon), should have it to you in time.

2. Toy Phone/Music Players

These are great toys, and you can even find them for less than $10. (Also, do provide a pack of batteries to go with it, if you do go that route).

3. Coloring Books

Coloring Books are easy to find, and you could almost definitely find them at the Dollar store. Try to avoid coloring books that have words in them or controversial pictures.

4. Crayons

Crayons are naturally a great choice, though I find these to be the best option; these are the crayons that my mom carried around, and sat in hot cars for my brother and I. I think personally, any are great, though these might be best especially if a person is in a hot climate.

5. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are one of the “WOW” gifts listed, and let’s be real here, a kid always needs something soft and cuddly to sleep with. Just remember that they have to fit the shoebox/box they go in.

  1. Binoculars/ Outdoor Explorer Set

These are fun little sets that kids might enjoy. It seems simple, though I can remember my brother and I definitely enjoyed having kits like this around that age.

2. K’nex

These little gears are similar to Legos, but somehow, also different in their own entertaining way. If you find a small kit, then these would be a great option.


Dollars are great options. I personally chose Polly Pockets for my box (I found a bunch of characters at an Outlet for 1.99, and then put them in a cute little purse). Barbie dolls are great options, or if you can find baby dolls small enough. I know they have some newer dolls on the market that are very cute.

4. Cars

Cars are great for both genders. Sending HotWheels is definitely an option, and of course, the usual Tonka Trucks (reasonably-sized ones).

5. Legos

Ah, Legos, both the most entertaining, and scary thing. But also, they’re great for hours of play and universal play.

1.  Travel Sewing Kits

This is roughly the age where you might consider sending things that are both entertaining and serve a purpose. Sewing kits are definitely something that one can find useful, and/or entertaining if that’s their type of thing.

2. Portable Fishing Kit

My dad found a smaller sized fishing kit online, and it is a suggested gift. I highly suggest these as something that you can both pack and is great for universal use.

3. Feminine Hygiene Products

Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products are something they highly suggest, especially for the older girls. I’ve found some on Amazon, and they’re actually a great investment.

4. Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are great for ages 5-14, but I thought that for teenagers they’re definitely something that’s great for entertainment and stress relief.

5. Gardening Supplies

Gardening supplies wasn’t something I could link, though you could probably put together a little pack yourself. Such as gardening gloves and a gardening trowel. (This is also stated on the Website).

Now granted, most of these are on the Website, however, I thought that linking them, and giving you an idea on what to look for would definitely be useful.

Overall Suggestions might be:

Collapsible Bowls/Cups

Multi-Use Utensils

Camper Blankets/Towels (Compact and easy to Send over).

So now, my big question for you is-are you participating this year? Would you use any of these? What do you usually put in your Christmas Boxes? I would love to know!


Bet you Never Saw This Coming







I was trying to think of a fun, and easy random blog post to make up for the fact I spent most of the day lying around playing Episode (I’m brain dead), and Choices.

And really, I didn’t have one, until I found the Random Questions Generator.



I’ve never used this site before.

I hope this goes well.

UPDATE: I’ve tried it, I’m really quite fond of this website and highly suggest it. Thank you, C.B Daniels, for this resource I will actually be using quite frequently (I see a new addition to my Writing Resources List).

How well do you cope when you don’t have your phone with you for an extended period of time?

Terribly, actually. I have a desperate desire to know the time, and it’s really the only way I feel most comfortable communicating with people, so sadly, I go insane, or feel like I’m missing out on something important. I dunno, I also like to check the news, so maybe it’s just one of those weird nervous ticks about not knowing if somethings going on? Geeze, one question in and I’m analyzing my life.


Moving on.

What do you think about reality TV? Why is it so popular?

Probably because we’re all nosy folks who really like drama.

I am too, no judgment. I like drama, and I like to watch other people have lives that I could never. Or would never.

I guess it’s sort of a “Better she/he then me” situation?  Seriously though, I do think it’s very toxic, but I also understand that it’s not something to just disappear (especially if someone like me still insists on watching it), and it’s a way to make a living for some.  Logically if you took it off tv, that’d be a censorship of sorts, and the industry would take a huge hit, and not wanting either of those, I guess my solution if you don’t like reality tv is, Don’t watch it, don’t have anything to do with what promotes it.

What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?

Right, so I’m already working on my gaming aspirations, but when it comes to a hobby such as that, probably traveling. Hobbies can be just about anything, and I would love to travel and experience different parts of the world. That and most likely working on my athletism, or lack thereof.

Who do you feel like you know even though you’ve never met them?

My past self. I know me from then, but I’ve never met me.

That’s too deep and complicated.


I got nothing.

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

You have a nice smile.


If you believed in past lives, you could almost say that you were originally from the 1920s.

Mainly because I’ve never really received compliments like those, and while I do appreciate compliments, it’s ones like those that just really makes me grin because they’re different…

Would the world be a better or worse place if everyone looked the same?

Tough question. And hang on, don’t fly off the handle.

Let’s put it this way-if everyone looked the same, there would be no desperate desire to have beauty standards that we all strive to have in the world. We wouldn’t feel a desire to compare ourselves to others, because, the way this question is worded, we would naturally look the same. However, this would also cause flaws because no person would be capable of expressing themselves, and it could still play on how they compare themselves. Isn’t it sad, though, that in order to imagine a world where we don’t base ourselves off of others, we would have to figure a world where everyone looked the same?

That’s actually quite boring. Anyway, in conclusion, I think if we balance both sides, it would naturally have us at a disadvantage.

What could you give a two-hour impromptu lecture on?

A lecture? For two hours? Perhaps my views on a Christian’s response to the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice community.

Buddy don’t get me started, because I could go ON.

If your childhood had a smell, what would it be?


Whether it be oil for wood, boots, or cars, that’s what our house smelled mostly of. That and Cinnamon. My mom had Cinnamon candles, and we love cinnamon gum. And she always cooks with cinnamon.

What are you absolutely determined to do?

I think the question is, what am I not absolutely determined to do.

But ultimately-serve my life for God and show His grace to those around me.

Do you care about fashion? What style of clothes do you usually wear?

I do care about fashion, though I don’t really have the budget to reflect it. And while I love a good outfit with a cute blazer, I also love flannel. What I usually just wear boot-cut jeans (I have some thiccc calves that I’m self-conscious about), and a t-shirt. Usually, I wear something like a hoodie or a jacket (or a flannel) over the t-shirt, so if I spill something on myself, I have a back-up.

What amazing adventures have you been on?

Not to be cliche or anything, but my entire life is an adventure. My families have been through some crazy stuff. My favorite types of adventures are random days, where my parents make an impromptu decision to go a bunch of places. The two days spent visiting colleges, one turned into an adventure. We started off going to view some colleges and ended up at Peaks of Otter, which was really random and fun. I could go into more detail, but really, I just end up rambling.

SO, this post has come to an end, my friend, and as it does, I just want to ask, which one of these questions is your favorite? And then, give me an answer for your favorite. Have you used this website? I’d love to hear!


Today’s post is sponsored by, SkillShare. Skillshare is an online learning platform that gives you the ability to access hundreds of classes, all taught by professionals in that field. I personally will be using the SAT test prep as I prepare for the upcoming SATS. They also have a mobile app that I highly recommend, for on-the-go learning. Click the image below to start your free trial!

NaNoWriMo 2019

Well, (1)

Right, so NaNoWriMo.

The holiday that all writers celebrate. It’s like a secret code.

“Oh sorry I can’t make it, I’ve got too much to do, NaNo Wrimo and all.”

And then you the signature “WAT”

Even if you do try to write every year, and they ask that…every year.

Listen, like Inktober is to the Artist, NaNo Wrimo is to the writer. It’s like a push, it’s what we do to drive ourselves insane.

And I for one am failing.

In the name of academics and distracted Youtube videos, but I’m failing none-the-less.

But still, I’m bouncing between two stories because I really can’t decide. (I’m easily distracted and love both my stories equally.


I wanted to talk a little bit about my works (because I’m fabulous like that), and give an idea of what I’m aiming for, this NaNo Wrimo.

When Crime Became Known Justice

I’ve pitched this before on here, and yes it’s a lengthy title, but I’m not fabulous at titles, so it’ll work for now. Now, about the story…

“Ace Yedgerson never backed down from a promise. And with this one, it was no expectation. The same case he promised to investigate for Zanie Sharper, was the same case that led him to walk away from his beloved job as a police officer for Buffalo. The case? Twenty-one year old Harper Mayberry, kidnapped, and her sister found dead in her apartment. The consensus? Uncertain, until now. Because there’s a new Detective Agency in town, and they don’t let cases close until they’ve found the culprit, and they’ll do whatever it takes to show Buffalo what Justice is supposed to be.”

The Cities Darkest Light

Elle Harper was completely out of Asa Conwell’s league. There was no doubt about it-the two were night and day; they were completely different-but without one, the other would almost seem unimportant, and most likely cause damage. And while the two of them tried their hardest to be strong and independent, at the end of the day; they simply weren’t. Two years together had taught them that.
And in two years, it appeared that they weren’t the only ones with a budding romance. Which, Elle and Asa discover on one rather fateful day.
The rundown?
Chandler Harper, CEO of Hopewell’s Electronics goes missing the same day he’s found getting cozy with the secretary. That same day, Maureen Harper seemingly goes insane, and ultimately, the secretary is found dead.
Naturally, Elle Harper is up for top contenders on the suspect list. Lucky for her, it’s part of Asa’s job to find who’s innocent and who’s guilty, and he’s not one to make exceptions, no matter how dangerous, or close to home it actually gets.

Both of these stories are mysteries, and they do have a romance aspect to them, but I genuinely enjoy them.

Now that you know what I’m working on, let’s observe my goals.

Very simply, write ten chapters I enjoy for each work.

Crazy, right?

Here’s the thing, I’m studying for a very large part of my life (SATS), and failure is not something I will accept a second time.


I’m trying to balance both, without wanting to poke my eyeballs out.

Too late, but a girl can try.

So now, the real question stands.

Are you, good friend, willing to take even the most simple of NaNoWriMo challenges, or are you chilling on the sidelines?

Because either’s cool, I find personally, that it’s one of those months that has a universal goal, but it’s a different journey for everyone, and it’s subjective for each person. Like for my brother, he’s never written a story before in his life, but he’s recently had a story idea he can’t shake and wants to work on it. NaNoWriMo for him is just learning the basics, like creating characters and the basics, and that’s okay.

That being said, I’d love to hear your goals for NaNoWriMo, and as it’s the month of writing, not to be too blatantly obvious, but definitely check out Grammarly, It’s pretty much a lifesaver, and once you write and draft your book, you’re going to need some more editing, and Grammarly is definitely the way to go (my mom has the app on her phone and loves it).

SO, your challenge, is to tell me what your plans are this November/NaNoWriMo, and tell me, if you could see any prompt/trope put into a movie/book, what would it be?



So, its come to that time of year.

SAT crunch time, writing crunch time.

Oí vey.

So anyway, here’s the schedule!

Sorry for ghosting the last week, but I was feeling overwhelmed, and dont want to ruin this for me. Anyway, see you for my next post, it’s going to a fun one!

Stay Ginchy!



Hey friends, I wanted to jump on and say, I’m going to be taking a week off, these past two weeks I’ve been slacking, and I know that’s never a good sign for me personally, so I’m taking the week off. Sorry for the inconvenience! I’m hoping to have a schedule and posts set up for November!