Hey guys, so this is a short post ( I’ll post a decent sized one tomorrow), just letting y’all know I’m on a social media now. I’m probably the only teenager on the earth to have a Google+ account, but now I have an instagram for this blog-so make sure your all follow me too keep up with cool things I find in my life, and when I make blog updates.

(Name is HaziWords-sorry for sounding so much like a weirdo about this).

Chocolate and Burgers,



Hey Guy! It’s Haziwords here, bringing you your daily forecast of hazi….with a chance of narcisism.


Ah. Grade school birthday chants. Things change when your in high school.

Okay, not for me, but for some people.——

      So I figured Id go ahead and make a post about myself, and tag it to my about me, because I’m too lazy to change it, and I recently went through a state of malaise. 

Anyways, without furtherado, I give you-

Weird things about me that’s pointless to know.


1. The name Hazi comes from a weird veriation of the nickname I gave myself when my fighting off food nicknames given by my friends (The last thing I need is food reminder). Basically, I took the three first letters of my Minecraft nickname, Iza, and flipped them, and added the first letter of both my parents name. Thus, after this extended journey I had at 2 am, came the name



 Actually, my mom thought it was really cute, so SCORE!

2. I’m 14 until thursday (Sept 14), so be on a lookout for my resolution for 15.

3. My favorite songs are Eighth of November (Big&Rich), Happiness (Need to Breath), and probably Beckah Shea’s version of Shape of You (The original version got old WAY fast).

4. I’m working on publishing a children’s book with my brother.

5. My favorite book series are Library Wars, Dream House King, and The Lunar Chronicals. 

6. Favorite book, itself, would include (I spent ten+ minutes on the one above, this’ll be a tough one), Jane Era, Outrun the Moon, and The Hiding Place. 

7. Favorite TV series have the choices of Trigun (hand’s down, one of the best animes-I don’t care what my cousin says), Get Backers (another great), Gilmore Girls (CLEARLY), annddd Father Brown.

8. Favorite movies are Pacific Rim, Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, and the Book of Life.

9. Favorite Bands include (but are totally not limited to) Super Chic, and Need to Breath.

10. Favorite games are Minecraft, Airies, and Sims 4. (Seriously, you’ll see it as this blog expands).

    So welcome to me and my blog.

Get ready.

It’s going to be one bumpy journey.

      Cheese Fries and Vanilla Ice Cream,


(Good Luck Guinea Pig down below. Sure to turn your frown upside down.)

So finally

I FINALLY figured out how to reset my WordPress account and blog. 


Because I’m tired of being unprofessional in my writing.

-Also because I read a motivational book, and for the next month I’ll be motivated and then be lazy again.-

Anyways, I started this blog last year, with a group of really ginchey girls, which most of my viewers are probably really good friends with them. Anyways, for several reasons that make me jealous (i.e one of them is and incredible singer, and the other is a kick-butt writer), they left the blog.

That was originally Princess Deo. You know.

It was latin, for Princessess under God.

However it’s now just one girl, so it’s no longer plural, and I’m to lazy too Google the change in the title, so I’m switching over to the dorkier name: HaziWords.

However, the name is fairly true, because everything I say and write is hazy, and confusing. 

Now I know I’ve said I’ve restarted this blog before, (like twice), but this time, I did the smart thing and am figuring out how to change ALL of it. Site domain and all.

Anyways, without further ado, I present you with…