Worth the Cross

Hey guys, today I found a poem I wrote last year when I was going through I really hard time. I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything on the TruelyHaziWords part of my blog, but here it is. (Like I said, I’m not poet, but I figured it’d be interesting to have on this blog.

Let me know what you think.



I have an unexplainable bout of confusion my life.
The thoughts that grip and tear at me.
The hurt that roars through me, fighting to be released.
The tears of pain and agony, the cries for my soul that’s undoubtedly lost.
I wonder, will I ever be worth the price paid at the cross?
The stories tell of the people who found, their way back around, all safe and sound, to God.
They plague me, antagonize me, reminding me of my attempts to make it, but slipping in the end.
I cannot find my way-lost in this confusing array, of emotions filled with anger, tears, and joy.
Unhappiness dissolves in my life, is there something more, or am I trying to cause strife?
Have I missed something through the years?
Did I forget why God sent me here?
Is the price He paid really worth,
the mistakes I make on this shaking earth?
The ground on which I stand, is most certainly   sinking sand.
Am I really worth the cost,
that Christ paid at the cross?

Stay Ginchy!



Fear, I Am

I am a shackle, a binding.I grip people, holding them in place. Many use me as a shelter, a safehold, even though I am your greatest enemy.

     I am the dissapointed looks of a parent, the fatherless child, the dying mother. I am the rebellious teen, an abusive father, a careless lover. I am the both, the bully and the victim, terror and pain. 

I am fear.

  There is no way out of my unmerciful tunnel, except, if you were to find the light, hidden amongst my alleged jewels that pull you back in. 

 But you see, I can do this, because I AM FEAR.

New Category?

Konichiwa, Yūjin, it is, I, HaziWord, brining you your silt forecast of Hazi…with a chance of…Words.

——That’s it. I’m done. I have humiliated myself to the brink of insanity. Peace out. No longer gonna do that, anymore.


Okay, I’m not a poetess.
At all. In fact, I find poetry to be the hardest subject for me…or…I did.

A couple of months back I hit this part of my life where I couldn’t express myself. I’m the type of person where writing is my escape from reality. I no longer have to be a teenaged girl with more health problems than my grandmother. I no longer had to be myself, try to be a good big sister, and daughter. I could become someone else for a while-and that’s all I needed.

Only their’s only a cetrain amount of running away from reality you can do-before the world caves in.

But anyways, I thought I’d post the poems I write. I get that their cringe worthy, but it’s me, being me. Not the sarcastic 14 year old girl I tend to be (soon to be fifteen-FINALLY). So anyways, welcome to my newest category, Poems.

And, I guess, welcome to me.