Week One: Plotting Things

Suit up, soldier, we’re going into battle.

I mean, the battle of the mind, and this week, in the Week One of Story Starter Boot Camp, we’re going over how to start the plotting process. And to all you plotting to murder someone, or go after the fridge, or the Declaration of Independence (I don’t know what you do on your past time, I just like to believe that you all are doing it well, and living your best life), sit down, this isn’t for you.

The blue prints were hard to get, okay?


I have a lot of time in between sleeping and living.

Like, three minutes, but don’t judge me.

I digress, you’ve gotten me off track!

Here’s some tips on how to start a plot.

Pens and Notepads…


1. Start with the scenery.

I actually went to this Writing Conference, where published author, Amanda J. Mcgee,

talked about scenery, and the importance of it. (By the way, I’ve just got to say, I do not have scenery writing capabilities as of yet, but we will get their). Her advice was to write about a place we know (this is not a direct quote, most of my things are still in boxes while I slim down my collection of things…). So if you’re having a hard time writing a scenery, write what you know about. Write about something your familiar with. Hex, go to the grocery store and take it all in. Write it down, the experience, maybe write about you being there, or stretch the tale a bit of what happened. (I’ve got to say, her suggestion was possibly the most effective one).

2. Bring in a character.

Who would fit in the scenery? Who wouldn’t? Now that you have the scenery, start to choose your ammunition. Perhaps your character is at a Hot Topic, but they’re actually a prep (I mean, to be fair, as much as I want to belong, I don’t think I fit in Hot Topic like I’d like). Maybe it’s a Skater Kid, who’s a book worm, you don’t know. Add conflicting quarks to your character. Give your character another internal turmoil, besides what the main story path.

3. Pick a Genre

So now you have a scenery, your main character(s), now it’s time to pick your genre. Make sure it fits, and your not forcing it. Start with just one genre, perhaps it’s a fantasy story that the scenery and characters fit in. Now that you have those, this should be a little easier.

4. Work on a conversation

This can be anywhere in the story, in any situation, it doesn’t matter, just write a dialogue for your character. Try to imagine them actually having this conversation.

Of course, now that you’re working on this, it’s going to take time to put together a plot. This is just the foundation, to build your story up, it’s going to take some creativity.

Your Assignment this week: Start with the Scenery and Characters. One bite at a time-write a scene, and then add the character.

Study These Tips, and take them (or don’t, it doesn’t bug me), to heart.

I hope to see you back next week, in better shape!

***I should make it clear I’m not a professional, and I do things a bit backward. If this doesn’t work for you, don’t be surprised, I’m still new to this, but I genuinely hope this helps!***

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


Story Starter Boot Camp OverView

I took a nap yesterday and I’m just now feeling like my normal self, so if that doesn’t explain why I don’t take naps, I don’t know what will.


That was aggressive, but also completely besides the point.

It ’tis I, the great Hazi, the writing QUEEN, here to give you your dream series, the series we’ve all wanted, but never had.

All in one neat 2 month (technically it’s Seven Weeks of Tips, not Eight, but let’s roll with it), package.

Now of course, you might be wondering, what’s the series going to cover? Is this like those church series that Pastor’s have? Am I going to have to bring a notebook? Should I chug caffeine? Should I bring bandages because you’re going to say things that hurt?


Except maybe caffeine, I mean, if you need caffeine, I guess? Weirdly enough they have these caffeine chocolate bars at my college campus, and I don’t know how to feel about them.

*Sip Diet Aspartame*

Moving On.

This series is for all of you out there struggling with how to start a story, when you want to start one, but those characters won’t flow, the story line won’t mold, or those thoughts that won’t make since. It’s for the insomniacs who want something to think about besides how exhausted they are (been there). It’s for the writers who have finished novels and are working on there next, and most of all, it’s for me.

Because let me tell you, writing a book from scratch is not easy.

So, what will this series boot camp provide?



Writing Drills (It’s now a thing)

Reading and Writing Assignments

Rhetorical Questions (That you have to answer in your head)

Sarcasm (Because it wouldn’t be my type of series without it).

Are you ready?


Now, for an overview.

Now it’s occurred to me a calendar set up might work, but I’ve also come to realize that I don’t actually know how to make those, and these posts go up weekly on Tuesdays (with the exception of Today-Wednesday, because of my nap yesterday).

So, enjoy this super-aesthetic bulletin schedule I’ve put together.


What you will need:

Your Favorite Pen (If you don’t have one-get one, treasure it, yell at others for touching it, clean it, loose it, cry about loosing it, find a new favorite pen.)

A Notebook (But not a pretty one, because if you’re like me, your dedication won’t stick).

A Determined Attitude



Are you ready? Because these next few weeks are going to be quiet the journey, and I’m going to need your best work!

Stay Ginchy, Get Rest, and be ready to shine.





Story time, so gather ’round kids, today, I’m going to tell you the riveting story of how I decided that I wanted to branch out an write romance.

It started two nights ago, when I was reading my favorite Wattpad Romance writer, and found myself captivated by the story, and in complete awe. I then proceeded to read my other favorite Wattpad author, and I suddenly decided that I could TOTALLY write romance.

I mean, why not.

I turned to my online bookclub friends, requesting their help, only to find that they were in fact, incredible in that department, and despite my shipping shrines shoved under my bed, I was in fact, much akin to a six year old boy with cooties.

Thankfully, my friends (and conveniently, my Favorite Wattpad authors), were quick to offer up suggestions.

One in particular stood out.

A link to a website that gave tips on writing romance.

One key part has stuck out to me since reading it “Make them confused” their’s also the latter part about their emotions toward each other, but at that point I had suddenly related to these characters that didn’t exist. Mainly because, if you couldn’t tell by this story, I’m confused.

I continued to skim over, acknowledging that my parents relationship my actually be something you find in a story, and that I was in fact, doomed in my own relationship vices. Selfish thoughts aside, I had to come up with characters.

Characters that I could ship, characters I could relate with.


I went through a series of uncompleted stories of mine, trying to absorb their energy, and found no help.

The painful truth came to me as I soulfully shoveled my vegan mac ‘n cheese in my mouth.

I had to create a whole new story.

Of course, this would mean a plot line.

I’m not a plot liner, I just plot the world being in my grasp.

That’s literally all I do (How do you think I came up with a blog post like this?).

As I wracked my brain for characters and stories, I also searched DESPERATELY for my old stories, the ones that have shrines behind my bookshelf.

Alas, this leads me to my current state, where it has occured to me the one thing that is crack-a-lackin from my blog.

How to start a story from scratch.

Which is why I, the desperate amateur and noob to all things mushy, sweet or remotely “awe” worthy in a cutesy way, has decided I’m going to be starting a series.


About, you know, how to start a story from scratch, when you’re not really feeling itchy, you just have a heat rash.

In the middle of Winter.

Now we know why I was ignored at dances.

So baby, for Writers Square next week, we’re gettting nitty-gritty deep into the creator corner.

Get ready, get a drink, and get ready to get some writing done in the Story Starter Boot Camp.

Stay Ginchy,


What Inspires Me-PART 1

Well halo there thine ginchy person.

It ’tis me, da great Hazi.

I am so, beyond sorry for that introduction to this post, let’s just roll right into what this blog post, about, well, you know, WHAT INSPIRES ME IN WRITING.

Because, you know, facts.

1. A Character Playlist

Okay, so I had this in a blog post for writing tips, but something that definitely inspires me to write, is having a playlist tailored to my what I think my main story character is into. It not only give me something to think about, pertaining to the story, but it also gives me something to relate to the character, so when I hear the music, it helps get the brains cells to slow it down (I’m all over the place, in case you couldn’t tell).

2. Creating Characters and their scenary

I’ve honestly been utilizing Minecraft and the Sims 4 in more ways then one. I usually like to create the character in the Sims, mainly because it gives me a more clear idea of what I wan’t the character to look like (If you’ve read my stories, you know that I honestly have no character description what so ever, and in some stories, it’s because I want the reader to create their own version of the character, and in the others, it’s because I have no idea what I’m going for). I also build “Scenery” as in houses that the characters might live in on the Sims 4, and Minecraft, and might I say, I have no talent.

3. Dreams

I always like to take my nightmares and dreams and turn them into a story-it’s usually a fail, but it makes for a good concept.

I feel like I haven’t changed that much from the last post, other then I’m cutting this one a tad short, because I am tired, and I’m just not feeling myself today.

So anyway!

What are some of the ways that you stay inspired to write? I’d love to hear!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


The Quality Writing Content you all Wanted

Did you seriously think I forgot all about my schedule? Well think again, folks, because I am here today with a fascinating point on the book writing front.

I hate editing.

Absolutely loath it. I’m one edit and query away from trying to find an Agent and/or Publisher, and I am procrastinating the sugar cookies out of it.

HOWEVER, I have recently found that by recording another story on Instagram, and the how many words I’ve been writing, I’ve found myself more and more fascinated. In fact, I’m moving from my unhealthy life style of the Sims and have been writing an unhealthy amount of fan fiction for this particular story. So now we’ve got to get myself on track.

That being said, upon pulling the story up, the (Childrens/Short Story) caps out at about four thousand words. Now take into account I’m actually re-write editing this entire thing, and I don’t know if you’ve read my blog posts (like this one), but I get distracted.  So, I’ve decided, that I’m going to no longer say, and JUST DO. I’m going to write both a book and query letter to send out by the next time you read Writers Square.

How is my writing schedule going to work, you may ask?

Well, on an average day, I can write about two thousand words per hour. For a new story. Understanding that I have a goal of 300,000 words on my  Wattpad story, and I’m currently sitting at 10,000 words, I know that for this particular story, in order to finish it in the next three months, I’m going to have to write about 4,000 words per day. (Not including the ten thousand previously written). Also not including the blog posts that can range from a measly two hundred words, to a thousand word post.

So, from what I can figure about the story I hope to publish, I’m probably going to have to write about…500 hundred words every day on that story. Now like I said, this isn’t alot sounding, however, it I ALSO have College, and other odd-end stories I work on.

So let’s just say, that I have to write around… 5,000 words per day?

But listen, don’t just think I’m spitting out numbers trying to sound all technical as shtuff (I’m actually trying to hide the fact that I didn’t pre-write this post, and just as I was sitting down to do something thought out, A BUTT TON OF THINGS HAPPENED AT ONCE), and trying to force myself into something I don’t enjoy.

Because I do, and I have a goal.

If, it does go well, and I do get an Agent,



In case you didn’t know, Razer dropped the Quartz Edition recently, and while I am not a pink girl, this thing looks smooth as ALL GET OUT.  Not to mention, the keyboard angles up and has a wrist style pad, and let me just say,


So, in conclusion, I want a pink keyboard with a jacked-up price tage. Don’t judge me, okay? I didn’t even spend this much on my computer, but I REALLY want it.

So can I write a query letter and edit a story in one week with my attention span?

Only time and tacos will tell.

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


Writing Tips (I’m kind of a genius)

Greetings and salutations! It ’tis I, Hazi!

So originally I was going to make a post on how NOT to start a story, however, I’ve found myself picking up a few writers tips, so, here I am to introduce you to some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up recently.

Let’s roll out.

***I’m coming for your brand, Optimus Prime.****

1. A Play List

But not just a playlist, but a playlist for my characters themselves. Often times, I think it helps me get in the mood.

Like on Wattpad (Shameless plug, check out my current running story-Anonymous), I have a character, Miles, and whilst trying to find a playlist that inspired me, it pained me to admit that he wasn’t the nostalgic listener like I though-but actually liked Imagination Dragons, and Twenty-One Pilots, both okay bands, but considering I’ve had friends who played them endlessly, not my thing. But seriously, taking into account that I like to write characters from all walks of life, and enjoyments, I think getting a general idea of their tunes would definitely be something that would count.

2. An inspiration board.

Seriously, when I’m trying to write out a story, I often find myself stuck. Not to mention, we create inspiration boards for ourselves, why not for our characters? It’s like taking an Aesthetic board to a whole new level. Take clippings of places that might look like settings, quotes, clothing styles, and hey, if you want, even add the type of actor/actresses you’d like to play if your story were to become a movie (unless you are writing a movie, because then your that much closer to actor/actress idea). And if you’re the type who is writing non-fiction, the same still goes, just use images about what your writing about, as well as quotes.

3. If you get stuck, try a new approach.

I think one of the hardest thing’s I’ve learned is how I can continue on a story line. As a writer, especially fictional writing, we’re expected to write people’s escape from society, and add twists and turns. Rather then staying on the same path, maybe you need to switch it up for yourself. I’m not saying you should change the murderer if all the clues pointed to them, but if you wanted, go back through and scatter a few more, and switch it up for you as well. Not only will this keep YOU interested, but your readers will be more then happy to have the change.

4. Try living as your Character

Okay, so I actually made a blog post a good while ago about this, but in sum up, I suggested living as your character to the best of your ability. It’s like a fun cosplay, only you get to experience things a little bit more as your own character. For example, you may have to go to school, but maybe you should interact the same way your character might (or don’t, I get that school can be brutal), maybe try out their diet (if you don’t have a special one you have to follow-don’t hurt yourself from this AT ALL), or their morning routine. Maybe just wear something that reminds you of your character. Either way, give cosplay of your child a try.

That got weird fast.

5. Do some Mundane Chores

This one’s a weird one, right? But here’s the thing, where I work, I usually end up having to wipe down tables which is actually just really, really boring. However, I try to entertain myself, by either talking to God, or working on my stories. Seriously, the amount of quirky conversations my characters have while I’m working is just…wild. So if you’re having a hard time getting all of that down, just do a few mundane chores. Maybe you can combine the top, previous, and current suggestion, to have one big mash?

Not to mention, you’re getting stuff done, so it’s a big win!

That wraps up this weeks Writer’s Square. I’ll be releasing a new February schedule soon, which will be a bit more light, mainly because I’m starting one of my classes that might take up more time.

That being said, do you have any writing tips? Have you tried any of these writing tips? I’d love to know!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!



Writers Square, How to Start a Book

I just want everybody to know two things:

1. I find myself utterly fascinating

2. I cut out over one-hundred and fifty words that were completely irrelevant to the post, be I value you, and your reading time.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to start a story (or if you’re somebody who’s free from the binds of such a compelling intense matter), but it can be hard.

REALLY hard. Especially if you write a story in your head, BACKWORDS.

1. Start at the End. It’s the simplest way a story might start, and the simplest way to end it. Sometimes, for a story to start, it needs to have an ending, so start there, and if you don’t plan your writing-well now you’re just writing backwards, and that sounds EXACTLY like something I would do.

2. Start with a tale. It doesn’t have to be a “Once Upon a Time” scenario but start it as a tale. Describing the character, giving the emotions, or the backstory. Think the beginning of “The Kissing Booth”, only you don’t have a slightly-uncomfortable relationship with boys, or wear short skirts to school, because for whatever reason theirs no DRESS CODE.

3. Start in the middle. Nothing spell DrAmA like reading the cliff hanger, and to be honest, nothing get’s me going like an exhilarating scene.

4. Start in the Future. How is your character, did everything turn out okay? Was their life like they wanted, and for extra spice, what would they tell the younger them who went through the situation?

5. Start with a thought process. Give the readers, and yourself, a chance to understand the character, give them simple daily tasks, and paint a picture of how the character thinks.

In conclusion, there are just a few ways to start a story, and when writing, never forget the Hero’s Journey as something for you to lean on.


Do you struggle with writing the start of stories? If so, how do you have a strong start? I’d love to hear below.

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!