I’m doing Inktober

So, I do promise to post the Science behind Self-Care, but I’ve had a bit of a long day, SO, we’re switching it up a little, and I’m showing you a lovely compiling of my current drawings of Inktober


I intended for this picture to be more deep, but this is what I drew instead. I’m still new to drawing, and it had been my first time drawing in years, but I’m still pretty proud (the ring tattoos on her hands could mean anything-make up a story; I’d love to hear)!


I dont actually have this picture, so here’s a plug for my Instagram. (HaziWords)


So, for bait, if you think about it, for humans, it’s the bait throughout history, and throughout stories. From Adam and Eve, right down to Snow White. It’s even used in a joke.


I don’t know what to explain here, dogs make all of us Freeze.


So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I’m a lover of Steampunk. It’s the perfect reminder of all things innovative and creative.


Morning voices are husky, and er, I don’t…know…how to draw…humans or dogs so…


You’re book is judging you for being on your frail phone instead of reading it.


This one was bad. I don’t even want to talk about it.


Drawing this was therapeutic and so enjoyable. That’s all.

So, I do have to say I’m not ideal at drawing, but I have enjoyed Inktober, and I definitely will be using (get ready), Skillshare’s drawing classes to get a little bit more practice in.

Which, in case you didn’t know, today’s post is sponsored by Skillshare, an online learning platform that gives you access to thousands of classes, runs in a way that’s similar to Netflix. All for ten dollars. BUT, Skillshare is offering you, my lovely reader, two months for free (it’s going to be getting me through Inktober. Just click the image down below to get started!

All things said I want to know-are you participating in Inktober? What are your thoughts on it? I’d love to know!


Wattpad Read Suggestions Part One

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Listen, it’s no surprise that Wattpad is built on stories that are train wrecks, and even has some phenomenal cringe-worthy stories, but even with that, you can’t deny the fact that it is two things;



And listen, I’m a reading cheapskate, so I don’t know what you expect from me, other then, I may have found some real gems on Wattpad, and I’m here to direct you to them.

1. The CEO & the Christian Girl

BY: Nicole Lam/ ntlpurpolia

Don’t read the title and freak out, because, yes, this story follows some of the more common story tropes, but I’ve got to say, this book is INCREDIBLE. No, it’s not one of those stories where the MC suddenly is like “Welp, let me just toss my religion out the window for a guy”. In the story, you read strong character development that makes sense, and overall, there’s just something about it that makes it a real page-turner.

2. Porcelain Skin

BY: K.D Neal/ kario12

I would highly suggest this book if you’re looking for a romance that plays on the COMPLETELY different side of the “nice girl” and is actually the complete opposite. Of course, this particular character writes from her side, of regret for mistakes, and whatnot, but I would STRONGLY suggest this read for a comfortable chic-flic that’s a fun little clean read, as well.

I would also like to note, that if you’ve got like, four dollars to spare, she’s got her book on Kindle, and if you like the story, definitely support her work there!

3. The Technologist

BY: TSHEPISO/ The_Big_Big_k

My dude writes a fine novel. I loved the different points of view, one where it’s more of a mature point of view, and in a character’s that’s the type you don’t mess with. There is some swearing, but it doesn’t take away from the storyline, which is a Sci-Fi novel that seems to flow exactly how I’d imagine the script of a really great movie.

4. Secrets, Lies, & Deadly Ties

BY: Tawni Suchy/Faith_in_Ink

Another ginchtastic story. I found this author at the beginning of my Wattpad years, and only enjoyed her writing as it went on. This is her current work, and it’s a rather enjoyable mystery/romance, that’s clean at the same time. I would DEFINITELY suggest it.

5. Sweet as a Strawberry

BY: im_fluent_in_sarcasm

This story is so stinking’ cute and binge-worthy. I definitely would suggest it! It’s another one of those chick-flicks (can you tell where I go if I’m trying to get a romance fix), that just…

And that concludes today’s suggestions. I wanted to break it up, because, well, I have a room to clean and procrasti-writing to do. That being said, if you’ve read these stories before, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Again, it’s on Wattpad, and it’s free, so who are we to complain, right?


An Introduction to a New Series

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I, more specifically have Cystic Acne.

I was going to write a list about the annoying things with acne-but, to be honest, I feel like it’s been done. I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s a beautiful addition, because, for me, I don’t enjoy it. I can tell you, that something such as that should not define you as a person, and doesn’t take away from your already standing beauty and worth.

That being said, I was trying to think of a phenomenal post to take it’s place.

I thought, maybe, I could do what helped my skin, but like most things, that changed, and eventually, I found certain products to be making it worse over time.

And then I decided, maybe, just maybe, I should get a little serious about acne. So I started thinking; what would be an interesting topic?

Well, let’s start off with the basic information on acne.

-Roughly 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 25 develope acne (DermNetNZ, Medical News Today).

-Acne has varying signs and symptoms, and the reasons behind why they happen.

-Mayo Clinic lists four major reasons for acne;

*Excess oil production

*Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells


*Excess activity of a type of hormone (androgens)

-Acne appears more commonly on the upper body but is not limited to your facial area.

And with all this information, I started to realize; well, if acne’s so common, then how come all of the influencers I see don’t seem to have the same problems? Their skins remarkable, and granted, it might be make-up, but when the make-ups off, and they’re putting it on, what makes it…glow? What makes their skin so…perfect? If you will?

And then I realized, that Science literally has given us a reason for Self Care, and acne isn’t the only area.

This is where I want to start a new series-the scientific importance behind self-care, and why it’s important.

I’m excited to explore this, and see where this series takes us!

So, look forward to Friday’s, because they’re going to be very interesting, as we explore why you should be taking care of yourself; and how!

(I kid you not you’ve just experienced a written version on how I concoct an idea, because I didn’t have an idea about this until I concluded it).

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More Than Just Boxes

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    Alrighty, let me just head this up by saying; I am fine. I know my last was a bit disconnected from my usual goofy-like posts, and the post before that was me having a realization; but overall, I am fine. Mentally, I’m doing better, I just have to work through some things, physically…I better be more fit soon because working out bores me (I know that’s not how it works, and it’s not totally boring, I just like video games more).

I digress. That being said, two years ago I wrote this little post. I’ve read it out loud once, and I’ve had people read it, and while it is something I want to get published soon, I’m still not certain where to go with it… also I don’t enjoy editing so…

**(Also, sorry for the weird sentence cuts, it didn’t transfer very well to WordPress.)*

More than Boxes

Okay, so picture this:
You’ve got this huge moving truck full of boxes.

You’re pulled up in front of this little building and you’re unloading boxes;

They aren’t ordinary boxes, though. These boxes are heavy and varying in size.

They have their labels on them-and that’s what is curious.

These labels don’t have ‘kitchen supplies’ and ‘paperwork’ written on them,

they have shaky handwriting with words such as ‘past regrets’ ‘mistakes’ ‘anger’ ‘lies’ and ‘hatred’.

You name a road block you’ve hit, those darn boxes have it.

And the reason they’re all boxed up is because you’re ready to get rid of them.

All of them.

Except, maybe, that big one, which you only look at on occasion,

and those slightly larger ones-but no matter,

these contributions that will leave your life will do you a world good.
You pick up a box and struggle to lug it into the building.

You’re greeted by a very cheerful man.

He smiles at you, chatting away about life’s pleasures and his latest deals, all just for you.

You set the box counter, and his smile disappears.
“Oh I’m sorry,” He says, frowning at the box “We don’t do returns.”
You match his frown with your own “I didn’t pay for this. You gave me something else.”

Your points and accusations are useless at this point, so you leave the place in a huff, feeling tired,

despite carrying just one box.

You wish you could throw that box at the store, only you can’t, your muscles are crying out for mercy.

Defeated, you set the box down with the others.
Some time passes of you just sitting, and it seems as if the boxes have multiplied, like gerbils…or Tribbles, if you will. Eventually, a group of people come up, offering to dispose of them, promising you that they will never return. All you have to do is sign that dotted line. At this point, you have fully decided these boxes are, indeed, tribbles, and they are no longer cute, because they are annoying. So you sign, and watch as they carry a few away. You get up, feeling encouraged at the slightest dent in your mess. You carry a few boxes, a spring in your step. This goes on for a while, but eventually, the complaints, and the contract are on its way around to bite you in the butt.
“They’re too heavy.” One of the people says, you groan, and attempt to pick up the slack.
“A contribution will surely help the process go smoother. After all, you promised to help in any way.”

Another chimes in.

Reluctantly, you hand over everything you have.
Your heart, your soul, that really cool shirt you’ve been cherishing for years.
They work a little longer, and then, despite their claims, they leave.

They were kind enough to leave you what you gave them, only they left it on the road,

where it was run over.

They also left you with a new set of problems.
So there you are, sitting on the back of that now eighteen-wheeler, exhausted, miserable,

and at your wit’s end.
You’re done.

It looks like these problems are going to live with you for the rest of your life,

and forevermore.
“Do you want some help?” A friendly voice asks, you look up to see two palms outstretched.

Wounds are engraved on them, and they have a few scratches as well.

You look up to view the owner of these over-worked hands,

the light coming from who knows where making it very hard to make out his face.
You force a smile and try to form the words “I’m fine” on your dry, chapped lips.

Instead, you let out a slight cry, tears sliding down your once-clean cheeks.

“S-sir” you stammer, trying to brush away the tears with the back of your sore hands

“Too many people have tried to help me, but my boxes are too heavy. I can barely carry one.”
There’s a slight shadow on the lower end of his face, so you are now able to make out a soft smile.

“I can help.” He insists, grabbing a box that sat beside you.

You watch as he carries it inside a building, that if you were honest, you had only stepped foot in once.
He grabs several more, and seems to carry them with ease.

His second time around, he returns with healing creams, band aids, and water.

He hands them to you, then gathers many of the boxes you couldn’t even push.

You drink the water, and attempt to apply the band aids and cream.

Your hands are shaking, even more so when something you once loved and

thought was gone is placed beside you.
Your trust.
You look up, voice warbling, officially, your crying. “I’m m-messed up so bad.” You sob.

The hands with painful-looking markings rest on both of your shoulders.
“It’s okay.” The voice says, the words are calming, but the words that come next shock you.

“I still love you.”
Your cries are officially louder than your problems-a nice, but painful change.

“H-how can you still love me, after all that I did?” Your voice is a near whisper.
Instead of answering your question, his response is a question of his own. “Do you want help?”
You nod and brush away some tears. “H-how can you help me, though? They’re so heavy.”
“To you, these are heavy, to me, these are light.” He picks up a small one and hands it to you

“If you’ll meet me halfway, we’ll be able to do this.”
You nod mutely and follow him to the building he had previously carried many others.

It’s much more glamorous than you thought, or remember it being.

You watch as he chucks his boxes into the black abyss on one side of the large, luxurious, room.

He motions you to come closer.

“Where are they going?” You croak, feeling a sudden sense of nerves prickling at your skin.
He smiles “Nowhere. They’re no more.”

He turns to you fully “Now, I know it’s going to be hard, but you have many boxes,

a few of which need to leave before you ever show progress.

Are you ready?” You look at them, and then toss the small box in the abyss,

watching in wonder as it becomes nothing.

You look back to him, a smile gracing your face, reaching your eyes for the first time in a long time.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”
————————————NOT THE END—————————————
“Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He will sustain you;

He will never permit the righteous to be moved.”

Psalm 55:22



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Why Cash isn’t the best way to Solve Poverty

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On  March 31st, 2017, the HuffPost released an article written by Mark Hovarth. This article was talking about the idea that giving homeless people money is okay if you feel comfortable.

He constructs the article talking about how to give them money and even goes as far as to say why. He argues the idea that it’s wrong to believe that they would go and spend the money on drugs and alcohol and even if they do-their homeless, so why not? (He wasn’t advocating it, but you know, something to take the edge off).

And I can respect that opinion, you know, the “Well it’s not my business” mindset.

I can, however, give you two reasons why it will most certainly hurt to give cash at will.

1. Drugs and Alcohol are often not permitted in shelters geared toward homeless people.

After spending two years volunteering in one (a homeless shelter), I can tell you why.

Frequently, when purchasing alcohol or drugs of sorts, the person may become rather disruptive. This can cause a problem for the others staying, as it’s both disruptive and unfair. If the patron who consumed the alcohol or drugs fails to abide by set rules and proves to be disruptive and show disrespect toward others, then they will be asked to leave-thus furthering the dangers of the streets, taking away their opportunity of a fairly (no place is entirely safe) place to sleep.

2. Mental Illness

The National Institute of Health released an article on the effects of severe mental illness and the effects that the substances have on them.

“Compared to controls, people with severe mental illness were about 4 times more likely to be heavy alcohol users (four or more drinks per day); 3.5 times more likely to use marijuana regularly (21 times per year); and 4.6 times more likely to use other drugs at least 10 times in their lives. The greatest increases were seen with tobacco, with patients with severe mental illness 5.1 times more likely to be daily smokers. This is of concern because smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.” (National Institute of Health, 2014)

Naturally, you might be wondering how this affects the idea of giving money to those who are going through a hard time/are on the streets.

According to SAMHSA,

“According to the National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), an estimated 9.8 million adults aged 18 or older in the U.S. had a serious mental illness (SMI), including 2.5 million adults living below the poverty line.” (SAMSHA, 2016)

Of course, the argument could then be “You can’t assume that everybody is struggling with substance abuse”. However, you yourself (if you argued that sometimes it doesn’t quite matter), just admitted, that even if they buy the liquor, it could help.  Not to mention, I myself, after volunteering in the area for a few short months, had gotten an idea on where you could pick up drugs (i.e sneakers on telephone lines), and by driving in the part of town below the poverty line, you could easily witness a few drug handoffs. Listen hard enough to those in that area, and you’ll hear where you can buy anything fairly cheap.

So now, you’re probably wondering, what am I supposed to do, how can I help?

And I have answers for that.

–Keep actual snacks fairly handy.  Maybe a few water bottles/Gatorade in your car, a small thing of snacks to hand out. If you’re out walking the city, consider gift cards. Though they can be traded, the chance of them doing that, rather than getting something to eat is smaller.

—Educate yourself on the local organizations that exist to help those who are struggling.

—- When coming in contact with someone who’s struggling, gauge the situation. If they’re homeless, find a way to assist them in that area. If they’re struggling financially but have a place to stay, direct them to an organization that would help them with what they’re struggling with.

—–If you have extra time, call the place for them, let the organization know that you have someone who needs help, and turn the situation over to the,.

Overall, the mentioned options are much better than handing out cash. Making sure you know of the places that there are to help, and giving them food and water are key.

HOWEVER, do not put yourself in a situation that you might feel uncomfortable in. This is supposed to help the other person, but you don’t want to hurt yourself in the process.

That being said, what are your thoughts on this particular topic? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


Work Cited

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“SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS AMONG ADULTS BELOW THE POVERTY LINE.” Serious Mental Illness Among Adults Below the Poverty Line, 15 Nov. 2016, http://www.samhsa.gov/data/sites/default/files/report_2720/Spotlight-2720.html.

“Severe Mental Illness Tied to Higher Rates of Substance Use.” National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 8 Sept. 2015, http://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/severe-mental-illness-tied-higher-rates-substance-use.

Marvel May Have Made the Mistake?


*Two things;

Today’s Post is Sponsored-AND-

All these thoughts are my own*

I’m scared–don’t come for me.

Listen, I’ve grown up with Marvel, and while I’m not a super-fan (I am, but I let my fictional world relate to reality a little too much, so I do have to limit my super-hero intake), I do enjoy Marvel enough to follow them, and keep up with the news.

The storyline is always phenomenal, the characters are on point-and well…the special effects do need a little help.

That being said, recently, Sony called and told Disney they wanted their character back-and honestly, I’m not mad?

Here’s the thing I’m a firm believer that Disney is good at somethings, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy-on point.


Not, really?

It’s nothing against the actor, Tom Holland, and the way the cast acted with each other was charming. Zendaya was great in it, I became a fan of her VIA this movie (I love a moody female character that’s brilliant at the same time).

For once, it was the writing?

I really feel like Disney tried a little too hard to reach the younger generation.

What’s more iconic then a fifteen-year-old superhero, that’s awkward, and has a hard time in school?

And I get it, but also, it wasn’t the Spider-Man I knew and enjoyed.

A key factor of Spider-Man is that he’s a cocky little dude, who honestly is lucky his mouth hasn’t gotten him shot yet. Ironically, arrogance ticks him off, and that creates a conflict of its own, and enough drama to make a movie. (Ie, most Spiderman movies are him not getting the girl, but kinda, because he’s just really bad at life decisions).

They also took away a key part of his story, that really played in character building; his Uncle.

In the comics, and in the movie, his uncle’s death is what makes him become a “legend/hero” (whatever your preferred term maybe).

In the latest movies, Spider-Man and Iron Man develope a father-son relationship, and that’s how he really delves into the MCU universe. Iron Man takes place of his uncle, and okay, cool. We’ve seen Iron Man (Tony Stark) over the movies develope as a person, he’s a little less arrogant-and that’s great.

But in retrospect, would they have really gotten along? I mean, really well. As in, I feel like there wasn’t enough. The disagreements could have been a bit more entertaining-a bit like Into the SpiderVerse, and how the different spiderman reacted? If you think about it, Spiderman becoming an Avenger almost seemed like they were trying to replicate Guardians of the Galaxy with the family feel-sure, it was there before, but Guardians of the Galaxy has Groot, so naturally, the Avengers needs their teenager. So, they give us “the kid”, or you know Peter Parker. Again, I get the idea, but ultimately, it feels like Spiderman was marketing, and a way for sales to sky-rocket, rather than some genuine thought-out writing.

All that aside, I’ll give Disney this; they wanted their chance to put a spin on a favorite and create a hero that the younger generations might feel like.

BUT, here’s when another opinion on Disney’s Spiderman comes in.

They shouldn’t have banked their entire series on a character they don’t own complete rights too.

I didn’t know that Disney didn’t own all of the characters-I was honestly flabberghasted (not quiet that shocked, but Disney is the entertainment industry in itself, so you know). However, when I learned this, I was confused.

Why would Disney, a HUGE franchise, base their entire Avengers series on one character-that they don’t own? They can’t continue a favorite character that brought them MILLIONS.  It seems risky, doesn’t it? Sort of similar to Hulk (though I’ll admit Sony’s version of Hulk just wasn’t…there…it wasn’t it), what happens now? What happens when Sony pulls that plug? Again, it all seems risky, and like a slight miscalculated mistake on Disney’s part. All of this, is just my opinion, though.

So, what are your thoughts on Sony pulling Spiderman? I’m genuinely curious! Sound off in the comments down below!


Reading List (October Picks)


Spooky Season’s around the corner, and I have a few books planned out for October, as I jump back into reading my books- let’s check out the seven on my list. Before I do-I know it’s early for October, but September packed up pretty quickly, so let’s aim for one heckuva book month with my favorite genre, eh?

  1. Stalking Jack the Ripper (Kerri Maniscalo)

It’s honestly been a while since I’ve read this beauty-and I find October to be my time for the heebie-jeebies, without getting too deep into the spiritual world of Demons and whatnot (unless it’s busting into a cult or something along those lines). This was my favorite book when I first read it, and when I got the book I was even more excited. It’s dark and creepy, but somehow is just a…perfect book to curl up under the covers with…a barely lit room…

Image result for jack the ripper book series

2. Dark Powers Book 1 (Bill Meyers)


Listen, creepy contemporary Christian is my jam, and this book-it’s what I love. It’s got the supernatural bits with a godly twist; it’s got a mystery, and yes, I’ve read this book too, but it’s been a bit, and I absolutely love it! I would definitely suggest this one, even just to find out why some teenagers are talking on the internet doing what a stranger tells them too (don’t do that).

Image result for dark powers forbidden doors

3. The Amateurs (Sarah Shepherd)

I’d like to start off by saying I got the authors last name wrong and came up with totally different search results on google, so um…I’m just going to avoid googling author names from here on out.

I digress, moving on.

I happened to have picked this mystery up at Barnes and Noble on clearance (those are where the OG gems live), and was pleasantly surprised by the description. It’s hard to find a good teen mystery–and while I haven’t read it, it definitely is giving me high hopes; and if anything, it’ll make for some good cozy reading (I’m going to continue to talk about this because my room is being fixed up and I got a little candle that won’t bug my Guinea Pig with smell…)


4. PJ Sugar, Nothing But Trouble (Sarah May Warren)

I have something to confess.

I accidentally read the last book first, and now I’m just mad.

I was so excited, and I sat down, and I’m just like “What”, but I still read it. And then read it again. And then imagined some fan-fiction, because I was twelve when I first read it, and I was in the FanFic stage. But again, I read it at least once year-the characters are charming, and now that I have a job, I’ve decided to spring for the whole series, and let me tell you, I am excited for this one.

Image result for pj sugar nothing but trouble

5. Hangman’s Curse (Frank Peretti)

Again, a book I read out of order (I read Nightmare Academy first), but I did enjoy the book. It captivates you in a way you wouldn’t expect, and Frank Peretti writes the perfect psychological thriller (from what I can remember it’s been about two years), that just, makes you feel like you have to read it a time, or three to really grasp it.

I digress, I do remember that there was a scene with spiders, and that was my unraveling at that point in Hangman’s Curse. So, this, is definitely one I know will give me chills.

Image result for frank peretti hangman's curse

6. A Study in Charlotte (Brittany Cavallaro)

This book just looks like fun, sort of a break up from the Hangman’s Curse and Stalking Jack the Ripper, but it has the mystery that I really enjoy. Watching the book trailer just made me…giddy, sir, I’m genuinely excited to read this book. Holy Hex is the trailer immersive. (Also, I may or may not have developed a crush on a book character again, and I just watched the trailer; so you know, that’s always nice).






No offense to the authors, it’s just confusing to me, I mean, hex yeah, if you’re writing’s bomb, absolutely man I’ll support you-it’s your own work, and the characters are your own creation (you know, not based off of anything incredibly noticeable)? Sign me up, I will support small authors.

But do not make a rip-off of Twilight or a Fan-Fiction, and charge me money.

7. The Hunger Games

I’m doing it, I’m diving into the fandom.

Recently, and I don’t know if you know this, Kindle Unlimited moved a butt-ton of books to their list that you can now read for free, even the entire Harry Potter Series, and the ever-popular Selection Series. I appreciate that, because when my family first got the subscription.

I read a lot of trash.

I still do.

But my parents spent ten dollars for me to read exactly what I was ranting about early. Now, I did find some gems, but boy, when Unlimited first launched, it was a mess.

I digress, the point is, I’m excited, and now that I can get my hands on it.

Years later.

After movies have been made and grammy’s awarded.

The Hunger Games (1)

So, my question for you is, have you read any of these books? Are you excited for fall, and what’s your reading list? I’d love to know!