The Science Behind Self-Care

Over the past few years, self-care has been increasingly popular with the ever-growing acknowledgment of the mental health that plagues our society. Stress is our drug, it’s what keeps us going…right into an early grave. So naturally, we’ve decided that enough is enough, and we are just as important as what we’re fighting for. You can’t pour from an empty cup. But even with this common popularity, people still argue that they do care for themselves, and they can’t slow down too much. We can however agree that hygiene and taking care of your health is important and to that extent, I bring you to…The Science Behind Self Care.When It BeganAccording to ISF (International Self-Care Foundation), it was a movement that began during the 19th century and carried on into the 20th century. It was revolutionized as people began to accept the idea of the medical world. What It Is

“Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.”-Psych Central

Psych Central wrote an article summary on what Self-Care is-and isn’t. And in summary, it appears most everybody says the same thing-self care is taking care of those three aforementioned qualities.Why I’m Making a Whole Darn Series On ItI like to do research, and I like to make a point, but with facts, so here it is.What to Expect

  • Different Areas of Self-Care
  • Scientific Reasoning (A.K.A, Information pulled from studies/articles), on why you should focus on self-care.
  • Tips on how to manage self-care

I’m not a professional, by the way.I’m just a teenager who genuinely finds the reasoning behind these fascinating. I know last week I said I’d launch the series, but I wanted to provide an actual idea and cover what I mentioned above.That being said, I apologize for the delay, I got slammed with work, and then I’ve been procrastinating getting sick (it’s not worth explaining).Now, onto the sponsor.Today’s post is sponsored by FabFitFun. Fabfitfun is a seasonal subscription box that gives you a chance to experience quality products worth over 250 dollars combined, all for just $49.99. Fall’s box was a lot of fun, and I know they’re currently running a few a codes that gives you 50% off your purchase, so by clicking on the image bellow, and using for the code fall50, (for a limited time), you should be able to get 50% percent off this box, which will get you started down a path of, if nothing at the very least, some quality re-gifting. (Because if you’re cheap like myself and my mom, and some things make for great gifts for our friends).20190413_235924_00006191441673412637315.png

How To Save the World

            **So while I was away, I did a bit of writing. And when I say bit, I mean a large chunk. Mainly for my English class. This is one of the essays I wrote (I can’t promise this is the edited version-my one drive is a mess), this one is my all time favorite. I’d love to hear your thoughts-and am always opened for tips on improvement!

How to Save the World

I was sixteen and had been volunteering passionately for roughly a year when the question surrounding my age of volunteering in such a high-intensity position surfaced. While my volunteer job itself involved handing out toiletries, towels, and other small needs to the ladies who stayed at the local Rescue Mission-what I witnessed could wear any person out quickly. Still, faithfully, for roughly a year; every Friday, Saturday, I would volunteer. Every time, a sense of comfort filling me as I walked down the white tiled floors, quilts hanging on the walls. And though I felt comfort from my volunteering position, the question always played on my mind. “Why is someone so young, volunteering here?”

And for a long amount of time, my only positive response was “I don’t know”. Even though I knew that I had dreams of saving the world, I knew that the answer wouldn’t be enough for those questioning ears. Then, on the brink of it all, as yet another argument broke out upon guests, as a mother ushered young children to their room in order to avoid the drama, it struck me. What makes my volunteering, any different from the children having to live in it? I, in fact, had benefits. I had positivity, and parents who had raised me to know that it wasn’t normal, but there were children who still lived to see that every day-mothers who worked to defend their child from that weekly. After this conclusion, I accepted that volunteering had become my drug, and rather than sitting around seeing the dullness in the world, I would be the one to cause the slightest amount of light. Of course, while my passion lies in that, I know that volunteering isn’t a widely accepted passion throughout the United States, and even other places. With this understanding, and the judgment I received from my good friends, and fellow classmates, I decided to take it upon myself to prove to the world, that there were mutual, universal benefits to volunteering. At the end of this report, I hope to have inspired you, at the very least, to learn more about the opportunities that surround, and possibly even start small, by touring the organizations that offer these opportunities.

Mental health awareness has come on the rise recently, addressing and bringing to light those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental disabilities. Very little are aware, however, that according to the National Survey of Drug Use and Health “An estimated 9.8 million adults aged 18 or older in the U.S. had a serious mental illness (SMI), including 2.5 million adults living below the poverty line”. (SAMHSA 2015) Alas, we see that there is a great need for help in the communities that some find hard to see-but the question still stands; how? How can we help those who are struggling with mental disabilities, if we ourselves are struggling with them? Previously Dr. Anna Ziersch, and Professor Fran Baum (of Flinders University), conducted a study using 530 people, using questions of their mental and physical disabilities, and how volunteering affected it.  In their study, they found that the more groups people were involved in the worst their mental – and physical – health. In this, they admit that there are flaws in their study. (Salleh 2004) With this information, it only proves to question, how can volunteering possibly be a positive thing, on the mental and physical health?  According to the Help Guide article, they bring up the benefits of volunteering, one of them being the positive mental and physical health experience. They note that it can increase self-confidence, bring the idea that you are a part of something bigger. They also found that those who volunteer more are more active, which helps to lessen chronic pain and heart disease. In volunteering, it builds a solid support system, and there are even places that you can volunteer at that have opportunities to get help for mental health, that way, it’s mutual help. In another study, data was drawn from a survey of Texas adults, containing a statewide based sample of the adults. They found that volunteering was related to better health outcomes, and should be, in conclusion, promoted for public health, education, and an in general, a healthy lifestyle. (Stegal & Robinson 2019)

If you’re concerned about not having enough time to put toward volunteering, and your own personal development, in career and life, then perhaps recent article findings might bring some ideas to spark a little help in you. Forbes and Non-Profit Hub brings up that volunteering will give you a chance to make connections and develop new skills. (Shinn 2017; Horoszowski 2015) Perhaps you’re fresh out of college, looking for a job-then maybe putting a few hours into different organizations, using your skills might provide you with the little boost you need. Maybe you have a little extra time on your hands and are curious about taking up a new hobby, but don’t know what or where to start. Volunteering provides the opportunity to pick up new hobbies, skills, sharpen old ones, and even make connections. I grew up volunteering in an organization that helped the homeless, and after eight years, I was able to get my first job within the organization without much of a struggle; this being because I had established myself and my work.

Now, if you’re uncertain about volunteering, in fear that these organizations are actually more business-oriented, hurting more people rather than helping (such as taking money from those they are trying to help, and the public), this can be assured that this does not happen as frequently as new channels might mention, or even the public themselves. If this is something that truly concerns you, however, you can take the time to possibly tour the place you’re helping, as well as learn how it works. Possibly take the time to converse with some of the employees. Overall, volunteering can benefit in many ways, and taking the time to learn about where you are volunteering is an even bigger help, to everybody in an all-around circle.

Perhaps you’re the parent of a young child, always having to reign them in if they get rowdy. You’ve been reading through this the entire time thinking, “What about me?” Have no fear; we have a solution for this as well. In an article by Amanda Lewton and Angela Nievar, they note that research has been found to be beneficial surrounding volunteering, offering rich resources, and deepening relationships.  (Lewton & Nievar 2012) As glorious as this does sound, though, I know it can be hard to find the time or patience to do so-let alone, finding a place for them to volunteer. Certainly, you would have a hard time bringing a child into the soup kitchen, but perhaps there is something they can hand out, such as napkins, or utensils. Maybe leading a children’s group is complicated, but perhaps they could just as easily play with the kids or help assemble small things. Walking and feeding dogs could be taxing for a young child; however, playing with puppies be something the child finds exciting. In every larger thing, there is a certain way to help your child interact. My mother had scheduled our first volunteer job by the time I was seven years old, stuffing Christmas cards for the local rescue mission (one of the biggest fundraisers of the year). My brother was five years old and placing stamps on the envelopes. She then continued for years to have us, volunteer, moving us into the kitchen, and later on down the road, into where I currently volunteer. The long-term benefits are evident, as I developed a sense of responsibility, and later on obtained a job through the organization we first stuffed Christmas cards for, years ago.

After all of this, if you’re still uncertain about how to volunteer, and go about making small changes to the world, possibly look into local nursing homes, soup kitchens, or even Animal Shelters. There’s no doubt that even if you struggle physically or mentally to get around, that there will be something for you to do. All along, though, you’ve heard the benefits of how volunteering can help you; but when getting started, don’t forget the key reason why you should also be volunteering: To help save the world. Volunteering has so many benefits to you, but when you become active, helping in any way you can, whether it be big or small, you will slowly pick up on the change. As someone who has spent so long volunteering, and later, working with volunteers, I can say for certain I have seen the changes it has made to the community. Every day someone new is learning how, and where to help, and now that you know, you too can help spread the awareness, and take some time to volunteer, and in the long run, help save the world.
























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Week One: Plotting Things

Suit up, soldier, we’re going into battle.

I mean, the battle of the mind, and this week, in the Week One of Story Starter Boot Camp, we’re going over how to start the plotting process. And to all you plotting to murder someone, or go after the fridge, or the Declaration of Independence (I don’t know what you do on your past time, I just like to believe that you all are doing it well, and living your best life), sit down, this isn’t for you.

The blue prints were hard to get, okay?


I have a lot of time in between sleeping and living.

Like, three minutes, but don’t judge me.

I digress, you’ve gotten me off track!

Here’s some tips on how to start a plot.

Pens and Notepads…


1. Start with the scenery.

I actually went to this Writing Conference, where published author, Amanda J. Mcgee,

talked about scenery, and the importance of it. (By the way, I’ve just got to say, I do not have scenery writing capabilities as of yet, but we will get their). Her advice was to write about a place we know (this is not a direct quote, most of my things are still in boxes while I slim down my collection of things…). So if you’re having a hard time writing a scenery, write what you know about. Write about something your familiar with. Hex, go to the grocery store and take it all in. Write it down, the experience, maybe write about you being there, or stretch the tale a bit of what happened. (I’ve got to say, her suggestion was possibly the most effective one).

2. Bring in a character.

Who would fit in the scenery? Who wouldn’t? Now that you have the scenery, start to choose your ammunition. Perhaps your character is at a Hot Topic, but they’re actually a prep (I mean, to be fair, as much as I want to belong, I don’t think I fit in Hot Topic like I’d like). Maybe it’s a Skater Kid, who’s a book worm, you don’t know. Add conflicting quarks to your character. Give your character another internal turmoil, besides what the main story path.

3. Pick a Genre

So now you have a scenery, your main character(s), now it’s time to pick your genre. Make sure it fits, and your not forcing it. Start with just one genre, perhaps it’s a fantasy story that the scenery and characters fit in. Now that you have those, this should be a little easier.

4. Work on a conversation

This can be anywhere in the story, in any situation, it doesn’t matter, just write a dialogue for your character. Try to imagine them actually having this conversation.

Of course, now that you’re working on this, it’s going to take time to put together a plot. This is just the foundation, to build your story up, it’s going to take some creativity.

Your Assignment this week: Start with the Scenery and Characters. One bite at a time-write a scene, and then add the character.

Study These Tips, and take them (or don’t, it doesn’t bug me), to heart.

I hope to see you back next week, in better shape!

***I should make it clear I’m not a professional, and I do things a bit backward. If this doesn’t work for you, don’t be surprised, I’m still new to this, but I genuinely hope this helps!***

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


Journaling Improvements

Not going to lie, stepping into May, I was shocked. Holy carp, I have a limited amount of time to get my business together.
That being said, I’m not doing to bad. Recently I hit a bit of an emotionally hard spot in my life, feeling hollow in my relationship with God. I then linked that to the fact that I have forced myself into so much stress, and I gave up one of the few things that keep me sane-journaling. Some call it keeping a diary, but let’s face it, Journaling sounds similar to Journey, and that’s what those journals hold.
That then gave me an idea for a blog post about journaling, because not only is it beneficial for your mental health, but also for your writing skills, so here’s five reasons why journaling is something you should look into.
1. Journaling can be Kept Private
Often times I think people attempt to keep things bottled up, and that leads to alot of pent up frustrations. While I could suggest a therapist, I haven’t been to one personally. I also know from personal experience, that verbal speaking has been my weak spot, while writing causes things to unjumble as the words form on the paper. What’s even better is, I sometimes am embaressed by emotions, so I prefer to keep them more private, and journals do a great job of keeping your secrets.
Unless someone is obbessed reading it, then I suggest buying a safe or burn it, because you can’t really stop them-they can be obnoxiously adament.
2. Journaling helps you plan things.
As someone who’s just plane lazy, and would happily eat food, play on my computer and watch youtube, it’s hard to get any motivation to launch myself into things. I’m able to write my aspirations and plans out on paper, and seeing them in print makes me feel even more motivated to complete the tasks.
3. You’re suppose to write thirty minutes a day.
In order to improve and maintaine your writing skill, it’s advised that you write thirty minutes, and writing about your day, plans, struggles and all that jazz certainly can’t hurt.
4. Your Emotional Control Goes Up
As I mentioned before, journaling definetely helps your emotional control go up. Letting your emotions hit the page can help.
5. Memories
In five months time, you’re going to look back on what you wrote, and your going to be inspired. Look how far you’ve grown, and look how goofy the you was five months ago. That’s what’s great about humans, they’re constantly growing and changing. However, rather than take it as a chance to poke fun at yourself, remember you were being the best you that you knew at that time, and that’s pretty great.
So I’ve seen some bullet journaling being a major thing, and I think it’s pretty cool. Is that something you do? Do you just write emotionally like I do (let’s just say my journal doesn’t look as attractive as I’ve seen some bloggers)? What’re your thoughts on journaling?
Stay Ginchy!

Father’s Day Hang Outs

Okay, so Father’s day always fall on, or near my dad’s birthday, so a special post in honor of my dad’s grand birth will be going out, so definitely check that out (he’s one special dude).

That being said, Father’s day has always been a weird event for us. This year we went to his favorite restaurant, ate INCREDIBLE food, and had the greatest conversation.

However, not to say I won’t do something crazy or strange for Father’s Day, because let’s face it, when are my ideas conventional?

Anywho, let’s jump into some Father’s Day Celebration Ideas.

1. Put on a skit/play.

No, not for your dad-with your dad. I dare you two to sit down for 1 hour and write a script, take another hour and get the props, and the next hour? Rehearsal. Even if you don’t have anyone to put it on for, give it a shot. You’re dad’s just happy to hang with you.

2. Go hiking.

Now I can’t do this personally, unless I want to end up in bed for the next week (I’m heat/sun sensitive), but taking hikes are great ways to spend your Father’s day. It gets you in tune with nature, and you know, you gives you’re dad the perfect opportunity to make you squemish with snake skin.

*Insert rolling eyes*

3. Go to a Concert

My dad and I can have a good two hour conversation about music, and we actually share common interest in music. Pick a concert to go to with your dad, one that you know you’ll like, or enjoy cracking jokes about. It’s time well spent, and hey, if the music really rocks-its money well spent, too.

4. Volunteering

Yes, a few of these ideas are from my mother’s day post, but what can I say, I don’t think their terrible.

Do some volunteer work with your dad. Maybe volunteer at an animal shelter, or even serve a single struggling dad in your community, you know, take him out to dinner, help with lawn work.

Serving builds character, and will most certainly help with relationships.

5. Movie marathon. Pick a series/movie/movies you two might like, and Marathon it together. I.E, Fast and Furious (PG13) Avengers (PG13), or the ultimate one Gaurdians of the Galaxy (PG13, and yes, this is kinda-Avengers, but the fact that the second one is a definite dad-one).

6. Video Gaming

Okay, you’ll have to have tight relationship with your dad, and you know, he’s gotta be chill, because no matter how cool the dad, come time when you pull out Need For Speed, there are some major family feuds (also note that I advice avoiding Monoply or Uno at this time, as you don’t want to ruin your relationship with your dad on Father’s day), that being said, sometimes it can be fun to play a nice, therapudic, game.

You heard me, Father’s and children.

I said no silent glares or raging out.

Instead, treat the winner to ice cream, and get them the kind they don’t like.

*I might be kidding.

*I’m realizing that for someone who’s actually too stupid to realize when someone is threatening someone in the shows, I’m actually really Savage.

*Don’t buy the dad ice cream he hates. That’s just mean. And unethical.

7. Play some sports.

My dad and brother are more into Kayaking and Fishing, but hey, same-difference. Just play some sports with your dad, take the time to get to know him.

Take him out and by him the ice cream he likes.

Because you’re not a jerk.

All in all, this one was more relaxed than the mother’s day, because my dad and I have a close relationship, but have a tendency to be less sentimental, and more teasing, or joking. But really, dad’s are special, whether biological, adoptive, step, or stand in, Father’s day is their day, and it’s you’re turn to show them your appreciation.

Stay Ginchy,


Papa Plots, Father’s Day Specials

Everybody loves their dad, and writings important, so I think it’s time I drop ya’ll some Father’s day plots, don’t forget to leave your thoughts.

Sorry, I’m in a weird mood, by anywho! Get ready for some rockin’ plots in honor of Father’s day.

1. Father Biography

Okay, so we love our dad’s, but have we ever thought about our dad’s history pre-fatherhood? Seriously, I think it’s time you have a seat and get to know your dad. However, don’t take it lightly, get deep. What were their greatest struggles? How did they push through it? What do they find is their biggest struggle as a dad? Take the time to write about his struggles, and how he persevered. You might find yourself more thankful for him than you were before.

2. Best Times

Okay, so we love our dads, so the most clear plot idea?

Write about your best time around your dad. It’ll get you in the mood of appreciating him, if you haven’t already.

3. Write about your inside jokes.

So I’ve noticed I’m not the only one who has a deal going with my dad. I meet someone who also had a pun game going with their dad. I personally have a “comeback” war with my own dad, which is more or less is seeing who is better at burning each other. I’m not going to lie, this would make for some great stuff.

4. Write a story with your dad.

One thing my dad and I do is write skits or stories together. Nows the perfect chance to sit yours down and write a story or a skit or poem with him. Who knows, maybe it’ll be awars winning. Go ahead, give it a shot. Dad’s are creative buggers, aren’t they.

5. Write about your dad in a story. That’s right, I’m telling you to use your totally ginchtastic dad as the main character of your story. Perhaps he’s the cheerleader in a drama, or something more serious, like a detective in a case.

It’s all up to you.

And that concludes writing Prompts for Father’s day. Sorry guys that these are going up so late in the week, I’ve had a busy, odd week. That being said, I have a schedule to keep, and keep I shall. See you tomorrow, for ways to celebrate Father’s day!

Stay Ginchy,


Mama’s Day Special

I failed ya’ll. I am so sorry. My laptop lost all my hard work for a Gift-Guide, and that blew my Mama’s day palooza out of the water.

That being said, it didn’t blow my plans for today, out of the water, because I may be scatterbrained, by I flippin’ LOVE holidays sorrounding other people. Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Birthdays, Valetines day, Siblings Day, you name it, I’m broke from it.

That being said, I love my mother, she’s been an inspiration to me since I was a little girl, and deals with all’s my quarks and problems, smiling, and telling me their no problems at all.


Dude, if I screw up, my mom’s gonna tell me.

Even if I act like I hate it, I enjoy it, because that means our relationship hasn’t been affected.

My mom and I have been best friends since before I could say “Sghetti”.

So here’s a Twenty Question Q and A, with one of the people who I would do anything for.

1. What’s your Favorite Decade?

Mom: The decade that Steampunk became a thing.

Dad (Because he’s very into chiming in): The 80’s

Mom: No, now. When Steampunk came around.

Me: Steampunk came in around the eighties (turns out they actually came in around 60’s/70’s, the Wikipedia page updated).

Dad: No it didn’t

Mom’s dog that actually has the ability to agree with people: Yes

2. What’s your favorite fashion trend?

Mom: I like to take fashion and it’s trends, and create my own outfite/style

Side Note: My mom always manages to be ahead of style, because some of her fashion favorites are making their way in.

3. What’s your Favorite Book?

My favorite book…The Bible, because I can go to it for peace and comfort. It’s also the only book I’ve read in 10-15 years.

(This isn’t a lie, my mom doesn’t have alot of time in her day, she’s always working, running errands, crotcheting blankets, cleaning, she doesn’t really like to just sit down and read).

4. What’s your Dream Car?

Mom: One that has all the gadgets working in it, fits my family, sporty, spacious, and comfy. I want it to drive fast, and have a Peppi Start up.

Side Note: Gadgets means Air Conditioners, and really my mom has gotten into Wranglers lately. Also, Peppi is the name of our Grand Cherokee (90’s), who has a V8 start up.

Question Five:What’s your Dream Vacation?

Mom: Hmm, you know, my favorite vacation is if we got to go to Ireland, Mackinac Island, or to Alaska, to see the Northern Lights.

6. What’s your Favorite Memory?

Mom: Meeting your father, that was an interesting time in my life.

7. What’s your favorite flower?

Mom:My favorite is….

*Pauses to Google for name*

Bleeding Hearts or-

*Insert another pause where my dad was showing her some semi-concerning flowers and their names*

Dancing Girls.

8. What’s your favorite food.

(First part in Sarcasm)

Mom:I’m torn, stress, pressure…I don’t know…Chocolate, Chocolate is the best.

9. Whats your Favorite Band?

Dad(With confidence): Abba

Mom:No, I like too many bands in a variety, I can’t choose.


Mom: Not true, I don’t remember their songs very well.

Dad: Abba

Mom: I actually liked The Beach Boys, I have a CD

10. What’s your least favorite food?

Mom: Rice, Cucumbers and I don’t like Melons of any kind.

Side Note: She forgets that she actually was cool with Korean Melons that we tried on vacation in Michigan a few years ago.

11.Who’s your favorite Biblical Character?

Mom: Oh we know that one- Ruth because she showed Hessed Love, like God shows us.

Side Note: My mom LOVES Ruth, especially after she did a Bible Study.

12. What’s your favorite hobby?

Mom: Crotcheting, and watching BBC/Acorn Productions

13. Who would you like to meet?

Mom: God

14. What’s some writing advice you would give?

Mom: Write from your heart, Pray before you write, and study what your going to write.

15. What are your physical/Emotional Struggles?

Mom: Physically, my bones, the aches in with handling heat and sun; emotionally, trying to show God’s love.

16. What a generalized advice you would give someone?

Mom: Always look toward God when things are bad, don’t just try to handle them on your own.

17. What’s your favorite Bible Verse?

Mom: Proverbs 31

18. What’s your favorite qoute?

Mom: I don’t really have one.

19. If you were to go back to college, what would you study?

Mom: I would be torn between Sociology, and Computer Science.

Side Note: My mom knows more about getting rid of viruses, and fixing programs than the Computer Techs did, and the only training she had was back when Computers were starting out.

20. Now mom, this one, I thought it was perfect, brilliant, and you know, we all know the answer (said teasingly), but Who’s your Favorite Child?

Mom: I don’t have one, I love you both equally.

And that’s my interview with one of the most incredible women in the world. I say one of, because we all want to claim that we have the best mom, but reality is, any mom/mom-figure who has a happy child, and is close with their child, is one of the most incredible women.

I then asked my dad and brother their favorite quality of mom’s, here was their responses.

Dad(Because he gets uncomfortable when being sentimentle, it took some work): Her Tender Heartedness

Brother:(Also Took some digging, but that’s just because he kept getting distracted) Her fairness

And I know what your thinking, Hazi, what’s your favorite quality of my mom.

Me: Her godliness. My mom has always inspired me to write, lean on God, and figure things out. My mom raised me to build myself up, and let no one take me down. She taught me that I need God to get through, and that God is always their, even when I’m scared that he’s not. My mom taught me how to be independent (something that is actually frowned upon in our community), and that I was only to be in a relationship when I felt or knew that it was right (Not gonna lie, my recent decisions to leave the town we’re in, and build a career similar to my mom’s work, as well as wait for a relationship until I’m emotionally stable, has gotten me some backlash).

My mother reminds me constantly that God is all I need, and that I am strong.

She reminds me that I have come so far from the little girl that was bullied in school. She reminds me daily that judgement is wrong, and that our job is to love, not to judge.

Mom, if or when you read this, your training me to be just like you, Strong, Independent, Reliable, Opptimistic, and godly. You are incredible. You were there for me when I hit the bottom of the pit, and you helped me out of the grave I was digging for myself.

You are super women, and Mom, you are a Proverbs 31 women, because the biggest thing about that lady?

Her love and passion to help others, and serve God.

I love you, mom.

So what’s your favorite memories with your mom? Since I’m posting this so late, how’d you spend your mother’s day? What’s your favorite quality of your mom? Have you ever tried to interview your mom.

Happy Mother’s day to all the strong women out there, getting up everyday, and showing their kids how to slay there problems. Ya’ll are the hero’s the media misses.

Stay Ginchy!