Back to School Lurnin’ Looks (Collab)

So school has or is starting back for most of us lernin’ children, and getting ready in the mornings can be…complicated. If you’re like me, you sleep in until thirty minutes to go. I don’t have attention to waste on a morning routine.

Or on anything, really. But that’s beside the point; it can be hard to find what to do, in a short amount of time-so, here I am, to give you everything you’ve ever asked for…in hair and make-up.

BUT before we continue, I want to say this blog is in collaboration with Bayance, and Aditi, both of whom, I highly suggest checking out. These girls are cool as hex, and this is a back to school COLLAB, so by checking out their blogs, you’ll unlock other Back To School tips, on how to survive making yourself look fashionable, and awake-when you’re actually half asleep.


Listen, I can’t do make-up. My foundation never matches my neck or actual skin tone (being half Asian has some flaws). I also have no balance, and my eyes usually end up…looking a little bit wonky.

I digress, the point is, Make-up; it can be complicated.

But it is a useful thing to have again, the art of confidence, the grace.

The ability to change your face. Maybe make yourself look like a celebrity. Get out of school.

I don’t have help for that, but I do have basic make-up ideas for my girls who are a little extra, and my girls who like to keep things natural.

Now, naturally, I want to state that you should use your foundation, and whatnot, that you find best for YOUR personal skin. I also want to say that this took some work to find some quality make-up ideas.

Au Natural

Simple, clean, probably takes ten minutes or so, and you can’t die with an eyeliner pen.

Again, pure, clean, natural. And my favorite, no death by eyeliner.

Now this one does have a bit more to it, but still embraces the more casual/natural look.

I do want to say that when it comes to this type of make-up, its definitely a little less stressful, and shouldn’t take as long. The outcome will naturally vary, but a general break down is…


Eyebrows are filled in ever so slightly, and with the natural shape of the brow.


Stick with the more natural eyeshadow. Browns, Beiges, blacks, and greys. To brighten it up a bit, do a light shimmery color, or spice it up with some highlight. Mascara should be your go-to, and if you feel like it, go a little daring with your eyeliner. In the picture above, she has rather thick lashes and a wing. Eyeliner is suggested to be kept at a minimum, don’t fly away with your makeup.

Cheeks: Highlight should be done in moderation, and bronzer or blush should be used in moderation.


Keeping it neutral, go with a gloss, or just plan chapstick. Keeping the colors toward colors of your natural lip shade will help to give a guideline.

A Little Bit Wild

Sometimes, in make-up, you might find yourself feeling years-and, that’s great! Trying to keep bright colors that might really pop off your skin tone, is an excellent idea. Having it flow with your outfit will help complete the elaborate look.

When working on bold looks, having it flow, or focusing on specific areas are definitely options. As you can see, the eyes are the focus on this one, but it still draws attention to the rest of the look.

Eyebrows might be more detailed, and lipstick is more common in these looks. It doesn’t have to be the way you go, but matte lipstick is definitely a popular choice.

In Other Words…

Going a little bit funky on your make-up is far from bizarre, and can definitely express yourself in ways you verbally might not be feeling at the moment.


Eyebrows are to have distinctive shapes, and a bit more defined. They are more prominent in the way they are filled in, and of course, as stated, in shape.

Eyes: Consistently, Eyes are the center of focus, finding the right type of glue on (or even magnetic)eyelashes would help improve, or lengthening/thickening mascara. Go with bold colors that enhance the skin, but also offer a slight contrast. For eyeliner, try going for a colored liner, or a thick winged black liner. Going under your eyes will help to enhance the look.

Cheeks: Go with a strong highlight, and maybe even contour. Use more noticeable blush, or even spice it up with glitter.

Lips: Choosing a more subdued color is highly suggested, but not necessary. Matte or lipglosses lip glosses that have different colors are commonly used to bring consistency into the look, without overpowering it.


So I’m a hair girl.

I have scrunchies up the wazoo, it’s a signature thing for me.

Mainly because I have two go-to hairstyles:

The half Up

(Not me but because my photos are problematic).

And of course, the high ponytail. Why, you may ask?

Because if I can’t allude energy, at least my hair will, and so help me if my hair will look like a cheerleader on an Energy drink.

The point is, I take pride in my hair and its many styles, and I have some styles if that’s your fancy, too.

So I give you, there versatile hairstyles, no matter what make-up you choose.


A little bit classy, but casual all at once.

So, for hair, a few extra bonus tips:

So, with all these tips, I hope you find yourself ready to take on (or continue) with the school year in half-asleep confidence. What are your go-to styles and make-up looks? I’d love to know!


Mourning Routine of a School Girl


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I’m a student.

I know, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re shocked, you’re confused, and you’re horrified. Don’t worry, so am I.

And yet, I still have another seven years I get to undergo.

I digress, as a High School student, a school girl-a lernin’ child, I have a weird morning routine.


I don’t have one at all; but I do have a mourning routine before I start school-and I do kind of have solutions to my mourning routine-and for you if you have one similar, too.


(Oh the irony)




So like any normal lernin’ child, I start the mourning off with subtle dread, before the process starts. It looks a little like a dying cat, but with the flourish of a ballerina.

You know that feeling, that feeling you get where you’re trying to get yourself to do something but you can’t do something, because, well, you can’t.

Now, this stage is a pretty big stage, and it can be hard to hit. It may be level one of a boss battle, but then, when it comes to the Mourning Stages of  Learnin’ Child-everything is ten times worse.

As stated before, if I catch it in enough time, I do have a solution to this problem of mine.

It starts with a little reward and a little bit of time management.

I highly suggest starting off with an alarm. Set the alarm for a certain period of time (perhaps one hour), and reward yourself with something small, like maybe a chapter in the book your reading (but not video games, those can pull you so far in).

Stage One Tips.png


So, you’ve manage to completely skip the dying cat stage. Somehow, you’ve managed to completely procrastinate your way through it-maybe you used my tips. That’s okay, I oftentimes manage to rationalize that, if I allow myself just a little bit more time, I’ll work longer next time. Hex, I’ll go as far as completely rebooting my system just to avoid having something block my search results.

I don’t know why, I’m just desperate to do something-anything different from school.

So you’ve hit stage two, and really, this is where things get tricky, considering there are only three notable stages of a mourning schedule.

So, stage two, the stage that seems impossible, you’ve done the above, or else you’ve managed nap right through the amount of time you should be awake-and welcome to the crunch time.

But of course, you could really use a nap to…so here’s my advice for you.

Pack up your books, because it’s time to leave what you know behind.

It’s best to find a new spot to study-a place you don’t know like the back of your hand-but know well enough. Drop yourself there, plug in a playlist, and get started. You might find yourself distracted at first, but using the same advice from above, and possibly making it a bit more of an enjoyable experience by treating yourself to a special drink and/or snack.

And for the Final Stage

Well, welcome to the end game of all stages. This stage-this final boss battle, it’s the most painful. This is where you’ve managed to do the above, all the while being half-asleep at the same time. And so here you are, minutes away from class. I know what you’re thinking.

There’s no hope here.

You’ve been defeated.

You’re in the final mourning stage, their’s no help, and you’re not awake.

Well grab your coffee and dark chocolate, and have a seat.

Writing things down helps to kick things into your brain, even while on autopilot. Put on Sims music or another game of your choice, and get started. Write every important piece you find on ONE notecard, and at the end of it all, read it. In your autopilot mode, read the notecard. Now, take a quick five minutes to walk, review the notecard, write down the information again, and, above all.

Add a heading (1).png

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Are you the type of person to be a mourner of your study schedule? And if so, how do you get out of the slump? I’d love to know!