Father’s Day Interview

Okay, so last night I didn’t make a special post for my super special dad’s birthday. (Whoops). However, I am back with a Father’s day interview, with the coolest dad in my own opinion.

Now, before I get into this interview, I have to say that my dad got very real in this interview. However I would also say my dad would do really well in the 73 Questions With Vogue, because as real as he got, he was pretty simple and sweet with his responses.

So anywho, enjoy this Father’s day special-an interview with my dad, whom we’ll call Dragon.

Q: So what’s your favorite memory?

Answer: That’s a tie, actually, it’s when ya’ll two were born.

Brother and I: Awww

Mom(Teasing): Hey! So marrying me wasn’t special?

Dad: Sorry sweetie

Q: What’s your favorite animal?

Answer: Dogs.

Me: But like…what type of dog? Because honestly, I’m not gonna lie, I think your dog Sadie falls under a category of her own.

Dad: Well, yeah, I love Sadie, but my favorite animals are puppy dogs.

Me: So dogs and doglets?

——–We call all baby animals what they’ll grow up to be, plus a “let” at the end, so you have Cowlets, Chickenlets,Horselets, Guinealets, etc—

Dad: No, every dog I meets a puppy dog, when I work I say “How are you doin’puppy dog?”

—-Another note, my dad’s a Lineman, but somehow he seems to meet multiple dogs a day.—-

Me:”So like you meet letdogs it everyday?”

Dad(Straight faced): No, I meet puppy dogs.

Q:What’s your dream vehicle own?

A: Oh that’s a toughy…well…no, not reall-yeah, that’s a toughy…theirs so many…A ’73-’88, Chevy Crew Cab duly, with an eight foot bed. None of that little stuff.

Q: What’s the hardest thing you find about being a dad?


Q: What’s your favorite book?

Answer: Callahan’s Lady (By Spider Robinson).

Q:What’s your favorite food?

Answer: Apple Pie

Q: Who’s your favorite Biblical character?

Answer: Peter

Q: Who would you like to meet?

Answer: Emperor Hirohito

Q: What’s you’re favorite qoute?

Answer: I don’t really have one, I guess the closest one is “No matter the job, large or small, do it right or not at all.” (Neither of us could find the person who said this, so if someone knows that’d be great)!

Q:What’s your favorite Bible Verse?

Answer: Just about any in Proverbs

Q: What’s your biggest physical/emotional struggle?

Answer: My anger, and controlling it.

Q: Do you have any advice for writing?

Answer: Write what you know and love.

Q:What would be your dream job?

Answer: Custom Building Things

Q: Who’s you’re favorite Singer?

Answer: Mike Ness

Q: Who’s your favorite band?

Answer: Social Distortion

Q: What’s your favorite hobby?

Answer: Inventing, coming up with ideas.

Q: If you could go to college-he pointed out that he could go back to college if he never went in the first place- what would you study?

Answer: Mechanical Engineering

Q: Whats some generalized advice you would give someone?

Answer: Don’t be afraid to be who you are, or ashamed of who your are, and don’t do more than your absolute best.

Q:Who’s your favorite kid?

Answer(Without a beat): Sadie

Okay, so that concludes the interview, and I’ve just gotta say, my dad is a great guy. He doesn’t claim to be perfect and he works hard to be better. My dad has always been supportive, and he’s been very helpful and encouraging in this process of blogging, and so much more. Dad, if you read this, you are the coolest, sweetest man I know, and I love you so much!

Happy Father’s day to all dad’s and dad-figures, you’re awesome, and everyday your showing us something new.

Stay Ginchy,


Father’s Day Hang Outs

Okay, so Father’s day always fall on, or near my dad’s birthday, so a special post in honor of my dad’s grand birth will be going out, so definitely check that out (he’s one special dude).

That being said, Father’s day has always been a weird event for us. This year we went to his favorite restaurant, ate INCREDIBLE food, and had the greatest conversation.

However, not to say I won’t do something crazy or strange for Father’s Day, because let’s face it, when are my ideas conventional?

Anywho, let’s jump into some Father’s Day Celebration Ideas.

1. Put on a skit/play.

No, not for your dad-with your dad. I dare you two to sit down for 1 hour and write a script, take another hour and get the props, and the next hour? Rehearsal. Even if you don’t have anyone to put it on for, give it a shot. You’re dad’s just happy to hang with you.

2. Go hiking.

Now I can’t do this personally, unless I want to end up in bed for the next week (I’m heat/sun sensitive), but taking hikes are great ways to spend your Father’s day. It gets you in tune with nature, and you know, you gives you’re dad the perfect opportunity to make you squemish with snake skin.

*Insert rolling eyes*

3. Go to a Concert

My dad and I can have a good two hour conversation about music, and we actually share common interest in music. Pick a concert to go to with your dad, one that you know you’ll like, or enjoy cracking jokes about. It’s time well spent, and hey, if the music really rocks-its money well spent, too.

4. Volunteering

Yes, a few of these ideas are from my mother’s day post, but what can I say, I don’t think their terrible.

Do some volunteer work with your dad. Maybe volunteer at an animal shelter, or even serve a single struggling dad in your community, you know, take him out to dinner, help with lawn work.

Serving builds character, and will most certainly help with relationships.

5. Movie marathon. Pick a series/movie/movies you two might like, and Marathon it together. I.E, Fast and Furious (PG13) Avengers (PG13), or the ultimate one Gaurdians of the Galaxy (PG13, and yes, this is kinda-Avengers, but the fact that the second one is a definite dad-one).

6. Video Gaming

Okay, you’ll have to have tight relationship with your dad, and you know, he’s gotta be chill, because no matter how cool the dad, come time when you pull out Need For Speed, there are some major family feuds (also note that I advice avoiding Monoply or Uno at this time, as you don’t want to ruin your relationship with your dad on Father’s day), that being said, sometimes it can be fun to play a nice, therapudic, game.

You heard me, Father’s and children.

I said no silent glares or raging out.

Instead, treat the winner to ice cream, and get them the kind they don’t like.

*I might be kidding.

*I’m realizing that for someone who’s actually too stupid to realize when someone is threatening someone in the shows, I’m actually really Savage.

*Don’t buy the dad ice cream he hates. That’s just mean. And unethical.

7. Play some sports.

My dad and brother are more into Kayaking and Fishing, but hey, same-difference. Just play some sports with your dad, take the time to get to know him.

Take him out and by him the ice cream he likes.

Because you’re not a jerk.

All in all, this one was more relaxed than the mother’s day, because my dad and I have a close relationship, but have a tendency to be less sentimental, and more teasing, or joking. But really, dad’s are special, whether biological, adoptive, step, or stand in, Father’s day is their day, and it’s you’re turn to show them your appreciation.

Stay Ginchy,


Papa Plots, Father’s Day Specials

Everybody loves their dad, and writings important, so I think it’s time I drop ya’ll some Father’s day plots, don’t forget to leave your thoughts.

Sorry, I’m in a weird mood, by anywho! Get ready for some rockin’ plots in honor of Father’s day.

1. Father Biography

Okay, so we love our dad’s, but have we ever thought about our dad’s history pre-fatherhood? Seriously, I think it’s time you have a seat and get to know your dad. However, don’t take it lightly, get deep. What were their greatest struggles? How did they push through it? What do they find is their biggest struggle as a dad? Take the time to write about his struggles, and how he persevered. You might find yourself more thankful for him than you were before.

2. Best Times

Okay, so we love our dads, so the most clear plot idea?

Write about your best time around your dad. It’ll get you in the mood of appreciating him, if you haven’t already.

3. Write about your inside jokes.

So I’ve noticed I’m not the only one who has a deal going with my dad. I meet someone who also had a pun game going with their dad. I personally have a “comeback” war with my own dad, which is more or less is seeing who is better at burning each other. I’m not going to lie, this would make for some great stuff.

4. Write a story with your dad.

One thing my dad and I do is write skits or stories together. Nows the perfect chance to sit yours down and write a story or a skit or poem with him. Who knows, maybe it’ll be awars winning. Go ahead, give it a shot. Dad’s are creative buggers, aren’t they.

5. Write about your dad in a story. That’s right, I’m telling you to use your totally ginchtastic dad as the main character of your story. Perhaps he’s the cheerleader in a drama, or something more serious, like a detective in a case.

It’s all up to you.

And that concludes writing Prompts for Father’s day. Sorry guys that these are going up so late in the week, I’ve had a busy, odd week. That being said, I have a schedule to keep, and keep I shall. See you tomorrow, for ways to celebrate Father’s day!

Stay Ginchy,