So I’ve Put Together a List of Writing Help


So I’ve done a thing…

I’ve found some very interesting ways to improve your writing.

Whether it be prompts to tips on the internet-Welcome to your go-to-guide on Writing Help.

Let’s have a look-see at what’s been found.

1) Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts are incredibly helpful, and I believe I have found the best source, would The Fake Red Head. She has writing tips and prompts that can be accessed on both her blog-and on Pinterest.

2) Grammar Advice

If your anything like yours truly, you might find that you have a hard time with certain types of grammar rules/writing. There is help for that so you don’t have to spend hours browsing the internet looking for the perfect source, I can give you the one I learned from my English Class. (My college English class, so you know – educated). Grammar Girl has been the best-found source, and personally, I do enjoy the advice it gives. It offers the information, practice activities and provides it in a way that’s short and simple.

3) Character Creation

Having a hard time figuring out how to write a character-or even creating a character? Well here’s a Character Generator website for you to check out. It offer’s fun details about a character, and gives you a chance to expand your horizons on how you usually write characters!

4) Character Profile

Dani Lee Collins offers excellent tips and layout profile templates for those in. With an array of other articles on the website- this one, in particular, offers the templates that I would highly suggest using.

5) Grammar Checking

Unsurprisingly, one of the websites that I’m here to suggest to you is commonly known- and used already. If you haven’t heard of it though; and you’re looking for an excellent grammar checking website (I’m currently using it to write this post and if you think this version is bad, you should see the errors that pop up while writing it) is Grammarly. There are a variety of ways you could use Grammarly, and I actually used it to double-check errors made in my essays.

6) Story Structures

While there are a plethora of sources for finding the perfect way to layout your story,  Kristen Kieffer, of Well-Storied offers an excellent source, providing 3 plot structures -giving you the optimal options for your storytelling.

With these websites, I hope you find some help with whatever your struggles might be. I personally have recently discovered or used these sources for a while. As someone who’s just getting back into the writing game, I find myself more excited about the idea of using these.

And don’t worry, if you’re more of a mobile device user (I started off that way), then I have a list compiled of the apps I suggest for you.

Mobile Alternatives.png

Have you used any of these sources-and if so, what are your thoughts? Do you have any source suggestions? I’d love to know!




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It’s just a Short Ride

Because it’s extra late, and this one is extra tired, let’s make this post suppah easay.

Here’s preview of a Wattpad Story to come “It’s Just a Short Ride”.

Everest stared dully at the TV anchored to the corner of her room. Another luxury she had never really enjoyed. Everest had vowed a long time ago to never get close to anything, or anyone. Until that moment. Suddenly, things seemed different, if only in a way that she could adapt too. Usually, Everest was quite expendable. She was passive, really. The words from the doctor echoed in her head. “We have results from the test back.” His thick, bushy eyebrows furrowed as he examined his tablet, eyes filled with wonder. Her parents sat beside the examining table, looking worn, and aged beyond there years. Her mother’s dark brown eyes, rimmed with dark circles, still showed a glimmer of hope. Her mother had always been the most hopeful in her family, not to say that her husband wasn’t, however, what mother would openly accept the loss of their child before their own passing?

Right, I want honest thoughts and opinions on this. And for those wondering about the Story Break Down, here it is:

Everest Megillan has never felt like she’s had anywhere to go, or anything to do with life itself. Why should she? After all, ever since she was a young girl she’s been destined for an impending doom that was spiraling faster to her than others: death.
Years of dealing with cancer, and life expectancy diagnostics has left her bitter-but suddenly, when the cancer itself leaves her, Everest is suddenly stuck with a factor that is earth shattering: She has to live.
Aware of Everest’s uncertainty to start, her older brother, Clark, fresh out the military, decides to take her with him on a wild road trip.
However on the road trip, with a series of concerning events, the siblings learn a key to life: That as scary and unknown as it may be, Life is just a short ride.

I want to make it clear that I don’t know too much about this mindset, however, what I hope to achieve in this story is just alot of heart and emotion.

So that concludes today’s post!

Did you like the little story preview? Do you think I should do more of these as I release stories? Do you use Wattpad? If so, do you write on there, because I’d love to check out your work!

Remember to live your life like the Ginchy story that it is!